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I'm pregnant of a polish guy

krysia 23 | 3,058  
20 Nov 2007 /  #61
May, you still care for this guy. You might never see him again, but inside of you is this little treasure. You will have part of him with you forever and you will be very happy, because it is something beautiful you created. You are scared at the moment, but in 5 years when this child is walking and singing and laughing you will be so proud of it.

You will have something he will never have.
OP May 1 | 5  
20 Nov 2007 /  #62
Thank you for your support, all of you are really fantastic.


Hi again,
Last night I could chat with him(I had to ask him to do it, he doesn't look worried at all). It's incredible, he said he'd support me(I know they were empty words), but that we didn't want to have a baby, so it's no sense to go on. And that he could be in contact with me until I solve the "problem". Moreover, when I asked him if his girlfriend knew it, he confessed not, and that he wasn't going to tell her. I cannot believe it, I feel so impotent, I cannot do anything at all, since they're in Galway(Ireland) while I'm in Spain, and although I tried to tell his girlfriend, I only know her name, nothing else.

I cannot believe he's behaving this way with me, he looked so sweet but he hides such a devil inside of him... I feel very deceived.
22 Nov 2007 /  #63
sorry May, you need to learn a lesson from this:
-make sure you know the man you are sleeping with first
-use protection when having sex, unless you are planning a family

good luck
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506  
22 Nov 2007 /  #64
use protection when having sex, unless you are planning a family

hell yeah

someone old enough to legally have sex really shouldnt need telling this
plk123 8 | 4,138  
22 Nov 2007 /  #65
a responsibility that you can't handle.

who can't? really, haven't met a person that couldn't. wouldnn't? yes, definitely but anyone one can handle it.. it's done all over the place. some just do it much better then others but others really have no room to judge.

someone old enough to legally have sex really shouldnt need telling this

but they obviously do.. how many similar threads are on here?

You will have something he will never have.

yeah! well said.
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,506  
22 Nov 2007 /  #66
but they obviously do.. how many similar threads are on here?

yup... but as the old saying goes - if you take a dump in your bed, dont be suprised if you wake up smelling of poo
starchild 2 | 120  
22 Nov 2007 /  #67
if you take a dump in your bed, dont be suprised if you wake up smelling of poo

Rofl - I need to remember that one!
OP May 1 | 5  
22 Nov 2007 /  #68
First of all, I thought I knew that man, but at the end I've seen he's got a double personality behind an angel face.

And we used protection, but something must failed. There are no 100% reliable contraceptive devices. Last year my former couple and me broke up, after a long relation that lasted for 13 years, and we never had any problem related to this. It must be that this guy is too fertile, that we were too constant, or just that fate wanted to laugh at me, I don't know.
starchild 2 | 120  
22 Nov 2007 /  #69
Hey, don't worry about the comments over why it happened, as that is irrelevant now. You are where you are and it's only how you proceed from here that matters now.

I wish you the best of luck :-)
southern 74 | 7,074  
22 Nov 2007 /  #70
It must be that this guy is too fertile, that we were too constant

This guy is a machine.
krysia 23 | 3,058  
22 Nov 2007 /  #71
Maybe it was meant to be. You are not getting any younger May. One day when you're 70 years old you will be glad to have family around and if you remove this baby, you will always regret and wonder what this baby would look like.

And besides, when the guy is telling you to "take care of this problem" don't give him the satisfaction after him treating you this way.
shewolf 5 | 1,077  
22 Nov 2007 /  #72
May, it sounds like you just told him last week that he was going to be a father. Maybe he's in shock and he's not thinking straight. I don't know. But my advice is to just give it time. Someday he might want to see his child when he realizes what it really means.
Foreigner4 12 | 1,768  
23 Nov 2007 /  #73
plk 123 uh, nice job on making half a quote and taking it out of context, feel free to be less argumentative (needlessly) in the future. but you do make a good point regarding grammar; i most definitely should have included an "if" in that statement. my bad, but i get the impression you're trying to spin things a bit. shame on you.

some just do it much better then others but others really have no room to judge.

you might want to examine the irony of that statement.
Lilu 3 | 32  
26 Nov 2007 /  #74
Abortion in first trimester of pregnancy is very easy and harmless.

Right? Once you have one there is emotional scaring that you can never get rid of. trust me I work with patients that come in that have had abortions and the damage that is physical and emiotional is very hard to get rid of. For me it's wrong , it's not the childs fault that this happened. And yes this situation is very difficult, I truely feel for her. My friend had a baby on her own last yr and she wouldn't think twice about changing anything. She is 23 and her child will be 2 next yr feb. It can be the best thing that ever happens to her , and if you are surrounded by family and friends that love you and support you, you should have no problem raising a child. That child will love you till the end of time and thats the kind of love that is worth way more then some twit and his poor desion skills.

It must be that this guy is too fertile, that we were too constant

condums and other items are not fall proof. one little microscopic hole and vola theres a bun in the oven.
Lucynda 4 | 70  
26 Nov 2007 /  #75
Thanks Lilu. It's good to see someone who knows the sad truth, the part about abortion that no one wants to face.

It's sad to me how when you present facts like most women are emotionally scarred by abortion that people jump all over you. I actually care alot about my fellow women....and for this reason, I try to tell the truth.

Because once you have those "cells" sucked out of you, there's no going back. And you are left with this emptiness....
Lilu 3 | 32  
26 Nov 2007 /  #76
cells" sucked out of you

Did you know that when abortion is in progress that the embrio trys to move away and cling to the uteran wall. Kinda makes you think .
Lucynda 4 | 70  
26 Nov 2007 /  #77
No, I had not heard that sad fact before. But it doesn't surprise me.

What is so painful for many post-abortion is the awareness that they've destroyed something totally unique, that can never be again. I actually believe that the spirit is not destroyed, and could be born again. But the person they could have been, at the time they or God chose for them to come to this earth -- that chance is destroyed through abortion.
plk123 8 | 4,138  
26 Nov 2007 /  #78
how about you ladies start your own anti abortion thread.. this one isn't about that. thanks
valkyrie - | 7  
27 Nov 2007 /  #79
may,if it s difficult now , it will be more so later, with the stress of a baby/child that you cant [switch a button] off when you are tired and stressed and they are crying and upset. just make up your mind , abortion, adopt it out or do ya wont the child?...then deal with it...then get along the business of your self honey and waist no more pretty brain cells obsessing about this guys, he is not worth it. [[[[[take out a loan and go to school, with the goal of doing a career you think you would like.]]]]] ya i know feelings are is love...we still can live..even with out it...unfortuanatly with out it. also it is ok if ya need help with depression and or anxiety:)
OP May 1 | 5  
6 Dec 2007 /  #80
Of course, I'm still in love with him, although I know it's useless, but I cannot avoid it, I just hope some day this feeling disappear. Anyway, thanks for your help.
Aristoboulos 1 | 22  
6 Dec 2007 /  #81
I give practical advice.My parents were married.If she is not able to support the child,she will hear a lot like abortion has a lot of complications etc which is not true in first trimester.

And it just like curing pneumonia or other illness? You really think so?

It doesn't matter if it's 3 days after conception or not. Child is a child. Mothers do their best if they make their child live.

And it doesn't has connection with being Christian or not. As an atheist I used to think the same.
plg 17 | 263  
6 Dec 2007 /  #82
ale jaja kochanie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anulka24 1 | 5  
6 Dec 2007 /  #83
or your exboyfriends and his ladys. she should know, just so shes aware what a scumbag shes going out with. i cant understand how some people can be so evil!

i think same u must tell her and i thin he deserve to meet your friends ass well :)
eddiewop - | 16  
9 Mar 2008 /  #84
My 27 year old Polish girlfriend fell pregant just after Xmas. It was not planned, but equally I was none too careful. Rather than be happy, she was devasted. I knew she had a child in Poland, but not that she was still married.

Simply she could not have child , as it would cause problems in her village, and she feared above all the husband would try to take custody of her son. She sees him only 2/3 times a year as she lives/works in England.

I would have loved to take on a child, even though I am 57 , and she is only 27.

Life is so unfair at times, and I sympathise with the Spanish girl.But at least she will have a child to bring up. I will end up with neither Polish girl, or child, as she had abortion .
JuliePotocka 5 | 188  
7 Apr 2008 /  #85
None of the above situations are a winner...
Jopper 1 | 8  
10 Apr 2008 /  #86
Arr I do feel for you. Only thing I would say is life is too short, if you want something you have to go for it. I am sorry for your situation if its not too late tell her how you feel and what you want, you have nothing to loose by doing this. I find sometimes we hold back because we fear rejection but you will only be rejected once and if that's the case you can get closure and move on.
Kemaleon 3 | 122  
10 Apr 2008 /  #87
Any updates from these people? still around here?

I worry...
lena 2 | 14  
13 Jan 2009 /  #88
it's not the end of the world
same thing happened to me i'm irish and separated already had an eight yr old daughter from my ex husband met fell for polish guy told him i was pregnant and havent seen him since although he rang my four mths into the pregnancy and told me he had new girlfriend and i wished him the best wanted nothing from him but for him to see his child my little boy is 10mths spit of his father delightful and brings so much joy to me and his sister my only regret is i was too afraid of getting hurt to tell him that i cared and acted to indepentant still think of him as i just felt so connected to him but will never regret having my son wish you all the best with the baby its hard there is no denying that but 1 little smile from my son and it makes it all worth while so have your baby and enjoy being a mother because the rewards are worth it he knews he has a son tried to txt him pics and begged him to see him when push comes to shove he will regret his decision at some stage in his life might be to late for our kids but the hope is always there

sorry forgot to say do get in touch email him and ask about family medical history allegies etc as this can be very useful for the future and if you need any support or advice my email is again best of luck for the future
_Fiish_ 2 | 9  
14 Jan 2009 /  #89
I thought Polish guys were loyal and responsible of their acts, but he must be the exception.

Men are all the same, no matter where they come from.

I feel for you, but I don't know what to say. Time heals all wounds but scars don't just fade away.
Seanus 15 | 19,672  
14 Jan 2009 /  #90
Men are all the same, LOL. Polish guys, loyal? Why would you think that? They are generally more so but you'd be naive to think that it was a golden rule.

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