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Who makes a good Polish wife?

moonlight 6 | 103  
28 Nov 2008 /  #61
Im Irish and I can cook....

I dont know why people associate personality with nationality!!! Ok you will have some cultural traits but each person is individual and a one off :)
osiol 55 | 3,922  
28 Nov 2008 /  #62
Who makes a good Polish wife?

I can cook.

Got any recipes "How to make a Polish wife"?
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
28 Nov 2008 /  #63
How come you never pursue a Polish lassie, OsioĊ‚? There are some real crackers out there. I'm not shallow, I don't mean facially, I mean as companions and able-bodied individuals.
tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
28 Nov 2008 /  #64
I dont know why people associate personality with nationality!!!

lol, i've been asking that same question on here since i signed up, i still have no answer :) luckily though i don't have to see 'Polish woman wanted' anymore :):)
moonlight 6 | 103  
29 Nov 2008 /  #65
who makes a good wife . polish or irish

i just want a polish girl which i think is better than being with an irish girl cause they cant cook for ****.

Should have quoted when I made my comment about cooking, can see now it looked a bit odd :)
29 Nov 2008 /  #66
So what makes a good Polish husband then ?

niburak - | 36  
21 Dec 2008 /  #67
I am rather new to this forum, but I am hoping that my question is not going to offend specially women. And my question is...are polish women good wifes? I am talking from personal experience and I do not have positive opinion about this. The think is how many guys can talk about this from experience? Do we have to have non polish wife to talk about this? I was in both situations. Please voice your opinion.
Babinich 1 | 455  
21 Dec 2008 /  #68
are polish women good wifes?

Lets look at this question... The affirmation is that there are good wives. The inference is that being Polish makes good wives not so good.

So were looking for some type of cultural (Polish) black mark that reduces a Polish bride into being a not so good wife.

Question to the question: Does this cultural black mark discriminate by sex?
niburak - | 36  
21 Dec 2008 /  #69
To Babinich

If your question to my question is about male vs. female it is not what I ment.
I found Polish women may be insecure or some think else, but thord me they act aggressively and they are quite efficient in it. Now I am marred to Latino woman and I am very happy camper. I do not do any think different way then before and my wife seems to be happy as well.
Matyjasz 2 | 1,544  
21 Dec 2008 /  #70
Who makes a good Polish wife? I heard that asians make good Polish wifes. ;)
21 Dec 2008 /  #71
I heard that asians make good Polish wifes. ;)

Apparently they do. When they run out of funding, they move to Canada. We are on the forefront of making good wives. The Polish version is just a matter of weeks away.

Aiko, Make some Bigos..
southern 75 | 7,096  
21 Dec 2008 /  #72
Polish girls are naturally born good wives.
niburak - | 36  
21 Dec 2008 /  #73
I am 20 years out of Poland and all Polish women I met here left Poland to keep
the hiest quolity of Polish women in the motherland. No wonder I had to marry Latino woman.
Seanus 15 | 19,706  
14 Oct 2009 /  #74
The ones who are keen to make improvements round the gaff. Sprucing up the place and working together with you on it.
George8600 10 | 637  
15 Oct 2009 /  #75

You know that's just a sex doll and not a real woman in that picture? lol.

Anyway, I pick Eskimo wives from Antartica....just because...

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