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New ID 'card' in Poland
Is translating into Polish required for getting a Polish Citizenship?
7 - thanks..really appreciate your help!...

Lawhelcha - 28 Dec 2009 / helcha - 29 Dec 2009
Learner motorcycle rider visiting Poland
Polish Bank account? UK resident applying for permanent residency in Poland.
Polish Govt website for foreigners, marriage, family, etc. (in PL and EN)
Can a student who is married get a Polish Citizenship
Residence card-Karta pobytu issuance
Starting a distribution business in Poland
D-type visa (long stay) in Poland - I cannot leave Poland?
How to Create Computerized Invoices in Poland?
UN or NGO's organizations in Poland
Are residency fees tax-deductible?
Marriage Procedure in Poland  2
Poland selling Carbon Credits
Transferring leased car to Poland. What to do?
Staying in Schengen beyond work VISA for tourism
Building Home-Office company, running business from home... expenses, tax, etc
Street performing (music) in Poland... permit needed?
14 - Poland street One man orchestra in Krynica:

Lawigotaxed - 10 Mar 2008 / pawian - 21 Nov 2009
Courier Service between Poland & UK
Popular (skill) gaming & gambling platforms in Poland
Exporting Polish Alcohol to Canada
Want to start Indian cafe in Poland..  2  3
Citizenship by descent: don't know details of grandparents' American citizenship
ZUS questions - maternity issues
7 - I know Poland has a Social Security agreement with the U.S....

LawJuche - 13 Nov 2009 / BB630 - 14 Nov 2009 Are They Crooks??
6 - Thanks a lot Guys for the respons.. :) Cheers...

Lawdhevak - 14 Nov 2009 / dhevak - 14 Nov 2009
Accounting of costs when a Polish company pays foreign providers
Father born in Poland, moved to UK - Polish Passport question
Most cost effective Port to city of Szczecin
Where to sell MacBook Pro in Warsaw?
Ech... I have a problem concerning paying tax and ZUS
Tax Guidelines in English for Small Business Owners in Poland?
Which business can one start in Poland ?
Starting a coffee shop in Poland
14 - if you are going to sell alcohol, you could have a visit from the local mafia. No joke. ...

Lawmullerriceman - 5 Aug 2009 / nauczyciel - 4 Nov 2009
Is it possible to change or extant my visa?
Polish citizenship when married to polish and living in poland
Starting a business in Poland (a recruitment company)
10 - Hey, Has anybody here heard of this site?:

Lawbarrymacca85 - 20 Apr 2009 / curious1 - 29 Oct 2009
Dual citizen non-Polish resident studying in Poland
14 - terri I 'd like to help you with confirmacion Polish citizen. . Plese write to me....

Lawpazdzioch - 9 Jul 2009 / teresa55 - 24 Oct 2009
KRUS - Farmer's Insurance Question and Help
Documentation required to get married in Poland
I'm British, do I need to apply for a permit to work in Poland?
Permission to sell alcohol in Poland
Need Information from local people of kaba aye pagoda rd. yankin township
Withhodling tax on payments to non-polish firms for services
Poland Negotiation Style
What is a NIP?
Work permit/stay cards/Car registrations FORMALITIES
8 - do you have msn or any email ID ??...

LawGuest - 18 Nov 2008 / thapastar - 11 Oct 2009
Entrepreneur seeks advice on small business formation / corporation in Poland
11 -

Lawlowprofile - 17 Jun 2007 / argen - 10 Oct 2009
Taxation information/Tax calculator online
Working in Poland - do I need a work permit as a British citizen?
Do you need a work / residence permit for Poland (EU national)?
Non-EU citizen with Polish work permit - work in other EU Countries?
How long does it take to get a Polish Resident card and Work Permit?
13 - Krysia, this is for US ;) not for Poland ;) Best regards, Alicja V....

Lawsecanix79 - 8 Apr 2008 / Alicjav - 1 Oct 2009
The new Law in acquisation of Polish citizenship in 2009
Start IT business in Poland
I moved to Poland, am I entitled for an insurance without karta pobytu?
Invoice Terms in Poland
8 - Thanks for the replies all - very helpful!...

Lawblueboy - 23 Sep 2009 / blueboy - 24 Sep 2009
iTunes in Poland
11 - There are also 'ispot' shops opening up all over the place....

Lawh0p - 15 Sep 2009 / vndunne - 23 Sep 2009
Using Allegro in Poland - payment / transfer / rules / fees
Restaurant/Motel 60 KMS outside of Warsaw - Good or Bad Idea?

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