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2 Jan 2009
Language / Affectionate endings to guys' names in Polish... [16]

Krzysiu is like a diminutive of Krzysztof, it's not formal and it sounds more warmly.
Krzysiek hmm actually it is difficult to explain!! :P Krzysiek is more opposite to Krzysiu, its use between friends. Krzysiu - a girlfriend/girl friend or your mum may use it. Well in general women hehe
24 Nov 2008
UK, Ireland / Cheap Flights on it a con ? [27]

Once I booked a flight from WizzAir, Roma-Katwoice and... they delayed it 24 hours... not counting people that should have taken off two days before us, then they told them that they gonna fly with us and THEN they had to wait another day. Niceee

Break from WizzAir, break from Roma Ciampino...
9 Jun 2008
Life / Polish Jazz / Jazz nad Odra festival in Poland [29]

Bossanova? it's more like chillout music in general (or i'm thinking about different band)

Ok, here's some not Polish song to say good night to everyone. Pat martino whom i adore:

Everyone's invited round for beer and jazz. Tonight only.

I've just finished that one you bought and have to go to read some stuff. Who said that it has to by just one night? Let's organize some regular jazz sessions :)
9 Jun 2008
Life / Polish Jazz / Jazz nad Odra festival in Poland [29]

I forgot about Henryk Miśkiewicz or Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski

here's more blues than jazz but whatever

Am I really going to have to go and buy more beer?


9 Jun 2008
Life / Polish Jazz / Jazz nad Odra festival in Poland [29]

You should check Marek Napiórkowski (who as well plays with Anna Maria Jopek - their songs are basically beautiful and touching ) and Leszek Możdżer - a panist classified as jazzman - his performance 'Smells like teen spirit' is awasome!!!

And of course quoting Wroclaw check Jazz on the Odra. You missed it this year, but you're welcome in Wrocław next march :)

Have I mentioned that we're the capital city of jazz in Poland? :P :)
14 May 2008
Language / What's the difference between 'swoje' & 'moje'? [35]

That's funny and bizare at the same time when we (Polish) sometimes don't know how to answer for such "simple" question.

Good to read explanation! I wouldn't have known the answer neither for the first few moments :P
27 Mar 2008
Travel / Good places (romantic too) to go in Wroclaw [14]

it's whole cathedral area and there's another nice place - while walking from the cathedra you'll cross the street in the university direction (the little park is basically opposite to the cathedral area crossing the street) and there are few little bridges, view at the university - everything is lighted so it looks really nice

19 Mar 2008
Love / Is it possible to be friends with girls in Poland? [59]

Not possible to have a friendly relationship with a polish girl..?
- for me this seems a really strange attitude, even if I am not gay.

More opinions about this subject?
- what do you think, girls?

lol, yeah it is possible to have a friendly relationship with a girl: in Poland, in your country or elsewhere...
15 Mar 2008
Language / Polglish - mixture of Polish and English [34]

Czy pani haguje?

a owszem, chyba wszyscy lubimy sie hagować (lol, jak to brzmi :)

I wrote that one to stress that I'm pani not pan :P Maybe I should change the login...
BTW Tuli sounds like cute diminutive :)
23 Feb 2008
Life / Greatest Polish Films [22]

Sami Swoi, Sexmisja, Jak rozpętałem II wojnę światową - the best Polish comedies :) and very old...
15 Feb 2008
Life / Poles in Poland: How did you learn your English? [60]

I started when I was 11. I learned English at school and then through private lessons. Now i just keep "practising" watching movies and reading.I wish I could speak it more... : ( I guess to become more fluent I'd have to visit some English-speaking country for a couple of months. We'll see what future shows :)
27 Jan 2008
Genealogy / strange Polish mixes [116]

My cousin, she is Polish. When she went to Germany to work she got married with a guy who is Spanish. For two years now they've been living in US and their first child was born there a year ago. Soon they want to go back to Europe and settle down in Munich. I feel a bit sorry for little Natalia (that's the baby's name) she may feel confused in the future :P

What's more, the guy's name is Israel ( altough there is no conection with Israel itself) :)
Total mix for me!!