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Working in Poland - do I need a work permit as a British citizen?

milan 2 | 2  
8 Nov 2008 /  #1
Hi I am looking to look for a job in Krakow and was wondering what do I need as I am a British Citizen. Do I need a work permit and is it the one that takes a few months like the non-EU one?

Do I need anything else apart from the permit?

I am currently living and working in London and looking to move to Poland early next year.
8 Nov 2008 /  #2
Read this.,1618.html

It is a start.

What kind of work are you looking for? Do you speak Polish?
OP milan 2 | 2  
10 Nov 2008 /  #3

In that link it says

"Note! After 1st May 2004, a requirements to obtain a work permit does not concern: citizens of EU member states;"

So I suppose I do not need a permit, does this mean I can just find a job and start or is there tax, NI that I need to sort out or is that the duty of the employer like over here?

I am an Accountant so want to work in the same field. I can't speak any Polish but would like to learn some while I am out there. I was looking at some job sites, couldn't really find an alful lot of jobs but the ones I found said that as long as I can speak fluent English it should be fine, obviously there will be many jobs where I would benefit if I could speak Polish but hopefully I can still find something with no Polish.

The job hunting continues... If anyone knows of any good job sites for Accountants in Krakow or if I have to elsewhere in Poland I would be grateful.


11 Nov 2008 /  #4
State Street are setting up an operation here in Krakow and advertise regularly in the Krakow edition of the Gazeta Wyborcza. With Krakow becoming a centre for business process outsourcing, a qualified accountant shouldn't have a problem finding a job, but I imagine that being able to speak Polish would be a big advantage. Are you taking lessons before you get here?

As for tax, insurance etc. I don't know much about this but I do know that you can register yourself as self employed and pay a flat 19% on income, and minimal NI for an initial period (2 years I think). But I'm sure that others on this forum will know more. Be prepared for a lot of form filling and waiting in queues to sort out your paperwork though...
benszymanski 8 | 465  
11 Nov 2008 /  #5
You can read to your heart's content about tax, NI and all the different bits of paper you will have to fill out here: british in poland.
OP milan 2 | 2  
22 Nov 2008 /  #6
thanks guys, I have applied to State Street and a few others have got one rejection so far, i will keep on looking. If anyone knows of any finance jobs going in or around Krakow please let me know.
SzwedwPolsce 11 | 1,595  
1 Oct 2009 /  #7
A citizen of an EU-country can work in all EU-countries without working permit etc.

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