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23 Apr 2007
News / I need Kaczynski's Email Address! [84]

pat..have you ever even been to poland?????
sure sounds like you think that you should be in charge.:)
19 Feb 2007
News / Polish Keyboard with the Polish alphabet? [30]

Sledz, If you cant get it to work my sister has a CD she used on her computer
that allows the use of Polish letters.
I`m sure she wont mind letting you use it.
What are you doin later? I am so bored at work today.:(

No School tonight!!!!!!!!:) :)
20 Nov 2006
Love / need a match site for polish girls [28]

Why dont you try going to a club or a dance or something.
You probably not going to find a girl on the net.:(
maybe crazy or despirate ones
8 Nov 2006
UK, Ireland / I understand poles coming to uk [196]

`that Americans are famous for eating rubbish food and not knowing anything about the world outside the US.

Sinse you are this big restaurant owner what do you eat that is so much better than
the rest of the world?
7 Nov 2006
UK, Ireland / Fit Polish staff missing [39]

Maybe you emphasize to much on looks and the girls dont like you.
I wouldnt want to work for you.
31 Oct 2006
Love / Rules for dating Polish girls [189]

I think he has to be funny and make me laugh. money is not importent if you really
care for someone special.