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Good Garden Center in TriCity?

Cosmo 5 | 18  
12 Mar 2008 /  #1
Topic says it all....I'm looking for a proper garden center to get all sorts of plants, trees, flowers for my garden outside Gdansk. Sofar the OBI, Castorama etc have very limited choice :( Can anyone recommend a garden shop?


cjj - | 281  
12 Mar 2008 /  #2
I had pleasant customer service from that garden centre you can see from the Obwodnica between the IKEA and Osowa roundabouts. Have never bought anything there - just had questions about what would grow and what wouldn't. The lady was very helpful - even to the extent of ignoring her colleague who wondered out loud why she was giving me help when I obviously wasn't buying :)

There's a place past Weherowo on the way north ... for the life of me I can't remember the name now, but I know we always drive past it on the way to Debki ...

And memories of some place past Bojano, also on the way north.

i'm obviously a hot spot for vague information. ... apologies ... I haven't been buying in these places mostly because it would be like throwing an alcoholic into an off-licence

are you sheltered or wind-swept (we're the latter)


This is the first place I mentioned

You can see it between Osowa and the Selgros roundabout (on the Osowa side of the road)

If you want to buy lots of trees - consider the forestry place, again accessed from the Osowa roundabout. We bought stuff there about 3 years ago - some worked, some didn't (the spruce were ok, about 20% of the larch didn't have good root systems). They were useful for hedging sprigs.

OP Cosmo 5 | 18  
15 Mar 2008 /  #3
Hey Cjj,

Thank you for the tip! We will check it out sometime next week :) Hopefully we'll have more spring weather soon, i look forward to going out again in the yard.

We have some sheltered area's but mostly wind swept, on a hill.....

I could use a few (fruit) tree's I think, but also I would like some small palms to be outside in the summer months. However they are hard to find here.


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