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Help-my polish bf doesn't fancy me!

ShortHairThug - | 1,103  
25 Nov 2009 /  #91
How can I "lighten" up the passionate part of our relationsship?

Get in touch with me, for private lessons, I’ll guarantee that within a month you will be free of any inhibitions you may have and your wildest sexual fantasies will be let loose upon this world, for better or for worse, whatever the case may be.
tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
25 Nov 2009 /  #92
Is that coming from one steamroller to another then?? :)

The simple explanation was that by the time i started typing i had forgotten if it was boots or high heels, i opted for the wrong one, not a biggy if you ask me.

As for the changes, i don't have an 'agenda' i just have a point of view on them, nothing more nothing less, as for not being a listener that just made me laugh
grethomory 1 | 154  
25 Nov 2009 /  #93
Kasia, take it from a guy who knows. The worst thing that a woman can do is to lose her self-respect. A relationship is a two way street and if he's not willing to meet you at least halfway. Then you need to let it go. Don't be co-dependent wanting someone to love or care about you. Think about your own self FIRST. That's what got Whitney Houston in the trouble she's in. As one of my good friends says, "if he doesn't come correct, then he needs to step."
Reece - | 1  
27 Nov 2009 /  #94
Well you have 2 options either to stay with your boyfriend and get along with and do what ever that you are doing or simply get rid of him and another guy that you do get along with and sparkes your intrest....

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