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11 Oct 2009
Life / When on a Polish street you can see... [19]

sour faced people and broken paving stones

Are you suggesting a connection? ;)

I can only reach the conclusion that:

a) they fall over the broken pavements often and therefore are constantly in a bad mood
b) Polish people can't be arsed fixing pavements and spend their time scowling on the streets instead
c) there was a tornado at one point that broke all the paving stones and set Polish peoples faces at a permenant scowl

Cast your votes please...
11 Oct 2009
Law / Ech... I have a problem concerning paying tax and ZUS [13]

Right, the problem is that I am confused. I know in Poland I can have one of 2 contracts while working. One where the employer pays tax and ZUS for you and the other when you register yourself as a 'business' and invoice the place you're working (in my case a school) for the amount of hours you've worked and pay the tax and ZUS yourself...

I know that the polish government has a incentive for your own business where you only pay 80% ZUS...

I have no idea how much tax I would pay or how to pay it...

Is it worth it to register as your own business?? I work quite a few hours for a English language teacher - about 35 a week... Also do you still have to pay ZUS when you aren't working? (eg. If you have a holiday)

Is there a difference between registering as your own business and being a self-employed worker (like freelance) like there is in the UK??

I'm really confused because in my new job they offered to pay me more if i sorted out the tax and ZUS myself, because it is less bother for them... but I don't know exactly what I should register as AND what I need to be able to do it (I have a NIP and PESL from my last job).

Help please??
11 Aug 2009
Travel / Cost of overseas postage in Poland? [4]

That can't be right - it costs me 3zl to send a letter to England!! Maybe sending a postcard is cheaper, but i don't think so...! Also, one trick i learnt - put the postcard in an envelope (about 5gr from the post office counter) and it gets there faster... why? I've no idea, maybe because they see letters as more of a priority. Make sure you stick a blue airmail sticker on it (szybko - fast).
11 Jun 2009
Life / Where to find BEEF in Warsaw ? [14]

I buy my cubed beef from tesco (the extra special range from the fridge)- it isn't 'so' cheap - about 12zl for a packet, but its really worth it, lean and tasty! I make beef stew with it :)
11 Jun 2009
Food / Recipe - simple polish sponge cake with fruit - please? [6]

I have often been to polish peoples houses and been served a cake that is like a heavy sponge cake with a layer, or even just fruit dotteed about inside it (usually strawberries or raspberries, but sometimes apple or rhubarb). It also sometimes has the sweet bread-crumb type sweet stuff on the top (is it called kruszenka?).

Anyway, does someone have a recipe for this cake? I really like it :)
10 Jun 2009
Travel / Berlin to Poznan where to buy rail or train tickets and how much do they cost? [6]

Hi - I live in Gorzow - which is directly between Berlin and Poznan, so I have travelled this route many times - I would suggest you go by train, but you might have to make 2 changes, unless you get the direct-express train (Warsaw express), which isn't so regular, so it depends what time you are traveling...

This website should help you - and its in english!

The buses don't go from Berlin to Poznan (that i know of) but you could get a train to the polish border and then get a bus to Poznan, but to me, it seems like a lot of messing around!

I do not know how much the train costs directly but i know how much it costs for me when i travel:
Berlin - Kostrzyn (polish border town) - 12euro
Kostrzyn - Gorzow - 9zł
Gorzow - Poznań - 30zł

oh, and you have to buy the tickets from the ticket office - if you get the direct train from Berlin to Poznan you can buy the tickets in Berlin Lichtenburg station where the train departs from - they speak English there.

But, if you don't get the direct train you may have to buy tickets in the Polish station too - and there they usually only speak Polish (and maybe some German or Russian!)

so, you see, its not so cheap... or sometimes even easy... Any more questions, post again, i'd be happy to help :)
23 Mar 2009
Study / English on a Matura exam in Poland - Advice Needed [5]

i prepare students for matura and i have the same book as shown above. Comparing, describing 2 pictures is common (I'm fed up of hearing.. "in this picture I can see..." but it is the normal starter sentence apparently!) and giving directions etc. I agree with what was written above too :P
23 Mar 2009
Food / Where to buy Cheddar in Warsaw? [58]

I live in Gorzów Wlkp and you can even buy cheddar here! - in tesco on the cheese counter and on the shelf, in Piotr i Paweł prepacked Cathedral City, they do various kinds in Alma stores... haven't really looked anywhere else coz i haven't needed to.

Now, not being able to get proper bacon... now theres a real problem...
23 Mar 2009
Life / Prepaid Sim Cards in Poland [17]

I use heyah, because they have a flatrate option where you cn call within poland AND to any country in europe for a flat rate of 44gr a minute - which i think is pretty good for a mobile rate! I also read a poster today (briefly as we were going past in the car) and i think it said that simplus were offering a similar deal. I'm happy with heyah though because i had an 02 phone in england and the heyah network is compatible with the simlock on that phone, so dodn't need to pay for it to be unlocked!
16 Mar 2009
Travel / Visiting Gdansk / Sopot for first time [27]

my thread has been merged into this one (which is a stupid choice by the admin btw!) - I just want to make it clear - I am looking for a cheap hotel - not a 3-4 star one like the original author of this post. I will only be in Gdansk for about 2 days, so need to be as near to the stuff to see as possible...
16 Mar 2009
Travel / Visiting Gdansk / Sopot for first time [27]

Thread attached on merging:
Gdansk - places to stay and things to see

I'm going to go to Gdansk on the long weekend at the beginning of may. Any suggestions about budget hotels/accommodation?
I live in Poland already, so don't need any tips about price or culture (thanks anyway) - but any tips or suggestions of things to see would be greatly appreciated :)

Hope everyone's having a pleasant day - its sunny here today (Gorzów Wlkp.) and finally feels like spring might be coming, so i'm in a good mood :D
5 Mar 2009
Life / English Books in Poznan [13]

Most empik and stores have an english book selection. You can also buy from the empik website or somewhere like
I have lots of english books if you're ever in the area of Gorzów Wlkp.
I also have the book 'Polish in 4 weeks' and its pretty good although i think i would have found it a bit hard going if i was a beginner. I have a really good book called "Miło Mi Panią poznać" that is good for beginners, but i think you'd have to order it online. I heard that they have some good bookshops in Poznań, so i'm sure you'll find something :)
6 Feb 2009
Language / Classes, books, audio books, CDs? - best way to start to learn Polish! [23]

Thread attached on merging:
Books to Learn Polish.. Any Suggestions?

Hi - I was wondering if anybody might know some good materials (books etc) to learn Polish with? I Have been learning Polish for a while now and my vocabulary knowledge is getting better, but without a good textbook to guide me through the language i'm finding it difficult to improve my grammar and general practise of the language. When I first started learning I went to a summer school and the teacher used "Miło mi, panią poznać" - which was a good book, but now is far too easy for me. I need a book that is not aimed at beginners.

I also have "Polish in 4 weeks" (haha! Yeah?? No chance!) which is ok but a little too small and lacking in information and exercises and "Basic Polish Grammar" which is a bit confusing and difficult.

I am an English teacher and just want to find a textbook for learning Polish similar to the textbooks i teach my students English with! Are there any out there?? :D

Thanks for your help in advance.
31 Jan 2009
News / Peculiar opinions about Poland [33]

When i first started seeing my polish boyfriend about 3 and a half years ago (I'm English) - i told my mum and her response was... "be careful... he might be after a greencard..!" - my reply was "DOH!!"
6 Oct 2008
Life / Post stamps, I want to send a letter from Poland to European country [5]

I often send cards to great britain from here and it usually costs me 3zl. I ask for "znacki do wielka brytania, prosze" and they seem to understand they have the blue stickers on the counter usually, so i stick one on before they weigh it so they know what i want. It usally takes 3-5days to reach its destination.
29 Sep 2008
Travel / Poznan-Berlin train fare [8]

I live in Gorzow Wlkp and have got the train to Berlin lichtenberg a few times - There is a problem with the Polish website because you are going over the border it does not want to give you the total price. From here it costs 50zl each way but you have to change train at the border. I know that this is not overly helpful because there is a direct train from poznan to berlin ostbahnhof... but as a rough idea - if you took this route, which is slower it would probably cost you about 80zl each way.

You might find this link helpful -

Be careful though - do not always trust what people say on the telephone because once I called to ask a price and when i got to the station to buy a ticket (being sure I had enough for the ticket and no spare/extra cash on me) - i was told that it was more expensive than I'd been quoted!!
5 Dec 2007
Travel / Going to krakow and Auschwitz in January [8]

There are trains that go there that are really cheap - you don't need a tour guide to take you there!! I hated going round with a tour guide (I went there on the train though) - you can buy a leaflet from the reception and do the tour yourself at your own pace - instead of being part of a group where they don't give you much info anyway.