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Matti - Krupa Family Members - Matti Castle Kracow

13 May 2008 /  #1
I am looking for anyone with the last name of Matti. This is the name of may paternal Grandmother, My grandfathers last name is Krupa. The Matti/Krupa family were from Kracow and left Poland in or around 1890 for the United States. They arrived in Philidelphia. can anyone help? Paul Krupa- Beaverton OR,US
Polonius3 983 | 12333  
13 May 2008 /  #2
While Krupa is undoubtedly a name of Polish or other Slavonic origin, Matti looks to be Hungarian. Naturally its bearrers may have lived in southern Poland for centuries, been thoroughly Polonized and not even aware of their distant Magyar roots. For more information on this please contact research60 // gmail
13 May 2008 /  #3
My grandfathers last name is Krupa

I know a Polish guy with the last name Krupa.
OP paulkrupa1  
13 May 2008 /  #4
where is the Polish guy living?

I am really looking for the Matti Family Castle in Kracow. My Grandfather was the gardener for the estate that was were my Great Grandfather was the owner. This was a true Romeo & Juliet storey. Does nayone know of a Matti Castle in Kracow,Poland?

Is there a Castle with the name Matti associated with it, in Krackow?????????????
13 May 2008 /  #5
Is there a Castle with the name Matti associated with it, in Krackow?????????????

i've never heard of it...
are you sure it's a castle...?
OP paulkrupa1  
14 May 2008 /  #6
It may have just been a 5000 square foot house and not a castle. thanks for your reply.
14 May 2008 /  #7
where is the Polish guy living?

I think he is originally from £odz. He is in the Greater Toronto Area.
mpernal 1 | 8  
14 May 2008 /  #8
It may have just been a 5000 square foot house and not a castle

Sounds more like a manor house.
tulipan - | 28  
14 May 2008 /  #9
My professor's last name is Krupa :P She lives in Wrocław but I have no idea where she is from originally.
mpernal 1 | 8  
14 May 2008 /  #10
My grandfathers last name is Krupa

Any relations to the legendary jazz drummer Gene Krupa (born in Chicago around 1909)?
Polonius3 983 | 12333  
14 May 2008 /  #11
There are more than 23,000 Krupas in Poland, making it a very popular surname. The likelihood of being related to some namesake is like finding relatives among Whites, Summers, Harrisons, Bakers and Wilsons in the English-speaking world.
OP paulkrupa1  
14 May 2008 /  #12

He was a 2nd cousin. he was the nefew of my grandfather who emigrated to the US around 1895. My parrents tried to meet him in 1950, but her was too wealthy to have anything to do with his cousins.

How about a manor house? Have you hear of any associated to the Name Matti?
Polonius3 983 | 12333  
14 May 2008 /  #13
There are six people in Poland surnamed Matti and eight who sign themselves Maty. None live in the Kraków area.
OP paulkrupa1  
14 May 2008 /  #14
Do you knwo what cities some of the 8 live? Perhaps they moved out of Krakow the same time my Grandfather left Poland and settled elswhere?
Polonius3 983 | 12333  
15 May 2008 /  #15
Three people named Maty live in the Greater Warsaw area and the remaining 5 make their home in the £omża area to the NE of Warsaw.
OP paulkrupa1  
15 May 2008 /  #16
Thank you that gives me a start.
regionpolski 33 | 153  
17 May 2008 /  #17
There were Krupa's in East Chicago, Indiana. The local American Legion Hall, Post 369, is named after John Krupa. If I'm not mistaken John Krupa was big in local politics in the 1950's until his death in the late 1970's or early 1980's. Years ago, right around the corner from me, was a tavern owned by a Henry Krupa. Henry has since passed on. I had a friend named Sandy Krupa, who was related to Gene Krupa. Sandy passed away several years ago at a relatively young age. I'm sure she still has relatives. I also recall that one of my relatives with the last name of Teles, had a sister who married a Krupa. She may have married the aforementioned John Krupa. I'm not sure.
preshiesgirl - | 2  
7 Mar 2009 /  #18
Hello. In my search for Sandy Krupa, I found this site and your entry on her passing. I am both shocked and saddened by this news. I was very close to Sandy in the early 80's and she has always been in my heart ever since. Over the years I have wondered where she was and what she was doing w/ her can only imagine just how this news has taken me by surprise. I don't know if this will reach you, I don't see any other way of contacting you through a direct email in order to find more info out regarding Sandy. If you happen to get this, please email me at eden99dv [/] I would greatly appreciate any added info you can give me. Sincerely, and greatly saddened, Dana Visak

Does ANYONE know what happened to Sandy Krupa. Born in 1957, lived in East Chicago, IN, father John Krupa also of East Chicago. I cannot find any info on her other than the day of her death, Feb. 20, 2000. I would greatly appreciate anyone's help in finding out some answers. Thanks so much!
Wroclaw 44 | 5359  
7 Mar 2009 /  #19
Does ANYONE know what happened to Sandy Krupa.

you should get some answers and family info, if you google: sandy krupa obituary chicago
preshiesgirl - | 2  
8 Mar 2009 /  #20
Hello. Thanks for the suggestion, but I did all of that. Spent hrs. searching the internet in so many dif. ways. The only thing that pops up is her name, date of birth and date of death. The only other way to obtain any further info, would be to pay a fee (you know how these websites are always trying to get $ out of you, I opted not to do that). BUT, I did get a response from the person who actually posted the original message that mentioned Sandy's passing. He was able to share a bit more info. I'm also planning on going to the Library to see if I could find any additional info or obit. by searching newspaper archives for that year. Thanks so much for your efforts to help me though, it is greatly appreciated!
17 Apr 2009 /  #21

I was a good friend of Sandy Krupa's in the 80's, if this was the same woman who was a drummer and related to Gene Krupa. We had an all female band, and I was the guitar player. If it is the same Sandy, I always wondered what became of her. Can you give me more info? It is heart breaking to think she is gone.thanks

Laura U.
6 Jul 2009 /  #22
Hi, im not sure if anyone will read this but im a Krupa. My grandfather was Stanislaw Krupa and originated from Kracow. He escaped a NAZI POW camp during the War and fled to England where he joined with the English Armed Forces as an engineer. He married Mavis Urry (not sure when) in england and had 3 kids (One of whom is my father). They migrated to Australia in the 60's sometime.

My brother went to Kracow last year hoping to find information about my grandfather but he was told all records were destroyed about him (he was declared a traitor for fighting with the english) and that the best chance we had of finding any information was in England, the Red Cross or forums such as these.

If you are intestested in contacting me you can email me at: Twister_25_77 [/] hotmail

Richard Krupa
6 Jul 2009 /  #23
I do have relatives name Krupa.

You can loop up:

or type People Search in your internet.

Good Luck

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