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My Story with a polish girl

11 Mar 2007 /  #1
Hello to all of you, i hope you forgive my bad english but i learn only "school" english so read over my mistakes :)

Because all people here are so crazy about polish girls i will tell you my Story. I'm from Germany and now im 27 (but... feel and life like 20 so dont be afraid).

I start over a penpal site on the internet were i was 17 only to find a email friend and then someday a email comes "Hello, I'm Monika from Poland. when you want to write me send me a email" first i did not replay it because i already forget this penpal ad that i make and had no big mood to answer it. Then one day i feel very alone and just write a answer. I write everything from my heart and see only a friendship in it. We write emails and real letters to each other and it was very great.

Then one day i think there were Summer Holidays, Monika drive on Country and so she could not write any emails. I feel really bad this days because we write daily emails and i feel really that i miss something in my life. I put all my might together and write her that i start to feel something more because it is not normal to feel so alone only because some days no email comes. i was afraid to lose my friendship now because girls always get "nervous" when they are friend with you but you feel more then friendship.

The Answer was the most happy thing in my life because she replay that she already feel the same to me. Till this point we only know each other from words we did not see 1 picture of each other !!! it was really very romantic !

We trade pictures and send each other T shirts and such, we fall really in love over Internet and it was wonderful but destroying in same time because we lived 1000km from each other. Then i got 18 and wanted to visit her, she was still 16 at this time. It was a very "crazy" travel for me, to drive into a country were i speak no word of language and well all this "stories" about Poland that you hear and make you afraid.

As i arrive at Katowice there was nobody on station and i feel lost and sad, maybe all was a joke or such. i walk inside the station and try to find out how to get back... then suddenly a angel stand in front of me with long red/brown hair, little and delicate with a smile on face that would let everybody melt. I was saved ! I was so nervous i talk so much and so fast.. i just did not know "do she like me or do she find im ugly?" it was very crazy. We drive to a hotel and well kiss a little and such ^^ like you do as Teen :) i was in heaven.

Then a friend had birthday and we go there and really i was afraid as "German" to go there or walk in streets, you know we have not many friends because of our German past. I was so surprised everybody tread me as friend and we party so good, well all polish people that i meet are very friendly !! i just keep very much care about Hooligans from Football because i dont know they look not very friendly :)

After many visits and some years, i take a flat in Germany and Monika was ready to study so we say that we life in Germany because polish is very hard to learn (or only for me ^^) and Monika did already learn German at a private school.

We lived 8 Years together and it was the best 8 Years of my life, really ! Polish girls are very hard to make them love you but when they love you one time then complete. I learn much about Poland in this time and i travel there much, we watch polish movies together and such things... i just learn to like Poland with all bad and good !

Well yes after 8 Years she left me one day to other only let me a letter back that she feel so sorry and bad but she feel "no feelings" anymore and so she can not life with me anymore. We write now everyday emails again but there in no love inside anymore... it is all so sad for me, i try already to kill myself because without this love there is nothing anymore in life ! Well now i feel already a little better again but i miss all this time with Poland and this specially this Polish woman.

So people, polish woman are the best in world they are hard to get but when you have love from one it is like a dream... just keep care because if you lost it maybe you will not come over it. Be always good to your Polish girl and show her always that you love her much even after 10 years, trust me buy flowers or something and tell her that you still love her much :)

if you want to hear more of this Story or have any questions or if you are in the same situation as me and need to talk, feel free to contact me.

kisses from Germany to everyone of you :)
hyypia 3 | 41  
11 Mar 2007 /  #2
i totally understand!!
LATINA 3 | 73  
11 Mar 2007 /  #3
i try allready to kill myself becouse without this love there is nothing anymore in life !

Hey Manga. I read your story and I'm sorry things didn't work out. But this happens to all of us. No matter who we are, Black, White, Hispanic or whatever. We fall in love and sometimes it ends. But you know what life goes on and you will find someone else that you will love and will love you back. Everything has a solution in life. The only thing that does not have a solution is DEATH. So as long as you are alive, you will find another love!
Patrycja19 62 | 2,688  
12 Mar 2007 /  #4
:( :)

I am seriously crying, I have some major tears coming, wow and its hard to see,.

yep hearts on the sleeve always, manga, wow, what can anyone say, I feel your
broken heart. but dont try to do something stupid again, love will come your way
again, even though it seems so far away.

I have to get to sleep, I feel like I am talking in circles. Manga, I will talk with you
anytime you need a friend. this summer my husbands family is flying in from germany
so maybe you can help me with some learning too say some german and take
mind off things? you dont have to either. just trying to talk, maybe take your mind
off things.

((((((hugs to you)))))).
RazZ 1 | 180  
12 Mar 2007 /  #5

I feel for you manga. I can seriously understand what you are going through. Life is hard. I was in love with a polish girl, we were high school sweethearts. We were together for 10 years. It was like heaven on earth. It's been 2 years that she left me and I haven't gotten over it, she said the same thing, that she doesn't have feeling for me anymore. And that broke me up. I became so alone. I left all my friends and started to live alone. Never making contact with people I knew. I have actually learnt to live alone. But one thing is so true about polish women. If they start to give their love, they would love you with all their heart and soul. You know something manga. Don't try to hurt your self man. Cos then again it shows you are week and the girl that you loved will start to hate you. I know its better said then done, but be strong and move on, it will take time. Time is a biggest healer of all. I wish I could take my own advice that I'm giving you.

LoneStranger 3 | 382  
12 Mar 2007 /  #6
So people, polish woman are the best in world they are hard to get but when you have love from one it is like a dream

My friend my friend!... you dreamed alot too much sadly.

Honestly, the girl who kisses you right on the first sight, in your hotel... is very ...umm.. another kind. Not saying that she is bad... just different.

She lived with you 8 years... you never mentioned about her parents. Were they mute all the time?

Now she left you like a robot?...nothing went ahead in between?

Accepting that it was all so smooth for her... she is that kind of a girl. You should accept it... because you choose her, through your mind and heart... these led you towards an 8 years period love ~ without any base (you lived together)

Was it love by the way my friend?...

Love is eternal... Lust is something that looks like love, but is hollow and expires soon.

You should know your past, and realize your present, and look forward to your future. Dont hurt yourself more. Learn self control.

Best of luck.

I like that guy called Ahmed_egypt in these cases..... he is quite straight in these matters :)...

'me need polish girl!!!' 'me need now!!!' :) :) :)
RazZ 1 | 180  
12 Mar 2007 /  #7
we all need a laugh and ahmed's post is good for that :) :) :)
forgetmenots 4 | 77  
12 Mar 2007 /  #8
Hey Manga,

As all other of us Im sorry to hear your story. But there is something more that just a sadness after losing someone you love, in your post.

For me there is some kind of peace that you have achieved. You are in touch again what means that both of you have accepted what happened or at least learnt how to deal with it.

Was it love by the way my friend?...

LoneStranger there is no use to ponder if it was love or not now. That story or relationship between those two people has been finished and digging into it will not bring any good. What is the aim or analyzing something what cannot be changed.

Let Manga to keep the best memories from that big chunk of time. 8 years its a plenty of time...
They spent it together living in a happy relationship.

Now she left you like a robot?...nothing went ahead in between?

Nobody leaves like a robot. Its not a decision you make over one day. Sometimes we are so deep in living "the dream" that we do not allow ourself to see the reality. You let your senses to fall asleep because its easier to dream. But thats not a point either.

Back to Manga. Dont worry man, you will be just fine. As other people say the love will come to you one more time. You learnt a lot from your last relationship - thats your chance to be really happy in your future.

I wish I could be so spunky and strong as you are.

So people, polish woman are the best in world they are hard to get but when you have love from one it is like a dream... just keep care because if you lost it maybe you will not come over it. Be allways good to your Polish girl and show her always that you love her much even after 10 years, trust me buy flowers or something and tell her that you still love her much

My respect to you for looking ahead. Big hug :)
20 Mar 2007 /  #9
Helo Manga:) (and others people from this forum of course)
I'm sending you greetings from Poland :)
Manga I want to give you an advice.
Don't be sad becouse your girlfriend left you, try to lead normal life. Be more optimistic. I'm sure that you will find someone who will truly love you:)

Best wishes!
28 Mar 2007 /  #10
hello menga,i got the same story. she was so beautiful,yet so cold.we fell in love right away spent a few month togther,then she got even colder.i think she cheated.she still loved me when she broke up wuth me,i know this,it broke her heart as much as mine.but she said it was because of the language barrier,lifestyls,everything.we had so much love,it went as quick as it came. there cold but beautifull.and man could she cook....keep trying i know i least one more time....oh yea she would always say the glass is half empty,not full,that is the way they are always want something better.i honestly dont think any man could ever love her like i did.i havent communacated with her in 3 still hurting.someday ill go back in that bar .just too soon right now....good luck......doe-veed-zen ya
2 Apr 2007 /  #11

chopperdad43 always want something better. why dhe hell is dhat same happned to me not that she cheated on me woman goes i love ya and dissapered out th country. saying that it was my fault. but from all da polish people i know hardly any of em stay toghter i come from england lot of poles over down there from poland and end up finding someone else or sleeping around downt now what happens to em once they hit da land now im in pakistan praying to Allah for his infinite Mercy hope to god it downt end diz women are just outa dis wourld my one was da Queen never happy whith what i done for always wanted better bigger more. but we had some really good times togheter till she goes marry me and it start going down hill from there da day afta we got marrid then da kids come and ma father was ill i have a lot of pressure stress and worris on my head she was set in her ways i was lose in the head tit and tat she gone i wanna go look for her i know where she is kindof somewhere in england liveing whith her sister but i got a father a 1 year old son and a criminal past so i have to sit on my duppa and hope to god for the best c polish gals have a swich on off on off some funky idea of love smelly crorova i gunna see her again InshAllah dha things she done still i was like 2 stupid people and a baby not like i was so inocent myself we had exeactly da same minds even thoght da same at the same time so there was no compramise if we had a argument over da spook in the sink still i love the woman i see myself whith anyone else like the chap up top wrote he locked himself of from the world yeh best way get a internetconection bare food ind become a nerd or a window worior the laffs you have on line i remember the days when i used to be rolling around thefloor laffing my ass off for 25 mins at a time online gang never met em or spoke to em but it was all good she was the same net junkie we was younger dhen aint really got time no more

so Dr Maks prescription is become a netaholic live in cyberspace no one can touch ya or hurt ya hear and its real your reading this aint you?.


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