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2 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / Poles in Hatfield and Luton!?!?! [17]

For the same reasons there are a lot of Chinese in Harrow???

(for those who don't get it... old joke... Chinese fella get's off the 'plane and into a taxi..

Chinese fella says : Harrow driver! )

2 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / Poles in Hatfield and Luton!?!?! [17]

Not on screen, but at home it raised a chuckle.

A small haw haw haw surely? ;)

Ta matey... i feel all warm inside now ....
4 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / Are polish pupils harming native british childrens education? [280]

Are polish pupils harming native british childrens education?

I think was the question... not did Spitfires flown by Poles win the Battle of Britain...

Any chance of a thread not degenerating into mudslinging by both sides?
4 Dec 2007
Life / Kaszub .... any explanation. [10]

Maybe this would be better suited to the translation forum, but I thought I'd ask in here first.

My mate was trying to explain this to me earlier today, and it's a mystery to me, so I got him to write it down.

Apparently he's "ketchup" .. or as it's spelt.. kaszcub.....

So.. my question, what is this all about??? From his explanation, I kind of got the impression it's something like a redneck, or a gypsy... but to do with the mountains..

So.. any info would be welcome :)
4 Dec 2007
Life / Kaszub .... any explanation. [10]

that would be a Kaszub

Yep... just re-read his note.... I wrote it down wrong here.. my mistake. :?
4 Dec 2007
Life / Kaszub .... any explanation. [10]

Cheers Slick... some good info there on the Wiki link..

Any other info still welcome though :)

And yeah... ketchup... it kind of sounds the same... Jeez! LOL
6 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / 13,000 Polish births this year, in the UK [180]

Hey. Noimmigration.

Just imagine for a moment, if you can get your lonely braincell to work for a moment.

All the Poles go home, all of them. And then what?

Close on a million low paid, low skills jobs will be available... yet no one doing them. No one paying tax or NI. No one renting flats or spending the money earned at those jobs in UK shops.

Imagine it. Is it going to be beneficial to the UK economy?

And once the Poles have gone, who is going to be the target of your hate then? The muslims? OK, send them home... who you going to rant at next? The blacks? OK.. send them home... who next...the Irish? Send 'em home... who next.... Hugenots! Send 'em back... The Jutes? Send 'em all back.... cos somewhere down the line we might get rid of fuckwits like yourself. :)
3 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / Working with my Polish friends in UK [28]


me and someone else (sorry... i forget who) Had a bit of a rant about Michel turning this thread into another Pole bashing session...

And both our replies have been deleted, yet Michel's post is allowed to remain.. #

**** You who ever moderated that comment out.. this site needs you to stop ****wittery like Michel and "noimmigration" .. not to delete posts where people say they are ****wits...

As i said elsewhere... but curiously can't now find, i used to like it here... but i don't come here now because of the sheer amount of hate on this site that isn't dealt with.
3 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / Working with my Polish friends in UK [28]

Dear Michal and Noimmigration,

Sorry to spoil your fun on this thread, but a couple of facts for you:

1. We work in the IT industry. My polish mates are highly skilled. The company we work for simply can't find enough people with these skills in UK.

2. IT skills + several languages = my Polish mates are well paid.

3. They pay the top rate of UK income tax, national insurance, council tax etc. Therefore a net positive effect on the UK economy.

Cheers, Paul

Sorry Paul... please excuse these absolute fuckwits, your reply is spot on btw!!!! . I did mention earlier about them.. and i did have a post deleted from this thread. But it seems like it's OK for someone like noimmigration to say someone can die, or take it off on a tangent of their own discretion, as they do with all posts, and the post stays...

This used to be a good site.

But please ignore them... i hope this once great site doesn't lose yet another person to those who take it off tangent into their racist little world.
7 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / polish identity card and work in england [15]

As far as I am aware, a Polish ID card isn't needed to travel. Though having one might help in other circumstance, like applying for the Worker's Registration Scheme. But the WRS can be applied for after you get here, so the ID card could be sent on to your friend from Poland by post.

More info on the WRS here: _and_programmes/worker_registration/wrs_faq.html
7 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / What's So Great About The UK? [416]

Magdalena - firstly, from what I have read on here, you have an excellent grasp of English, at least of the written word. I don't know how your spoken English is, but I'd presume it was of an equal level. But like someone else said, there are a lot of Polish here now, and that will mean others who have an equally good grasp of English, both written and spoken.

Which brings me to my next point. Most Poles seem to head initially to London and the South East, which is very expensive to live in. Like you say, you find yourself earning peanuts because of the cost of living. A lot of big towns and cities now have a Polish population and this might be one way of improving your situation.

Personally, I dislike the mentality in London (and I am a Londoner) but I live in Yorkshire. The cost of living is a lot less in cities like Leeds, Sheffield and York (and York is very typically English, if you're looking for that romanticised view of England!). At least compared to London. Maybe it would be beneficial to you to look at other areas of the UK, that doesn't have such an established Polish community.

Maybe have a look at, on the towns/cities in the north of England, and search on "polish", there might well be something there.
7 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / polish identity card and work in england [15]

thanks i have just looked om this site -it is useful-my friend id hoping to stay in england so i think he is making sure he has his documentation- he doesnt understand much english-is there any information he can access in poland-so i can advise him to seek information he needs to work here-or is it best to wait unti lhe gets here?

I'm sure if you asked on here you could get a wealth of information.

For a quick guide though, on the radio orla site is a link to this:

I think it has a fair amount of info for Poles coming to the UK.
7 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / What's So Great About The UK? [416]

Ah... so.... don't tell anyone... because you want your Polish boyfriend to get a job up here?

Gotcha... wont say a dicky-bird! LOL
12 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / What's it really like being a Polish worker in the UK? [25]

Snip... because it's twaddle

Michel, you just can't help yourself can you? Do you know how annoying it is to see you constantly denigrate every thread with your own twisted personal agenda...

Anyhows, back to the original point. I'm around my Polish mates house tomorrow, probably, so will ask him the questions and get back to you... hope it helps!
27 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / Poles working in the UK should be getting more money from your employer! [62]

Now how did we get from the minimum wage rate to Pakistani's fighting for Britain in WWII ;)

Because the ignorant and stupid turn every single thread on here into a Pole bashing debate. You could start a thread on Zebras, and soon enough "noimmigration" and others would soon have it swung around to there being too many immigrants in this country.

It's very very sad, as this used to be a place I enjoyed coming to, now I only pop in briefly, see if there's a new thread, and read until it starts descending into racist ranting... then I leave.

Sad really, as I am sure any newbies coming here are going to be so impressed with the level of hatred seen on here.
29 Jan 2008
UK, Ireland / Need a job for my husband in Scotland or UK [8]

. My husband is locksmith,

Any back street pub in Glasgow ;)

Sorry, I am joking.

Honorata, more information is better. Is it important he has to work in Scotland only?

I'm sure, that if you start a thread, asking for work prospects in Scotland, then you will get more noticed. Hiding your request in this thread, isn't going to help.

And if Honorata is Polish, can someone please explain that to her by private message, please!
6 Feb 2008
UK, Ireland / What's needed by an employers to employ a Pole in the UK? [4]

Sorry if this has already been covered, and if it has, please point me at the thread where it is.

OK, if my employer wanted to hire a Polish person, what would he need to do, as an extra to employing a UK person?

I'm presuming the Workers Registration Scheme would come into it somewhere? But is there anything else to keep it all above board and Kosher?

The reason I ask.. and this is going to annoy the socks off noimmagination.... is he keeps offering jobs as a long distance van driver to UK nationals, who take the job, then let him down when it comes to turning up on their first day. This guy pays well over minimum wage too. I reckon it's lazy arsed dole-wallahs who don't want to come off benefits, who are just turning up for the interview to say they "are looking for work"... but don't want to work.

I also reckon that if the same job was offered to some of the Poles who I have worked with on the agency, they'd love it.

Oh... and.. it's driving a long wheel based van (Mercedes Sprinter), all over the UK, dropping off and occasionally spending nights sleeping out in the van, for which an allowance of £20 a night is paid on top of the above min wage pay. (and some days are 16 hours long!) Soooo. my 2nd question is.. what's the equivalent driving licence to a C1+E UK licence for Poles? ( C1+E is van plus attached trailer, which is only used on one job, but it's handy to have someone who can switch into that job when the need arises)

Any advice gratefully received!
16 Feb 2008
UK, Ireland / Paying tax in the UK??? Then you're breaking the law!! [41]

dunno if anyone heard about blueys, they are free sorta envelopes you send your letters in to members of british army posted in war zones

try an e-bluey, basically an email version of the bluey. You can Google e-bluey

As for the mail getting lost . No idea! (used to be a postie, but not any more)
23 Feb 2008
UK, Ireland / Three more Polish males lose lives on Irish roads [18]

Maybe another contributing factor might be tiredness. I don't know for sure, but if someone has been doing a lot of overtime, as many Poles do tend to do when they have the option to, as well as working their days off, then at the end of their shift drives home, tiredness can cause fatal errors, especially when driving on roads that are unfamiliar.
23 Feb 2008
Language / Correct Polish spelling [69]

I am a teacher and have a Polish boy starting in my class with no english (age 5).

This book could be really useful to give you a basic start on many words ... I bought it for my friends two kids, who had no English when they arrived here. The older one is doing OK now, although he hates to speak English at home.

I'd also suggest that if you can have a word with his parents, and ask them to let him watch English children's TV at home, as he'll pick up language from there too. I know of a few Polish families here, who have got Polsat installed (the Polish version of Sky), just so their kids can watch Polish cartoons (or CBeebies dubbed into Polish). Personally I don't think that helps the kids at all, as it gives them no incentive to learn English.

Hope that helps....
24 Feb 2008
UK, Ireland / Catholic church experience for Poles in England [22]

I'm a total athiest... and today, I went for a smoke break while at a kids "play-zone" ... and it overlooked the only Catholic church in my town.

First smoke break was with my mate, i mentioned that the church nearby was Catholic.. he siad not to mention it to his missus...

2nd smoke break.. i wnt out with his missus, I didn't mention it.

But.,.. I'll ask.. next week when I see them ( I work out of town all week, so only see them at weekends now)
1 Mar 2008
UK, Ireland / The Daily Mail's Swans Are Back [29]

Poles are eating swans????? But they weigh tons and I've never seen any pachyderms in east London..

I bet they sell the ivory tusks too!