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Are British people really interested to integrate with Poles?

tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
10 Sep 2007 /  #91
Yes they are :) I don't mind a bit of Brit bashing but its nice when we hit back :)

who the hell didn't the Russians massacre??? i think there are a few countries that would be in for a bit of Ruski bashing, including some Russians themselves.

It's strange in world war II at Stalingrad the Soviet Soldiers would rather surrender to the Germans than fight for Stalin :)

They used to say 'i'd rather face the Germans than take the NKVD ration of 9mm bullet to the head'

they even killed there own, in one month of the Battle of Stalingrad ovrer 400 Soviet soldiers were executed for desertion. Talk about cutting your nose of to spite your face
Gary Busey - | 51  
20 Sep 2007 /  #92
It's interesting reading about people's experiences with different nationalities. Some of the female posters have commented that Eastern European and Russian men tend to be more warm and approachable than British and American ones. Likewise, British and American men find Slavic women to be more personable and polite.

I agree with these perceptions, and I think the major reason is the strength of feminism and extreme individualism in the West. Relations between men and women in the UK and America have been polluted in some ways, and a strange dynamic of resentment and competition exists between the two sexes. Another factor are the media in the West, especially sleazy TV-news programs that are constantly fear-mongering their audiences about men being potential rapists, predators, and pedophiles.

The Eastern Euros have a real advantage in the romance department, and it's not just the accent! I think they are more used to cordial and comfortable relations between men and women, where the two sexes are able to play their natural roles. They haven't been paralyzed by the political-correctness-cult that exists in the USA and Western Europe, where men are afraid to hold the door or pay for dinner on a first date because the woman might find it patronizing and insulting! (I know it sounds ridiculous, but these are just two of the more extreme examples.)

Anyway, in my experience immigrants and visitors to the USA and Britain from more traditional and non-politically-correct societies often get along well with the opposite sex, and are far more casual and relaxed in their interactions with others. It's a shame that the culture in America and Britain has become so neurotic that people are afraid to speak and act freely and naturally.

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