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Will Poland become like the UK ?

Lady in red  
29 Jul 2007 /  #91
Another sad, miserable post of a disgraceful creature aka kmiot.

I agree.
dannyboy 18 | 248  
30 Jul 2007 /  #92
Poland like so many other new countries want to milk the cow but nobody wants to feed it. I can only say that I thank God that we never returned to Poland to live.

I disagree about the EU part, if you visit Poland now you will see the changes it has brought, truly incredible in such a short space of time.

But regarding the passports and forgery of documentation, there was a very interesting Panormama documentary on BBC or CH4 (don't recall which) last year.

One reporter, a moroccan lady iirc, was able to acquire forged passports for any country in the EU in Poland.
Select passports were widely available in other countries, for example, Dutch passports in Germany, French passports in Belgium.
But Poland was the only country where you could buy any of the 25 passports, and they were supposed to be of the highest quality also.

Furthermore, acquiring the passports in other countries was a clandestine affair.
Acquiring forgeries in Poland was simply a matter of ringing a number and meet in the park.

I asked my partner if she thought it was a misportrayal of Poland etc. and she said absolutely not, its most definitely like that.
Often, if you know a Polish or Lithuanian guy, he can acquire just about anything for you including Kalashnikovs because of the favour system that operated during communist times.
truhlei 10 | 332  
30 Jul 2007 /  #93
The Poles see freedom as an end product as they are not used to freedom but freedom is a malleable thing which grows and changes shape over a life time in so many ways. Poland like so many other new countries want to milk the cow but nobody wants to feed it.

Michal you accuse East Europeans. You think they are so primitive.
But aren't your leaders, people you elect as more clever, also primitive?
As you describe you aren't East Europe frequent visitor. So you don't know West leaders spare a lion's share of your personally taxes on "educating" us in the way you described above.

Your politicians think the East should atmit today western standarts without any political and social preparation. Many western endowments make propaganda of today values without any interest to transitorial stages. Some prepare coloured revolution against superior power without any attention to the damaged social system on the whole in our countries.

All these steps and standarts aren't proposed. They are all imposed by different ways. And as to consequencies, Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia should assume the complete rosponsability.

I wish you commented...

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