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25 Oct 2007
Love / Advice from the guys? English met a Polish guy. [40]

Good idea.
less drink more coffee....oooo AND CAKE! hehe. just thought of that on the hop. :P

Yeah probably best to show off your good side. less taking care more sexy sultress :D
24 Oct 2007
Life / Why are the Poles picked on there is no reason to do this to them [108]

Depressingly I must say that many - not the majority - but a lot of the british public, are lazy sods living on benfits, making many children, doing no work, letting other people pay for them.

It is usually these people - those deliberately on benfits so they do not need to work - these people, who complain and are rude and insult whichever Immigrant they don't like that month.

They do not speak for the greater British public, they generally speak in Ignorance of current affairs.
I would like to appologise on behalf of the decent British public for these horrible people and the awful image they give us.

I can only speak for my own country/s (UK) but I am sure there are similar feelings in the rest of the worlds countries.
22 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / The "Great British Dream" [10]

Yeah. It depends on where you are.

As my Dad and I have said for about 5 years, maybe longer i forget when we first said :P

The richer are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer.

The people in the middle are ok. But our problems are growing - why? F***ing TAXES!!!!! Pardon my french.
15 Oct 2007
Love / My friend and a married man [17]

Doesn't matter whether or not it's you. I don't think it is but that's not the point really.

Go with the heart love, and see where it takes you.

WTF kind of Advice is that?!

Next time you are alone with her..
Ask her.
If she was dating/married.
And a friend told her.. That her Guy was seeing another Woman.
How would she feel about it...?

Unless she doesnt care. Im sure the point will sink in.
If not.
It's time to be a lil more Subtle..

MUCH better advice.

This girl's lonely and getting some attention - the fact that she asked you is good enough to know that she doens't want to ruin the marriage.

Tell her that if she wants your advice she's got to take on board what you acctually say, and not just look for condoning.

Tell her she CANNOT get into a relatinship with this guy, She knows this and that's good.
If this guy will cheat on his wife, he'll cheat on her too.
How would she feel if she was married and her husband was having an affair and the other woman knew it was an affair.
Then tell her their are many guys out there that are decent blokes, she just has to find them. But Love rarely comes when you look. It usually comes from where you aren't looking lol. She's just got to be patient and she'll be ok :)
8 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Stop the Polish from entering the UK (yet another thread) [192]

Again - as spoken by another Englishman here, of which I'm greatfull.

I would like to appologise for this retard. lol.

Personally I like other races and cultures entering our society.
Living in a blue room forever is boring.
Bring in two people - one with red and one with yellow. Now you've got 3 colours and 2 other people to talk about it with. Then you mix the colours, you get green brown etc etc.

If nothing else it makes it easier to learn about the world does it not?

The mentality of this person, sadly, is the same as many of the British these days. 2Stay out of our country". The people who say this are genreally the ones who live on the Benefits. Their Father was on Benefits, and their child will be on Benefits.

No reason toher than they are to F*CKING lazy to get a job.

I have emense respect for all people who come here and work hard.
I don't care who you are or where your from, that's not important.

What is is that you come here and work. So far that's what I see. Immigrants wanting to come here to work and set up a life.

If someone comes and sponges off our system, then yes I won't be happy. But I haven't seen much of that so far.

So I will support anyone who wants to work here - and Anyone that has a problem with that has a problem with me :)
(Trust me - you don't want a problem with me)
8 Oct 2007
Love / What do men want with Polish Girls huh??? [72]

OK I can't say what everyone thinks. I can only say what I think.

I have only met a few Polish women, but those that I did were very polite, had very good manners, very friendly etc etc. Unfortunately i had not the chance to get to know them.

I HAVE on the other hand (being English) had the opportunity to meet MANY western women. Most of which are friendly enoguh, but don't have quite the manners you'd like, have the worlds worst handshakes:

(personal opinion - but i can't STAND a weak handshake - i don't mind a soft one, i prefer a firm one , i deplore a hard one is it's just being insecure - but just holding your hand out and letting it hang there! ARGH)

:they also tend to be a little selfish. Not all and I dont' generalise, but this is the average. Yes you may not be, but a lot are.

Whereas what I've heard, read about, and experienced form Polish women (though yes it has been sparse) is much nicer.

Might I ask? Are the various stereotypes, due to your culture, still true of Polish women:
They ARE, on average, more intelligent than the men? (these days)
Tend to be fairly well mannered and polite?
Appreciate a gentleman being a gentleman?
Cook very well ?:) (not that i would expect you to)
Bit wary of this one but - Are fairly beautiful compared to the world? (though bare in mind I find kindness in someones soul seems to make said person shine out beauty)

Are so very very loyal to their partner?
Are very family orientated focussing on he childs development?
Are firmly set on Traditions?

Now I'm not saying that Western women don't have these qualities - but these are the typical things said about Polish women, that aren't said about other nationalities.

If these stereotypes ARE true, then I'd say a Polish woman is my ideal.
I would give my left arm to be with a woman like that!
Who would care for my child, bring it up right, who would take commitment seriously, was intelligent enough that i wouldn't need to explain myself always (disregarding language difficulties), first impressions count for me - though that doens't mean you've got to be perfect when i meet you - just i like an impression to be made - so for the Polish women (so far) being so polite and them shaking my hand properly (HUGE brownie points ;-] ) etc etc.

And being very pretty wouldn't hurt - just to clarify looks aren't greatly important to me but pretty is still pretty.

Like I say not all western women are awful matches. but the above descrpitions aren't common, but they are supposedly commonplace in Poland.
So being able to find your most compatible mate form a gorup of women who already have these qualities is a very big attraction.
That last sentence sounded rather insensitive lol - it wasn't meant to be quite so belittling and talking like Those Polish Ladies were meat, that wasn't the idea haha.

I say give me any woman like the above, but if there's more chance finding her in poland - that's where i'll look.
8 Oct 2007
Love / Need help with polish girl - do you think she likes me? [5]

yeah man - I'm with them.

Go for it.

oo and try and be just a little more open with people in general. I used to be quite shy myself, but if you're yourself and open with people, they'll either respond or they wont' and the ones who do. YEY You will make friends who'll stick by you through everything.