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English people attitude towards Poles?

8 Sep 2006 /  #181
Bulldog needs some kind of backbone implant - as anyone who can change their views at the drop of a hat is certainly missing one!! He needs to grow up.
9 Sep 2006 /  #182

I suppose we dont have to worry about you blowing us up. Or flying planes into things.

But as with anyone who comes to the UK. Poland isnt innocent.
You know that parents can move the UK, leave there children in Poland and still claim the benifitts? And there are alot doing it!

I know a' hell of a lot of Polish because Iam a manager a labour factory which employes alot of them on agency. Most over here just days. a few weeks before they find work. They work hard,constant dont moan they enjoy the general workplace jokes and no one takes offense ethier side. Most are very pleasent and for me as a manager are great because of those qaulities.

However you do a get a few that are a bit up themselfs to put it who usualy dont last long.

Trouble is the amount... England.. as a country is losing its indentity. People in Brussels dictate what we do and how we do it. We got literaly 100,000s of people flooding into the UK. And our population is one of the most dense in the world now.

Just some thoughts :).
krysia 23 | 3,058  
9 Sep 2006 /  #183
Trouble is the amount

Same thing happened after WWll.
The Polish Army was defending England, because England was not prepared for the war. After the war, England allowed the Poles to enter as a gratitude for helping. But soon there were so many of them, that England started giving Poles free tickets to any country they want to go.

I know this.
My mother was one of them. She went to England and got a free ride to the US.
9 Sep 2006 /  #184
My mother was one of them. She went to England and got a free ride to the US.

Did they also allow free visa to the US?
krysia 23 | 3,058  
9 Sep 2006 /  #185
I'll ask her tomorrow.
She's sleeping right now and I don't want her throwing a frying pan at me for waking her up to ask that.
10 Sep 2006 /  #186
I am English and work with a translation agency which employs quite a lot of Polish Interpreters. When I talk to other English people they never have a bad word to say about Polish people. I think if people come over and make an attempt to speak English, meet English people and generally interact, then there will be very few problems.
10 Sep 2006 /  #187
The Polish girl that me and my family got to know recently , is polite , speaks excellent english and has a great sense of humour and all that while she was doing one of the crap seasonal jobs .

We went to see her before she went back to Poland to give her a card from my family as a nice gesture to show her that at least some in this country appreciate . :)

Sadly she had already gone back 3 days earlier :( but by getting my sherlock holmes cap on we have managed to find her brother in this country and are still hoping to get this card to her as a thankyou :)

So my view is more people should be like her regardless of what country you come from .

p.s. See not all English dislike Poles only a few of the small minded ones that have nothing better to do with their time :)
11 Sep 2006 /  #188
I am sick of hearing that immigrants are good for the economy! Whose ecomomy? Certainly not for those British workers whose wages are being forced lower and lower, undercut by the dregs of Eastern Europe who will sell themselves to any bidder. Again, it is said by the lying mealy mouthed politicians who rule us that these immigrants are filling skilled jobs that no British worker is trained for. The simple answer is to help umemployed British workers retrain. But no, the ruling liberal elite who despise our own working people would rather spend millions on helping immigrants. If things are so bad in countries like Romania, Bulgaria etc, why don't they have the guts to stay and make things better, not come and screw up our country. Slam the door hard and tell Brussels to Go to Hell in Handcart!
11 Sep 2006 /  #189
Well i have just returned from a 2 week holiday, i am quite frankly appaulled with some of the nasty things some people have put on here about Polish people i mean this forum is not a place for you to put your hatred for them they have just as much right to be in this country as anyone else.

Maybe many many many years ago people may have had a problem with it but today there are far more other nationalties in this country NOT WORKING AND CLAIMING OFF OF THE GOVERNMENT for anyone to complain about hard working polite polish people. Plus a point Gamberro made about them making the effort to learn the enlish language before they come here or even partly learn i find very helpful as well many illegal immigrants from other countries come to England with no interest in learning the language and expect housing money and anything else they can get off of the government

Churchill I see your point about the amount of people coming into this country but i would much rather polish to anyother nationality in this country at least they are working hard whilst they are here

Simuk i used to make entrys on here quite often and as i have said i have just got back from holiday but i completly see where your coming from with the polite polish point!

Krysia helo again and thank you for the post about my polish guy this weekend i met with him and i had gone from a blonde to a brunette and he absolutly loved it and did not staring at me in a good way of course
11 Sep 2006 /  #190
The Polish Army was defending England, because England was not prepared for the war

We were, as far as I was aware my history lessons didn't really point the above out, we were a bit knackered after WW11 with regards to labour ect, due to heavy losses and whilst I appreciate that Poland had heavy losses , please remember those British soildiers that lost their lives too.

But lets also not forget that the British lost 700,000 from 1914 - 1919 in WW1 so less than 20 years later we were at war again.
11 Sep 2006 /  #191
There was only a small amount of actual polish soldiers in Britain during WW2 (Mainly most where pilots who where rescued.

After WW2 we wernt in too good of a shape I mean we kept rations till 1950s! We welcomed pretty much anyone who wanted to come and sure enough.. they came!

Just a thing, this is a forum for Polish views which would be the reason there brought up more than say samalians(Dont get me started on them! A Dad of three was here months and he was driving about in a brand new BMW?? Just whattttt).

Of course when they first came quiet a few poles felt they needed to show a bit of aggression but I suppose its like when you move school. You have to show you wont stand being picked on. But when they got used to British sense of humour which to other nations can be a little below the belt.

As long as you dont suggest your own goverment or the renaming of England to..erm Po-land? That didnt work haha :) You'r all class :)
14 Sep 2006 /  #192
Certainly not for those British workers whose wages are being forced lower and lower, undercut by the dregs of Eastern Europe who will sell themselves to any bidder.

That is the kind of bigoted shite i hear from unemployed pot smoking English who complain about 'people taking their jobs' when they don't want to get up and do the jobs themselves.

As for Romania / Bulgaria - most of the Romanians who have brains and actually want to be over here - are here already either on scholarship or self employment visa - I think yes, there should be a limit on immigration, but keep the Australians and Kiwis out as well:P
14 Sep 2006 /  #193
I can so relate to what you said about pot smoking english people who complain about ' people taking their jobs'

My ex boyfriend was always moaning about how there are too many foreign people here to get a job - never thought to him self maybe is he got out a looked for work her maybe be able to find something
14 Sep 2006 /  #194
Australians and Kiwis out as well:P

14 Sep 2006 /  #195
My ex boyfriend was always moaning about how there are too many foreign people here to get a job

It's always easy to blame someone else for the fact that you are a pleb and can't get off your arse to get a job. I once went to the jobcentre in Sunderland looking for a part time job - there was a massive line of people and I was thinking - "shit, I am never gunna find a job with all these other people looking" - so I asked the woman on reception "is this the queue to see about vacancies?" - "YOU WANT A JOB??? COME THIS WAY" - seems I had been stood in the dole queue... the queue to actually look for work was empty.
15 Sep 2006 /  #196
Kowalski 7 | 621  
15 Sep 2006 /  #197
I think you have a valid point here. Your profesion has been loosing on the whole deal of migrant workers. I'm polish staying in Poland and from the front line here I can tell you that large segment of job market for Enlish teaching has been taken over by "native speakers" from UK mostly. Prices for real estate in Poland are inflated in major cities by rich buyers from outside of PL - you can imagine that what for locals here is unafordable remains often a bargain for someone acumulating savings elswhere.
15 Sep 2006 /  #198
Kowalski - so basically people working in the UK - are having their wages driven down and Polish people are driving house prices up in Poland.....hummmm no good really is it, the only people that in a win win situation are the Polish people that come to work in the UK and go back to Poland....doesn't sound very fair....
Kowalski 7 | 621  
15 Sep 2006 /  #199
Bussiness owners or corporations are profiting as well.
One would like to believe that indirectly, through taxes some money goes back to British in forms of public services, economic growth etc ... it is as easy to imagine that it goes to finance wars too. The hired workers are beneficiary, too but they'd rather spend their money back home.
15 Sep 2006 /  #200
Kowalski - I wasnt having a go and you're completly right, business owers are laughing their heads off....and yes I know that polish people pay tax etc....It was in no way a slight against Polish was just a break down of the text
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
15 Sep 2006 /  #201
Are Poles still being double taxed when employed in the UK? This was supposed to come to an end right?
OP ola123  
15 Sep 2006 /  #202
Yes I think it came to an end and they are taxed only in UK, so they can now come back to Poland with no fears.
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
15 Sep 2006 /  #203
That's good. I think I remember it being like 22% for both.
15 Sep 2006 /  #204
Gamberro You are so rigth and the thing is i have never even thought about it the way you have put it i was out of work around a year ago and didn't take long for me to get a new job at all no matter about all the other racess trying to get the job as well :)
21 Sep 2006 /  #205
Who are the "english" people? Are they people from the UK? Here in the USA, no one hates Polish.
22 Sep 2006 /  #206
I would not say no one hate's polish cause i am from central london where it is full of hate but majority of us here dont x
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
22 Sep 2006 /  #207
Who are the "english" people? Are they people from the UK?

Are you kidding? :)
22 Sep 2006 /  #208
Apparently I made you laugh! No, I'm not kidding. I live in the USA. We refer to people in the UK as British. I just assumed that "english" was anyone that spoke "english". :)
FISZ 24 | 2,116  
22 Sep 2006 /  #209
.....or from England :)

It's ok. You are American. I mean...look at Bush :)
22 Sep 2006 /  #210
Oh please! Don't put me in the same boat with George Bush! :) He couldn't find his own ass with both hands behind his back!

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