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What's the fare from Kaliningrad to Malbrok by train?

PolishNeighbour 4 | 12  
22 Jan 2009 /  #1
Now that my departure date is round the corner, can anyone please tell me how much is the fare from Kaliningrad to Malbrok by train? Since it is an international train, no website seems to have listed it... or may be i haven't tried real hard..[but pse, Polishgirltx, do not tell me to run a search in the previous posts.. an info of 2006 is really no good to me :) Plus, I 've been working hard on the net for other things, so some easy tips are really welcome]

And yes, 5 days for Poland include 2 days each in Zakopane and Krakow and rest in travelling..! no Warsaw, no Gdansk and no Wroclaw.. am I being fair or could I have sprinkled some more sightseeing places??

(remember, all you free Singles that you are replying to a family man lugging two adventurous kids along!)

Blame the Homework part... I just happened to read "similar posts" and ended up with

"Polish Train Travel - Scary?"

WIth two night journeys in 6 days, I am not showing this post to my wife !
Kowalski 7 | 621  
22 Jan 2009 /  #2
Good way to save on international trains is buying your ticket just to cross the border and then buying your next ticket on the train to continue. On polish trains it is 6.50 PLN extra; you need to ask for a ticket, don't wait for the checking.

As for the price from Kaliningrad you'd better check it localy. Warsaw to Kaliningrad via Malbork is about 100 PLN.
If you have any time in Malbork the castle there is on Unesco World Heritage list, never been there myself but probably worth seeing if you like that sort of sightseeing.
OP PolishNeighbour 4 | 12  
23 Jan 2009 /  #3
Checked out! (from the horse's mouth, I should say) ie right from the Kaliningrad railway station ticket counter.
650 rubles till Malbrok as on today!
I guess about 35 euros from Malbrok to Krakow..
thanks kovalski, this post has successfully reached a conclusion!

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