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Polish Driving Licence.

14 Apr 2008 /  #241
Hi Segzdee, How r u doing? I

He's doing just fine. He's incarecerated at Her Majesty's pleasure just now but he can help you out in 25 years time if you are still interested (and still driving that is).

If he finds a way to smuggle the licences out of prison he'll mail you (that's if the cops don't get you first )

Try mailing they may help.
16 Apr 2008 /  #242
hi everybody be careful of sengee he is a thief he is ripping people off left right and centre
IronsE11 2 | 442  
16 Apr 2008 /  #243
Hmm - I think you can still buy a drivers license in Poland if you know the appropriate people.

Quite depressingly this same license allows you to drive in the UK. Which is an utter joke imo.
17 Apr 2008 /  #244
Thanks for your opinion. Sadly you are a complete moron so your opinion isn't worth much.
markpersson - | 2  
21 Apr 2008 /  #245
can anyone who can get me a legit eu driving license please contact me on persson.mark@gmail
bigmel - | 1  
24 Apr 2008 /  #246
Hey I read you comment on line and is there anyway you can help me get
a truck license. I have an expired truck license fro the military and
an expired international license from Germany. I been driving trucks for
15 years with the military and Germany will not transfer my license
and the military will not give Give Germany the paper work showing that I
had a truck license. If you can help me it will be great to get on the
road again.......... get back with me at
27 Apr 2008 /  #247
hi driver this is snapjack i am interrested in getting a real polish driving licence my email is thanks
27 Apr 2008 /  #248
i am interrested in getting a real polish driving licence my email is thanks

is there anyway you can help me get a truck license.

Admin. I thought that PF was a legal Forum. Isn't it breaking some sort of law allowing people to advertise for illegal things ? Correct me if I am wrong but by the very fact of allowing Posters to advertise for illegal licences, you are in effect breaking the Law. Internet Forums are not above the Law. Unless you know differently. I find it particularly offensive that a Forum called 'Polish Forums' has such a thread. Sort of makes it look like Polish people are encouraging illegal activity. Why does this thread stay ? Would be interesting to know the answer ?
29 Apr 2008 /  #249
would love to change my irish licenes for a polish one can any body help
my email is bigdaz1970@yahoo
29 Apr 2008 /  #250
It stays for about the same reason as the fact you've posted today under 3 different usernames - was there any reason to do that...?

I'm just playing around using different nicknames, for fun that's all. Livens the board up sometimes :) I can stop of course if you wish me too ? Not a problem. BUT it is illegal to allow people to advertise for illegal goods and services and you are aiding and abetting such services by allowing people to advertise for criminal activity. It is a reportable activity even if it is on the internet and I for one would have thought you would be keen to keep Polish Forums as a legal Forum out of respect for the majority of Posters who do regularly post on here. That's all.

I'll refrain from posting on the forum from now as obviously you have your own agenda for this forum though God knows what it is !

Have a nice day :)

By the way Admin........using three different nicknames on a Forum does not constitute illegal or fraudulent activity........allowing people to ask, trade and deal for unlawful driving licences is !!!!!!!!!
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,510  
29 Apr 2008 /  #251
obtaining a driving licence fraudulently... hmmm... not good
Admin 32 | 1,530   Administrator
29 Apr 2008 /  #252
Of course it is illegal to obtain a driving license by any other means than taking a test and passing an exam at an authorized location and posters and readers should be aware of that.

29 Apr 2008 /  #253
We know that but it does not vindicate you by making that statement. It could easily be interpreted to show that you are condoning and maybe even encouraging posters to take part in illegal activity. Would that be seen as breaking the Law ? Hmmmm. I think so ! Ir doesn't matter which Country or Continent you reside in there are Laws that cover these areas. it only takes on person to report it <not me> but someone might.

End of for me this with it what you will, and as you see fit.
29 Apr 2008 /  #254
Does anybody knows a driving school that give classes in English here in Warsaw? I need to take some driving lessons.
bigdaz1970 - | 5  
3 May 2008 /  #255
any body ever heard of these

they wont you to send them a scan of your passport to do background check
then $600 for a licence .
current price is 600$
carey brander lawyer
Wroclaw Boy  
3 May 2008 /  #256
people in Poland who havent passed their driving test may aswell pay for a forged one as the whole system is corrupt any way. My brother in law passed his practical with a 700 PLN bribe the third time round. he was ready to pay 2,500 PLN for a pass but was unable to due to not knowing the bribe system well enough. In the end he had to bribe a friend who knew the test examiner and got away with 700 PLN. Btw 50 tests that day and only 3 passed 2 of which were bribes - wtf.
bigdaz1970 - | 5  
3 May 2008 /  #257
email off DLprocure

Dear Sir,

We are not as you say a scam site. Unfortunately we have picked up a bad name due other competitors deeds. I will explain, last year a site called went bankrupt due to the fact of advertising costs and the profit margins are slim.

Leaving lot of angry clients.

Yet as you know about the web a snowball gathers snow.


Catherine Harrison
12 May 2008 /  #258

Why has your website now been taken down?

If you are ripping people off on the or site?

Let me know!!
14 May 2008 /  #259
listen evryone its all a load of crap i paid good money and got nothing from poland but.......i did manage to buy an eu licence for all those interested e-mail me i can help but no time wasters or tyre kickers please . only for thoose who are genuinley interested
shaunpatrick - | 2  
15 May 2008 /  #260
Hi mikeab, I am really interested, I have tried to get in touch 3 times. Please get in touch:
23 May 2008 /  #261
Finally after being scammed for soo long, i have managed to locate a genuine DL from Finniland. Pliz dont believe any shitttttttttt on this website. If you guys are interset let me know.

contact me:- WYRENER@AOL.COM
26 May 2008 /  #262
DL from Finniland

jonjoe - | 1  
26 May 2008 /  #263
well get me one then!
Flow - | 1  
29 May 2008 /  #264
Hi guys,

I have a simple question: Is it possible to exchange a Ukrainian driver's license for an EU license (My own Austrian license worked fine)? No matter if Polish or other. My wife is Ukrainian and the authorities here in Sweden said she cannot exchange it here, but apparently there may be other countries who recognize and exchange it?

Does anybody know more about that?

I would be willing to pay something for some help in that matter, but I can say straight away that I will not pay anything before I received the actual license and verified that it is authentic, there are too many scammers out there.

Any help is appreciated.
2 Jun 2008 /  #265
dl procure is big time rip off and news about them are in web pages serch by google to see, they are deep ship scammers and never deliver no **** to u

If you buy fake licence and try to exchange it for the uk one after taking ur licence the dvla will return it to the sourse country and the story will comeout then ,
john_pl - | 1  
9 Jun 2008 /  #266
I need a Polish driving linc. In warsaw. I have a international one from out of EU. As i know I must pass the thou. exam. In polish. I am learning polish. In this case someone can help me ....? Please email me:
12 Jun 2008 /  #267
Firstly everyone. Do you honestly believe there is a company out there that will legally "Procure" your driving licence? I hate to sound harsh, but honestly just PASS the TEST like everyone who drives does. Well, excluding those who don't bother with insurance, MOT or Tax - but that's for another forum..

I'll be completely honest, I did look into an EU Licence. I looked at DL Procure - It's obvious they are scammers. ANYONE who claims to be able to get you an EU Licence is either mentally unbalanced, or trying to rip off as many people as possible.

PLEASE PLEASE NO ONE FALL FOR THE SCAMS AROUND ON THE INTERNET. They will take your money and you WILL NOT EVER see a Driving Licence...

I passed my test in February - and it was the best feeling I've ever had. Also if you watch Police Camera Action or Road Wars - you should notice the amount of people being questioned about their EU Licence - The police WILL CHECK and if they are fake - you WILL be fined for Driving otherwise than in accordance with a licence, and No Insurance...
14 Jun 2008 /  #268
Need EU licence, anyone know the right people in the right places??
dnz 17 | 710  
14 Jun 2008 /  #269
Yes, Contact a driving school, Arrange some lessons, And Pass the test like we all had too! There is enough incompetant drivers on the roads at the moment without adding to the problem.
bigdaz1970 - | 5  
22 Jun 2008 /  #270
can anyone help i have a full irish licence , but i wont to exchange it for a polish one, reason being i am a truck driver and with all the speed cameras about now its getting hard to keep a clean licence,

would be willing to pay someone to help me

contact me on bigdaz1970@yahoo

did anyone get one off WYRENER@AOL.COM

anyone heard of these

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