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I'm an American who lived in Poland for 6 years. I'm not welcome anymore.

3 Aug 2009 /  #151
I was unable to get it due to my boss taking a loan from the bank and buying a new location for the school. Due to that, the work permit office said they could only start my application when all the loan was repaid.

Even by the standards of Polish govt office workers, that is a terrible excuse! Whether a company has debt or not has no impact at all on its ability to hire foreigners. My guess is that either the people in the office couldn't bothered to do the paperwork and so rejected the application on the first excuse they could find, or your boss couldn't bothered to do the paperwork and so made up a cock & bull excuse. The latter is the more likely of the two.
Tyskie 1 | 27  
11 Aug 2009 /  #152
You're moaning that you need to get a visa? What do you expect? If an EU person goes to the US, they also need a visa for work! You were ILLEGAL in Poland. If an EU citizen were illegal in the US, they would be barred from ever entering the US again! Cop on!
trevorisimo 1 | 27  
12 Aug 2009 /  #153
I notice the OP didnt reply back that often, I am Irish but when I was working in Poland there were Americans there, and they never complained about it there. Obviously Poland is not geared towards foreigners because there is not alot of them there compared to other countries.

If you work in any country in the world illegally and if immigration find out then usually you will be banned from entering that country for 5 years usually.

It would have been far easier to do everything properly and get your visa sorted then you would be accepted there. I dont blame the gov for not liking foreigners there anyway, move of the TEFL teachers there get paid in the hand and the gov cant tax it, lol.
Ironside 53 | 12,487  
12 Aug 2009 /  #154
Instead, we allow impoverished eastern europeans saunter through Dublin airport, while genuine tourists are hassled and harried. We owe these eastern european countries nada, zilch, fook all.

I'm sure that in America some jerk like yourself were complaining about European raged peasant, spreading illness in our New York city.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,854  
12 Aug 2009 /  #155
All immigrants who entered America where screened for illnesses at Ellis Island. If you had any disease you where refused entry. Now, compare that with immigration from eastern europe in Ireland, we have convicted rapists sauntering through immigration controls for christ sake.
Ironside 53 | 12,487  
12 Aug 2009 /  #156
Sure in 1850s ? they were also given vaccination :)?
Check for epidemic in Canada and USA due to influx of sick immigrants from Ireland mid XIX century.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,854  
12 Aug 2009 /  #157

Over 150 years ago, nothing at all to do with todays events.
Ironside 53 | 12,487  
12 Aug 2009 /  #158
only sentiment of some jerks remain the same.
Are you provocateur or some poor inbred with agenda and ideas from 1930s Germany?
Do you want discussion or exchange of abuse?
If former you shouldn't been so offensive.......thats the main reason you are not treated seriously but I think that you love attention - you are a poor attention seeker, nothing else.
james_warszawa 5 | 9  
16 Aug 2009 /  #159
European Union - One rule for One ... another rule for Poles.
Ironside 53 | 12,487  
16 Aug 2009 /  #160
Do you have anything to say or you just another one with mind diarrhea?
Spaceman77 3 | 58  
12 Sep 2009 /  #161
I believe it is a matter of reciprocity.
Just look at the way immigrants are being treated in the US. Not just illegal immigrants, but immigrants altogether.
I live in the US and have been here for 12 years already. I can tell you that it is hard.
Recent laws in the US consider illegal immigrants to be criminals.
In my opinion, (and I'm sorry if this offends the rest of the visitors here) all immigrants in all countries are only looking for a better living. For themselves and their families.

Everyone deserves a chance to success, regardless of where they were born.
You as an american, are no better than a kid in africa. Both of you are human beings.
I'm not happy knowing that you had hard times. But certainly, americans are not above the rest. Meaning that if this world is crappy, then it should be crappy for everyone.

I hope you can get legal or find what you need to succeed in life. I wish the same for all the immigrants here in North America.
12 Sep 2009 /  #162

Iam irish based in katowice, your comment on americas in poland is so out of reach it just exposes the fact that americans think they have the god given right to go anywhere they want(even if less than 20% have passports). I read in irish paper that 3 american guys came to ireland withoutretunre t return tickets and they were sent back home. how stuidip were there to travel with 1 way ticket. Also poland is in eu so they belong to the same set of rules as all eu countries, if you travel abroad you should know the law, something unknown to us people
Juche 9 | 292  
12 Sep 2009 /  #163
I'm not welcome anymore.

you can coming to DPRK where in Pyongyang you are very welcome
Seanus 15 | 19,674  
12 Sep 2009 /  #164
If you like one-way tickets, yes ;) ;)
Nickidewbear 23 | 609  
18 Sep 2009 /  #165
In case anyone wants a little insight (and I may be acting like an arrogant, goyische Yid; but the insight isn't from me, anyways; because all wisdom- Yiddish and goyische- belongs to God. So, I am not a Jewish supremacist or self-hating Jew, but anyway for the insight), and as I told someone while we were discussing Geraldo Rivera (long story short), "I'm a Jew whose great-great-granddad Czarniecki came here illegally (under false pretenses, i.e., using a fake name) and who was lucky enough that his wife and son (Great-Great-Grandma and Great-Granddad Czarnecki) came here legally (even though she was behind a lot of the dishonesty, which I am looking to redeem instead of just not appreciate). If Geraldo could be a voice for especially Hispanic and Sephardic Hispanic Jews (His dad was a Spanish-Puerto Rican American.), other Jews (His mom is a Jewish-Russian American.), and especially Jewish Christians (i.e., Sephardic Jewish Catholics, since his dad was a Roman Catholic), he could do so much more instead of being thought of as a self-hating Jewish, Hispanic supremacist."

In the same way, I wish that Jews, especially Jewish Poles, who went through similar experiences like mine or like Geraldo's would stand up and say, "Yeah, buddy; I'm a Jewish-Polish American, and let me give you the megillah on my life."
movetopoland 1 | 10  
20 Sep 2009 /  #166
Europe is building a super continent, people can come to western countries like the UK to earn money and those with money can move to eastern countries so that their money goes further. As a Brit myself 5 years ago my mates used to turn their noses up at Poland thinking it was all dirt tracks with no electricity but nowdays those same people are visiting Poland and some are even considering moving there.

In Poland some may say "English investors are making Poland too expensive' or in England "they are taking our jobs" but you need to look at the bigger picture, we will end up with a richer Europe.

Don't let nationalism cloud progress, after all we are all Europeans, we're not that different.
scottie1113 7 | 898  
20 Sep 2009 /  #167
after all we are all Europeans


As an American, I have to say not all of us, although I appreciate the sentiment.
RevokeNice 15 | 1,854  
20 Sep 2009 /  #168
but you need to look at the bigger picture, we will end up with a richer Europe.

How? How is mass immigration, job displacement, and money being sent out of the UKs economy, good for the UK? Good for Poland, yes. UK, no.

Don't let nationalism cloud progress,

I would say the opposite.

after all we are all Europeans, we're not that different.

We are distinct seperate races of people, or do you mean us whites need to stick together? Either way, stick the EU up your hole.
movetopoland 1 | 10  
26 Sep 2009 /  #169
How? How is mass immigration, job displacement, and money being sent out of the UKs economy, good for the UK? Good for Poland, yes. UK, no.

Because a large percentage of immigrants remain in the UK. The aim of the government is to have business conducted here in Britain. I know a large number of property developers who would have gone out of business had the manual labour market not been propped up by immigrants. If you think Poles sending money out of the UK affects our economy then you do not understand basic economics.

This extra GDP from the big guns outweighs rising unemployment and benefits costs making Britain richer. The country makes far more money paying an immigrant worker minimum wage than it does a native top dollar, why? because the higher business profits pay much more to the country in the form of tax. If that immigrant remained here and claimed benefits for the rest of his life, we would still be in profit.

The job displacement due to overimmigration is a temporary situation, it may affect the unemployed but it has a reverse effect on the country. If you're at the bottom, the government now allows you to claim tax credits to top up your earnings, what other country do you know that gives so much back to its citizens. Even in recession we can still afford to do this!

I trade on the financial markets so I've seen first hand the positive effects immigration has had on the British economy. The recession we are in is not related to immigration. In some respects we owe a lot to Eastern Europe for saving our country, in ten years time you will see Britain will be without a shadow of a doubt the richest country in Europe.

The post war Asian immigration wave turned our country into one of the richest economies in the World. Our investment in Asian and the Far east markets makes Britain trillions of pounds, even today.

Stop reading the daily mail, and start looking at the figures.

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