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The relationships with the Polish girls? "Platonic friendship."

3 Apr 2008 /  #31
"Since you are Spanish, you expect things to happen right away"

in general they a bit hot blooded. I have experianced it and so some of my female friends. I don't know. It is really hard to give advice over the internet.

Good luck.
djf 18 | 166  
3 Apr 2008 /  #32
Lluvia, you just sound bitter and childish because you didnt get what you wanted. Your ego took a big hit and you want someone to tell you that you are great and that it was the girl at fault. Sorry thats not going to happen. Get over yourself and move on.
OP LLuvia 1 | 10  
10 Apr 2008 /  #33
Lluvia, you just sound bitter and childish because you didnt get what you wanted

That is comlitily stupid. I just wanted to know how but i did it and how to solve it.
I found the easer way to do it. I was sincere to the girl and told her that I was sorry for what I did (because is the true). She told me that it was not needed to say soory for that. she was very nice. She offer me to go to her house to eat dinner and had a great time. Things are going good.

thanks a lot for your advices.
Mali - | 300  
10 Apr 2008 /  #34
Well I’m sure you plied her with lots of booze in those 3 hours and of course rehipnol takes a while to work !! :-P


I dont really get that M, since Spanish girls are hardly know for being easy..

It depends. Spain Spanish are not known for being easy. Latin American Spanish are, at least in Toronto. Many of them already have kids as teens and think nothing of sleeping with a guy they hardly know. *at least that`s the stereotype*
LCzachor 6 | 68  
14 Apr 2008 /  #35
You are all correctly, but don't forget about the exceptions :)
I'm brazilian and i can reaaaaally tell what is hot blooded people :D But look at me: I'm brazilian, kinda hot blooded, i'm leading a relationship with a polish girl (she's there, i'm here) and we see like 1 time per semester? :S Still, i'm not able to cheat her in any way... BUT i'm hot blooded (with her) :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
cat1o1 - | 1  
28 Apr 2008 /  #36
i looking a girl for true relation am 21 years old honest good look educator and caring boy i need girl for marry am from pakistan

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