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Car rental and driving it abroad (outside EU, to Kaliningrad)

snempaa 1 | 10  
30 Sep 2009 /  #1
Hello all,

I'm curious about rental companies in Gdansk. I'm flying to gdansk in a while and wondered if rented cars allow you to cross the border into Russia to Kaliningrad! Can anyone help me with getting a car rental agency who supplies that service?

Thank you!

Oh and I wondered if you need special papers (next to paspoort, international driverslicense and a visa) to cross the border with a (rented) car.

Thanks again!
dnz 17 | 710  
30 Sep 2009 /  #2
Good luck finding a car rental company who will allow you to take a rented car to russia.
OP snempaa 1 | 10  
30 Sep 2009 /  #3
Thanks, it will be a real problem, because the websites I looked at so far wouldn't let me. Tonight I will start calling companies, maybe that works better! Any hints on companies? Maybe smaller companies will let rentals go outside EU.
dnz 17 | 710  
30 Sep 2009 /  #4
How long are you looking to rent for?

It might be cheaper and easier to buy an old car with a few weeks insurance and MOT left on it and just drive that until you've finished with it and then dump it somewhere.
OP snempaa 1 | 10  
30 Sep 2009 /  #5
Well just for three days in november! Buying a car would be too much trouble in three days i guess!

by the way, does anyone know if the (braniewo) border checks are open 24/7 or what the openingtimes are?
AmberRoute 1 | 7  
30 Sep 2009 /  #6
here i would suggest asking if any other documents are needed for passing the border, this is the mail to the customs office in Olsztyn

here you have car rental company site, in english (www) but ask for the worst looking car that they have, and dirty also :) don't try entering with shiny mercedes.
OP snempaa 1 | 10  
30 Sep 2009 /  #7
Thanks for your quick reply! I will contact them and indeed ask for a bad looking car. (I can't afford a mercedes after all :-) )
AmberRoute 1 | 7  
30 Sep 2009 /  #8
Maybe you would concern going by train, there is nice connection from Gdansk Glowny to Kaliningrad
or by a bus, also nice everyday connection from gdansk to kaliningrad

....and then rent a car there
OP snempaa 1 | 10  
30 Sep 2009 /  #9
I have indeed, but since we arrive at about 18.30 in the evening on saturday there is no way to catch a train or bus that evening. The busses don't ride on sunday so we would have to take the train at 8.35 which arrives at 15h in Kaliningrad. The bus back would be on tuesdays at 6.30, that would be OK. Since it's only for three days, we would have more kaliningrad-time when we rent a car. (but indeed our first idea was to go by train).

Or do you have other bus services tips that do leave on saturday evening (or sunday morning)?
AmberRoute 1 | 7  
30 Sep 2009 /  #10
I will search about that and meanwhile this is adress to braniewo border you can ask if they open 24/7
Kontakt: +48 (055) 2440500 / 661 8500
OP snempaa 1 | 10  
30 Sep 2009 /  #11
Thank you for your help!

I just contacted them all, the border police, the car rental companies, now I just have to wait;)
AmberRoute 1 | 7  
30 Sep 2009 /  #12
how about renting a micro-bus with a driver, or you are not interested in such a service.

+48(0)58 671 4959

+48(0)58 671 4958

+48(0)605 665 838

This one is nice with a russian speaking driver (www)
OP snempaa 1 | 10  
30 Sep 2009 /  #13
It sounds like that would be really expensive:P My idea now is to take the train on sunday and the bus on tuesday to get back, but if we can get to kaliningrad by car for max 150-200euro's we would do that to get the extra day.

Update : we = two of us.
AmberRoute 1 | 7  
30 Sep 2009 /  #14
when exactly will you be in gdansk i mean saturday at what time?, coz if you had the time to get from there to ELBLAG you could take bus at 16:50 to kaliningrad
30 Sep 2009 /  #15
Oh and I wondered if you need special papers (

Good job you aren't a spy cos your cover would have been blown by now, as we all know a lot about your travelling arrangements LOL.

Any chance of a mugshot just in case we miss you <joke>

AmberRoute 1 | 7  
30 Sep 2009 /  #16
so i finally suggest bus PKS from gdansk at 14;45 to elblag at 16;09 and then from elblad Dworzec Glowny at 16;50 to kaliningrad , if possible accordingly to your schedule

Good Luck
OP snempaa 1 | 10  
30 Sep 2009 /  #17
No can't make it on time! We will be arriving later than 16.50. So I think busses on saturday are no option! Or there should be a overnight busservice, but I guess not.
AmberRoute 1 | 7  
30 Sep 2009 /  #18
I shamefully give up, so the journey must start on sunday or car rental afterall is the only solution. Hope you will succeed . I just tried to help.
OP snempaa 1 | 10  
30 Sep 2009 /  #19
And I am very grateful for your help! I'll just wait on the rental companies to reply and otherwise we'll just take the bus and train!

Thanks again!

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