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English people attitude towards Poles?

FISZ 24 | 2,116  
22 Sep 2006 /  #211
...he still can't even say Nuclear LOL ....Nucular
22 Sep 2006 /  #212
My favorite is when he says "strateegery" (strategy)
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
22 Sep 2006 /  #213
Haven't hear that one yet. Everytime he opens his mouth I have to change the channel.
26 Sep 2006 /  #214
There are a few contributing factors to consider here, Inflation, capitalisation and globalisation.

Once upon a time we did have a choice as to whom came to our country for work or for asylum. Now because of the open door policy, which is just another tool to keep inflation down, if we try to block certain eu countries from emptying there unemployment dustbin here, we are considered racist.

You make the point about low paid menial task jobs, such as cleaning toilets etc etc.
Where we go wrong here is to allow unemployed people a choice ie, if you dont like this job, then have job seekers allowance.

We could rectify this in one sentence, TAKE THIS OR ANY OTHER JOB AVAILABLE, or you will have your benifit stopped immediately. Immigration should be ceased immediately, no one can justify bring immigrants here whilst we have people on benefit, unless there is a skill shortage in a particular area.

Even then, Skilled foreign workers should come here on short to mid term contracts, on the understanding that when a suitable replacement is trained, they can then go to a different county maybe and do the same again.

I do hear people in business from time to time saying"immigration works".....therein lies the problem. Immigration works short term, and only for business. NOT for the people on the street, it does not filter through to us.

We are living in a false economy.

I was at a building site in Wandsworth the other day, the foreman on site was english, he told me "at bait time, its like the league of nations here mate, 80 percent of the workers are unskilled polish and romanian labourers"

Two days later i was in Liecester, i was watching Asian forklift drivers, loading Polish hgv truck drivers. Neither one of these could speak Enlish 60 percent of hgv truck drivers based in liecester are Polish very few of them can speak English.

They are working for 300 pound per week sometimes up to 80 hours for which they are not paid extra.

There is no conspiracy in this country, our successive governments have kept the people down, i say no conspiracy, because they have done it out in the open, right in our face because we are powerless to stop them. Conservative and the lib dems are no different, the Green party?.......please.

This is possibly not the only controversial thing i have said today, but i believe the only solid party capable, and willing to look after British nationals, is the British National Party.

I have recently studied and spoken with some of there representatives.
It is my opinion that these are not the skinheads and nazis that were part and parcel of the national front in the 70's.

The current political parties, every single one, would have you believe that the British National Party have not changed. This is because they know, that should they get the publicity that they deserve, the bnp could be a real threat to labour and the rest of the sleaze merchants.

I must say in all honesty, i do not agree with everything the BNP currently stand for.
However, Tony Blair, David Cameron and Menzies Campbell have even less to say that i could ever agree with.

These are just my thoughts and i stand as an unbiased person.
27 Sep 2006 /  #215

I'm Polish young gilr living in Poland and I'm not going anywhere. You think that we all here in Poland are starving and don't have fridges. It is not true. Our country is beautiful and your government should forbid Polish people come to your country.

Life in Poland is undoubtedly more difficult but I'm seriously afraid that there will be no young people left in Poland in a few year time. You should close the border for Poles.

Magda, 21
glowa 1 | 291  
27 Sep 2006 /  #216
Madziula, those that want to stay can stay, those that want to leave can leave and that's a fair deal. Why would you like to keep everyone forcefuly in the country to rot? We've had a government that did that and well, it wasn't fun, was it? Ask your parents. I'm sure you wouldn't like to experience the same crap as they did.
iwona 12 | 542  
27 Sep 2006 /  #217
don't wprry.

I was in Krakow 2 weeks ago and there are lots young peopel there.
27 Sep 2006 /  #218
Well I'm just embittered a bit bacuse a lot of my close friend run away....Don't get me wrong ' Glowa' , I'm not after confining people and and making them doing thing they don't want to do ...on the contrary. I just think that we should join our forces to do something pariotic second half want to be heard. I have turned down a post of stewardess in british airlines and I don't regert it. Bede klepańá " biede " , ale w Polsce.

Iwona , thanks God for youth in Krakow. !!!!!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
27 Sep 2006 /  #219

Do you think that Wroclaw [the city, not me] is doing the right thing by paying people to come back ?

My opinion is: No

I don't want an arguement. I'd just like to read your thoughts on this matter, as it will help me to understand a young persons opinion.
27 Sep 2006 /  #220
Wroclaw - You are absolutely right, I have never heard about it before and I don't think it will resolve the problem. It is not about money and I'm not thinking about money....

What I mean is that poeple lack of...I don't know how shall I put it...people lack of sense of belonging and don't want to fight about the bette future for our children the country..... On the other hand I do understand that they don't have enough money ...and maybe my point of view would be different if I didn't have a good job and so on.....And I don't consider my thinking as immature person's thinking.....rather twice older than I am.

Take care
iwona 12 | 542  
27 Sep 2006 /  #221
maybe i am wrong But I was thinking about the reason .

Let's say someone is young, lives in a place when it is difficult to find any job or can find job but very poorly paid. He looks around all his mates go to Uk for 1-2 years and are able to save enough money to buy small flat or start buliding house.( maybe not in Krakow, Wroclaw but in some places you probbaly buy flat , house for 20K pounds).

This is what English call keeping with Joneses ......I am not surprised that so many people go abroad.

I was probbaly like you Madziula had good job in Krakow and moved to England because my husband is English otherwise I wouldn't go anywhere my financial situation in Krakow was fine and i love Krakow.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
27 Sep 2006 /  #222

Thanks for your reply.

27 Sep 2006 /  #223
Do you think that Wroclaw [the city, not me] is doing the right thing by paying people to come back ?

How about paying English people like me to come over :) At least to sample the delights of Polish Vodka heh.

Tell them i want a half decent flat and i will be there.
Wroclaw 44 | 5,384  
28 Sep 2006 /  #224

I'm sure you would be welcome. :)
3 May 2007 /  #225
I dont mind the Polish one Bit, I used to work with one girl she was lovely and always asking me to go out with her drinking wine and always offering to pay for this and that we are still in contact, Also get my sandwiches from the Local Cafe 2 young Polish girls who seem to get all the attention but are generally freindly and chatty. Really open in talking about relationships I found out lol.

Ive met many in my Life now and my general Impression is, their decent people who work hard for what they've got.
4 May 2007 /  #226
girls are mostly sweet and kind

guys are sex hungry monsters

guys are infact the most disgusting ugly "EUROPEAN"s ive ever seen. they all only interested in shagging something.
dirty and no brains
go home
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
4 May 2007 /  #227
did one of them shag your mrs...?
UKGUY 3 | 87  
4 May 2007 /  #228
The only thing that annoys me a bit about some Poles is that they sometimes think they are some kind of genetic super-race (like the aryian race of Nazi Germany). For example they want all the praise for cracking enigma - they did break the first code, but the whole story is that code breaking was a joint effort between them and the British. The British went on to crack new codes using sophisticated computer systems, then the Americanms went on to develop furhter and so on. But yes we are grateful the Poles gave us an enigma machine that they captured from Germany used for some code cracks, and yes their scientists were very clever. There are clever people in all nations and not just Poland though. So remember to be mutually respectful
xXlisaXx 8 | 182  
4 May 2007 /  #229
oh think i just pissed my polish friend off. oh sorry i'm pissed and your 4 hours late but........... don't have a go at me
espana 17 | 931  
4 May 2007 /  #230
some Poles is that they sometimes think they are some kind of genetic super-race

that was funny ukguy!!!!!!!!!
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
4 May 2007 /  #231
but the whole story is that code breaking was a joint effort between them and the British.

The point is that until recently British were hardly admitting any Polish input and finally did that only under Polish pressure. One could think that more could be expected especially that thousands of Poles died defending Britain.
4 May 2007 /  #232
I love Polish people, i think there the nicest people you can ever meet and they come because they will have a better quality of life in England.
4 May 2007 /  #233
Poles died defending Britain.

Defending Britain or Poland?....Why would a Pole want to defend Britain?
Frank 23 | 1,183  
5 May 2007 /  #235
Well I'm just embittered a bit bacuse a lot of my close friend run away.

On the contrary..........their decision to leave...probably just temporarily, was equal in value to your decision to then argue that those who stayed did have better jobs/or had a job at all, plus prospects - and also scared to leave; as opposed to the jobless and no equally scared in thinking/having to leave.

Both decisions exhibit freedom of thought/expression/movement which is what the EU is about.

The only export Ireland ever made for centuries - were its people.......thats why in the USA there are 45 million Irish-Americans, in UK 5 million Anglo-Irish, plus smaller numbers in lots of other countries. Ireland currently only has a population of 5 million!!!!!!

I have turned down a post of stewardess in british airlines and I don't regert it.

You did the right thing for you....:)

Polish youth never had the chance to change their own lives for the better, the state, older people made all the decisions for them..........they can now decide for themselves....its scary......a bit of a roller coaster ride.........but ultimately FABULOUS !!!!!!!!
5 May 2007 /  #236
I think a comon problem english people have with any nationality is how they intergrate with them.English people have their culture and way of life condemed by so many that live here . When english people see people staying with their own kind they feel like many others you have a problem with them . Any prejudice they have quickly goes when they take the time to even just speak to them .
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
5 May 2007 /  #237
Defending Britain or Poland?....Why would a Pole want to defend Britain?

What... ?
Kochanie Jen - | 14  
5 May 2007 /  #238
Don't speak for all English, not all English people are the same, like in all nationalities, we are all individuals. My best friend is Polish, I love her 2 bits she's great, all my Polish mates are great, good friends, always hav a good laugh together, friendly n honest and have the best Polish Vodka lol
5 May 2007 /  #239
What... ?

Many of the Polish veterans who settled in Britain after the 2nd World War admitted that they had no affiliation or even liking for Great Britain. So who were you really fighting for? Britain or Poland. Yes we all know that the Poles fought heroically, but in the great scheme of things your contribution was not all that great. In the Italian theatre you had only two divisions!! In North West Europe you had only one!! Your pilots in the Battle of Britain were still a minority who shot down a minority of planes!! Yes the Poles did discover how the Enigma Coding Machine worked, but it was the British who actually broke the codes! All this stuff that keeps on being trotted out .....''If it wasn't for our Grand Fathers you would all be speaking German''.... and ''it was Churchill who betrayed us to the Russians'' etc etc etc.... is just an excuse or an explanation for what happened to Poland, and don't think that people can't see through all this........I think i've said this somewhere before....Its a case of......We were beaten by the Germans, so lets blame someone else!....or so lets jump on the back of someone elses victory!.....I think that you demand much more of the credit than is due to you.

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