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Poznan-Berlin train fare

BryanD 2 | 5  
25 Sep 2008 /  #1
I've had a rough time finding the price of a ticket from Poznan-Glowny station to Berlin-Ostbahnhof online. I'm told that coming FROM Berlin it is €30. Can anyone who's taken this route recently tell me if this is the same both ways? Much appreciated!
Kowalski 7 | 621  
25 Sep 2008 /  #2
PKP info available at:
phone: 00 48 22 5116003

Poznan Berlin tickets are often on sale for 19.00 euro. Not sure what regular price is. You will get more information calling or emailing PKP, the above are contacts for PKP international information.
OP BryanD 2 | 5  
26 Sep 2008 /  #3
Will do...Thanks!
pudddddin 7 | 48  
29 Sep 2008 /  #4
I live in Gorzow Wlkp and have got the train to Berlin lichtenberg a few times - There is a problem with the Polish website because you are going over the border it does not want to give you the total price. From here it costs 50zl each way but you have to change train at the border. I know that this is not overly helpful because there is a direct train from poznan to berlin ostbahnhof... but as a rough idea - if you took this route, which is slower it would probably cost you about 80zl each way.

You might find this link helpful -

Be careful though - do not always trust what people say on the telephone because once I called to ask a price and when i got to the station to buy a ticket (being sure I had enough for the ticket and no spare/extra cash on me) - i was told that it was more expensive than I'd been quoted!!
Wroclaw 44 | 5,387  
30 Sep 2008 /  #5
Wroclaw - Berlin - Wroclaw via Poznan is about 120zl

I'd expect to pay about 90zl Poznan - Berlin - Poznan

Wroclaw Station has a separate ticket office for this service. Poznan may be the same.

The trains on this service are usually good and have a power-supply for laptops.

Edit: it should be possible to work out the price as it is based on each km travelled, plus type of service.
15 May 2009 /  #6
Do you know how can I buy a ticket Poznan-Berlin in or any other website??

In this page I show the timetable, I find the train I would like to buy (Poznan-Glowny station to Berlin-Ostbahnhof at 10:27, the 20th may 2009) but I can't buy it, I dont know why (maybe there is no place, the train is complete...)

Can anyone help me? Much appreciated!
delphiandomine 85 | 18,359  
17 May 2009 /  #7
You'll need to go through the PKP Intercity site -

You won't be able to use the Regional site to buy international tickets.
21 May 2009 /  #8
Their site is crap!
I travel on this route all the time.

You cannot buy a ticket on linefrom polish site and you can only order it by post from Deutsche Bahn

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