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Jan Barszczewski came to Russia 2 days ago!!! Receive him in Poland!!!

truhlei 10 | 332  
29 Sep 2007 /  #1
Two days ago Russian intellectual Dmitry Vinokhodov concluded publishing in Internet his translation of Szlachcic Zawalnia, czyli Białoruś w fantastycznych opowiadaniach by Jan Barszczewski.

That is a historical event for Russian culture although today Russians know very little about this great masterpiece published written and in Polish in 1946 and Belorussia's in 1990. Well, slow but sure will be the penetration of Barszczewski into Russian cultural and in some measure spiritual life.

This translation seems to be the first example of enthusiastic and non-commercial translation of literature in Polish into Russian and its publishing first in Internet.

It is symptomatic that the first publishing of the sore was the masterpiece written by Barszczewski that is very close to Russian heart (as well to many other peoples).

Unfortunately this great writer isn't known well in Poland. Very few information in Internet:]

His book Szlachcic Zawalnia, czyli Białoruś w fantastycznych opowiadaniach edited in Polish in Saint Petersbourg in 1946 doesn't seem to be reedited ever again.

But everybody have opportunity to read it in Polish. I'll describe how to get it in my next post in some 15 minutes.

Everybody may take the book for free at but this site is usually out of function.
I have managed to download the book and I'm going to give you my sites you can download it in Polish.
The book is divided into four little parts.
The first little parts are already in digital variant. You can download them in my site:
Find the words SzlachcicZawalnia.doc if you want to download in doc. formate or
BARSZCZEUSKI.txt if txt. is more convenient for you, then click Скачать файл and all will be OK.
That is for first two parts of the book.
As to the other two parts, they don't still exist in digital variant. Only photos of the pages of the first and only edition of 1846.

You can get all the pics in my other site
It is a work to download them all but I'm sure those who read first two parts will be eager to read more.

Some notes:
1. I copied the first two parts one page after previous. I don't know Polish and some mistakes in composition may exist. I think it won't poison reading but write me about it. You can verify text if necessary inšèeuski%20Jan

2. If smth goes wrong with the search of my sites or download, write about that. I'll try to put it in order or at least send it via e-mail.

3. If you manage to download, please write here about that.

Unfortunately Jan Barszczewski seems to be known in Poland less than Russian writer Nokolaj Gogol although he followed the same style of fantastic stories and Poles can read his book not as translated.

I want to exchange opinions on Szlachcic Zawalnia. I welcome everybody.

OP truhlei 10 | 332  
29 Sep 2007 /  #2
Topic attached on merging:
Koszka, Cialica Zuk & Zaba. A question on RP history

In Szlachcic Zawalnia by Jan Barszczewski such lines are quoted:

Koszka Cialicu zabila,
Zuk, Zaba Koszku sudzila;
A ze sprawa byla kiepska
To przeniesli do Witebska

What about the real case in History of late 18 century that was in the basis of that words?
As far as I know Zabas were Lithuanian Magnates. Koszka Zuk and Cialica may be also surnames.
Below this text in original orphography:

Lukasz 49 | 1,746  
30 Sep 2007 /  #3
To be hones I dont know anything about him
OP truhlei 10 | 332  
30 Sep 2007 /  #4
Lukasz, download the book and start reading. I'm sure you won't stop. That is a masterpiece.
I think you will wonder why Barszczewski is still so unknown in Poland.']

If you have problems with download, write me. I'll send the book via e-mail.
Lukasz 49 | 1,746  
30 Sep 2007 /  #5
ok I have it
OP truhlei 10 | 332  
30 Sep 2007 /  #6
I'll be happy to learn your opinion. Please recoment the book to other people.

Now you can start reading Zavalnia just now
The two first volumes are published in page:
Tell your friends please.
Puzzler 9 | 1,089  
3 Oct 2007 /  #8
Truhlei, I have read the book, and posted a comment in Polish: 'To jest urocze! - Rosyjski przyjaciel slusznie sugeruje pokrewienstwa z Gogolem (przypuszczalnie majac na mysli 'Wieczory na futorze kolo Dikanki'). Dziekuje za udostepnienie na internecie. Wsiewo charoszewo, Truhlei. :)'

Barszczewski writes in the tradition of a literary form that is called in Poland 'gaweda szlachecka' (noble yarn). The greatest perhaps of such narrators is Jan Chryzostom Pasek, a 17th century author of memoirs. He greatly influenced Henryk Sienkiewicz's style in The Trilogy (By Fire and Sword, Deluge, Pan Wolodyjowski). If I remember it right, expert on Joseph Conrad, Zbigniew Najder, thinks (correctly, it seems) that Conrad's own style of writing - vivid, broad, full of digressions - springs from the tradition of Polish noble yarns. (Conrad was born in Berdyczew, not that far from Barszczewski). Have you read any of Conrad's Polish stories, notably 'Prince Roman'?

It seems to me Gogol's style shows unmistakably the considerable influence of the gaweda szlachecka tradition, especially visibly in 'The Evenings on the Farm Near Dikanka.'

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