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Is it time to tighten gun laws in Poland?

11 Nov 2008 /  #121
As much as I don't like the things, it seems the sensible thing to do would be to keep them. They serve as an effective deterrent. America is as America is. It's a gun culture, it'd be impractical to phase them out.
11 Nov 2008 /  #122
They serve as an effective deterrent. America is as America is. It's a gun culture, it'd be impractical to phase them out.

Right...and I hope when you teach you don't let your clear and extreme bias against them show. Students often take what teachers say as true. Even guiding discussion can be done in a way to show them your disdain. I have see it in anti military teachers. They can get really ugly when 'discussin' the issues.
11 Nov 2008 /  #123
Oh no, I'll be sure to let them know that guns are the best things since sliced bread and America does a great job in clamping down on outlaws getting hold of them.

I recommend a commercial, 'Teach sb a lesson with your Smith N Wesson, 7 o'clock, out with the Glock, no need to bolt, u have ur Colt'.

Care to add to the jingle?
11 Nov 2008 /  #124
If ever I saw a good use for a shot to the head.......

You are a walking pro gun advertisement Scotsman.
11 Nov 2008 /  #125
There are MANY Aussies with their boomsticks buried in PVC pipes or hidden in other secret places.

There are similarly many Poles especially in provinces who have WWII-era guns hidden in barns, roofs, underground, walls, etc... mainly Soviet and German weapons, with occasional Radom manufacture. The PPSh is a favorite. All are illegal of course, and traded on black market. :)
11 Nov 2008 /  #126
Guns allow me to blow the brains of animals out.

Well, they are not going to kill themselves, are they? ;)

Maybe I could frighten my neighbours, I feel a bit bored today. Like my new toy, wanna see how it works? Man, I feel powerful with this gun, nobody's gonna **** with me.

With all respect: What a liberal crap! What about: I own a hand gun, I take him to a shooting range once in a while to refresh my aiming skills, clean him and store safely home. End of story.
11 Nov 2008 /  #127
U r in Poland so I have many months in which to plot my escape, LOL. No quick dash to Walmart here to stock up on bullets.

Let me say here unequivocally, purely as an activity, I have nothing against shooting at a range. To hone and refine ur skills is a good hobby.
11 Nov 2008 /  #128
But you have something against guns...without which there would be no shooting range "hobby"
11 Nov 2008 /  #129
There is no inconsistency there. Those who wish to shoot as a hobby can prove to the relevant authority that they wish to possess a suitable rifle and procure one. I didn't say I was against limited access to guns. U'd've known that by reading my comments on hunting.
11 Nov 2008 /  #130
I didn't say I was against limited access to guns.

Two things...the guns that most people use for target practice can kill just as well and often are the same guns used for anything else. So that kind of goes against your main theme of guns being bad because they kill.

Second...I am glad to see you agree with US policy on they ARE limited in access and have several controls on place regarding purchase. :))
11 Nov 2008 /  #131
Alright, now I am convinced that Seanus is really Sean-U.S.

Let us trust our government to clamp down on bad guys. In UK, government has taken away arms, and there are more government surveillance cameras per capita than anywhere else in the world by a wide margin. Only police have guns, and occasionally use them to shoot bad guys like Jean Charles de Menezes seven times in the head. Hmm. Remember the fifth of November. ;)
11 Nov 2008 /  #132
I'm aware of that gtd. As I said, FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE elsewhere. I stand by that. If u wanna shoot at targets at a distance, fill ur pants, have a ball.

They are nothing like as limited as in Scotland. They are limited in some States more than others, yes, but still much more available than in Scotland.

US policy on guns is wider than u have just painted it, u should know that.
11 Nov 2008 /  #133
As I said, FOR A SPECIFIC PURPOSE elsewhere. I stand by that. If u wanna shoot at targets at a distance, fill ur pants, have a ball.

But how would you control what people used the gun for once they owned it? You are happy to allow them for target practice..but once they are out there the owener can use it however they choose. I am confused as to your point now??

You said you wanted a gun policy that is not wide open...our's is not :) Despite what your Michael Moore reference has told you not just anyone can go into Wal Mart and buy a gun with no ID or background checks. They also are not going to sell to someone clearly whacko.
11 Nov 2008 /  #134
I recognise the right of people to shoot at targets if regulated. It's back to the semantic argument. They want that gun to shoot at targets, we have to trust to a certain extent gtd. Fine, u run the risk that that person is deviant but their specific intention for that gun is to be used for their hobby.

We run the risk that anyone is deviant. We must use our judgement to the best of our ability. At least they can write down their reason for having one. What does everyone else state, self defence? If the self defence argument was really so strong (it has merits, of course), the government should issue everyone with one, right? After all, the preservation of life is our ultimate objective, is it not? Every household with a gun, wouldn't that lower crime?
11 Nov 2008 /  #135
Every household with a gun, wouldn't that lower crime?

In fact is has been demonstrated that areas with higher numbers of concealed carry permits issued do have lower crime rates.
11 Nov 2008 /  #136
Good video on UK:
11 Nov 2008 /  #137
Social realities and pragmatism must dictate the response more than ideal state. There's little sense in pushing it further. We have compromised by agreeing that, in an ideal world, we wouldn't need guns for self defence. The consequences are horrific, often fatal as we know but the bed was made when the 4th Amendment was signed and u have to lie in it.

Still, happy target practice
11 Nov 2008 /  #138
but the bed was made when the 4th Amendment was signed and u have to lie in it.

What does the right to be free from unreasonable search and seizure have to do with gun control?

I see now why you are a teacher and not a lawyer...if I hired you for a traffic fine you would end up getting me the death penalty ;)
11 Nov 2008 /  #139
Aha, well whatever provision it is that guarantees the right to bear arms. I didn't want to be a lawyer, I was a legal postgrad so that'll do me. I studied EU Law, not the US Constitution, forgive me. I did Constitutional Law but we only dipped into the US standpoint.
11 Nov 2008 /  #140

And I know...just couldn't resist pounding you.
11 Nov 2008 /  #141
Gtd means gay this day? Franek PM'd me ;), he said he'd be interested in being 'pounded', LOL
11 Nov 2008 /  #142
I am sure he's always the most macho acting one's that have a 'secret'.

Sadly for Franek I am not interested in 'cleaning his gun'.
11 Nov 2008 /  #143
Maybe he just wants a once over, not a wax and shine! :)
OP hairball  
11 Nov 2008 /  #144
Dunblane, Scotland (18), Erfurt, Germany (17), Nanterre, France (8), Tuusula, Finland (9), Chieri, Italy (8), Zug, Switzerland (15), Bielefeld, Germany (8) Hungerford, England (17), to name some of worst over last decade.

ALL with legally registered guns!!!!
11 Nov 2008 /  #145
But they were all acting in self defence, hairball. Didn't u know? ;)

The kids were ganging up on him. Nah, I shouldn't even joke, this is no laughing matter. Dunblane was a major tragedy in Scotland. It was a catastrophe for a country which isn't that accustomed to such incidents. One of the students on my first course was from there and she had to take time off. When she returned, she was still shaken and a changed person. Death affects us that way, not just a statistic posted on a government chart.
11 Nov 2008 /  #146
Good video on UK:

Cheers Dawid, I haven't laughed that much in ages :)

I particularly like the gun owner who said the following in response to giving up his gun:

'It's the feeling of being a Jew in Nazi Germany'

You couldn't make it up!!

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