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20 Dec 2007
Life / No snow for Xmas 2008 in Poland [49]

I move my desk away from the window and close to the light was crazy before
so is fine now still cold tough but oh well will survive for now . in 10 minutes will go home anyway ...
20 Dec 2007
Life / No snow for Xmas 2008 in Poland [49]

becouse my work colleagues are Poles !!!!! the other no Poles work in another room now !!!!

by the way if people from Poland are Poles why people from Holland are not Ho`s ???
20 Dec 2007
Life / No snow for Xmas 2008 in Poland [49]

the poles open the window and put the heater off
I am serrios I am freezing my balls here !!!!

have to work with a jumper on it

not working much tough
20 Dec 2007
Life / No snow for Xmas 2008 in Poland [49]

Great the only good thing about been in Poland was to have a white X Mas and now will not happen !!!!!

God damm it dont think will make it pass the winter !!!!
14 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / Immigrants trigger Irish rethink [71]

what to the POles bring oh i see cheap work force

becouse they do not bring cusine what is crap
dances what is crap
music what is carp
what does the poles bring fior god sake
13 Dec 2007
Polonia / Any Polish people in Libya? [8]

jesus is there POles on moon ?????????????
for god sake where are not poles
13 Dec 2007
Life / The Guardian : Living in Poland [30]

the problem here mate is that people dont want talk about how hard life is they dont want talk about 20000 Poles in the UK alone !!!!!!!

they have some money and a nice young Polish girl they can buy a flat and if all does not work they fly back to the UK

face it people if this place gona go better we must see the foults also

plus this is a coment from another forum Of those people who allegedly have super jobs, property portfolios etc, one keeps ringing my office to sell advertising space on a website and one to my certain knowledge is unemployed and sleeping on somebody's sofa!!!!! And they've both sent me their CVs within the past few month's.

And Sense is hardly 'one of Warsaw's trendiest restaurants' unless trendy restaurant has suddenly become a synonim for sleazy and loud bar.

And if they're teaching EFL in Warsaw, why on earth are they working for 400 quid a month? Less than 2000 zl!!! The going rate is 50zl for a 45 minute unit. Even Polish EFL teachers expect 50zl per 60 mins.

but how you guys could know


So much for journalistic accuracy.
13 Dec 2007
Life / The Guardian : Living in Poland [30]

or maybe you’re not capable of learning a new language :o)

how many language can you speak ? I speak 4 and you ?

this is not the first time I live in another country lads !!!
I been living in other countries them my native land for thr past 15 years

I have no agaist Poland or Poles I am married with one I am 29 she is 27
I have a job here I an an imigrant not an expat so I know how really is did not came with 1 million Pounds ..There are many Polands the one of krakow , gdansk , others places and the one of LODZ . Katowica Warsaw type of Poland .

all I am saying is Reality is not so sweet as it seems on the Polish forums

plus most of you Brits want come here not becouse is so lovely but becouse is cheaper and you have a bit of cash and for the blokes find or with a nice Polish girl .

and for the yorkshire single mom yes you how many coutries have you lived in ???

come people wake up here amateures
13 Dec 2007
Life / The Guardian : Living in Poland [30]

unfortunately your 'reality' Zeze is a far cry from the normal person's reality

whatever mate

quote=Polanglik] what an uncultured yob you are ! [/quote]
and I read the Guardian hum !!!!

how long have you been reading the Guardian newspaper to make such a comment ...?

long enough

know what makes you such an expert, such an authority on everything concerned with Poland, and life in Poland

I live here do you ???

I know of many who after selling up in UK move to Poland with well over £1million

live anywhere in the world is good with that type of cash

botton line mate 2 million poles left just on the past few years without couting the Poles in the USA that is another 1 million

come if someone come here with 1million Pounds life will be good
and is not beacouse

falling in love with Poland

give me a break !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 Dec 2007
Life / The Guardian : Living in Poland [30]

it show what i `ve been saying 48 years old English guy married a polish girl does not say the girls age but I bet she not even 30

plus is funny like the article put first is one million them you read on and say two million what is not the same

Her colleague, Sue Holmes, a 42-year-old from Crewe, agrees that an English teacher can live handsomely even on the basic Bell salary of the equivalent in zloty of £500 net per month. "You can afford to live right in the centre of town," she says. "And get a cleaner," Raskin chips in, "and really enjoy yourself. Warsaw is very cultured - you can go to the opera for £15." just the last part is true

why everyone seems to be 40`s years old

some parts are true tough but it seems that Polish girls are the reasson why this later 40`s married with early 20`s come

"It's cleaner, it's cheaper, people have better manners. It's safer - you see more policemen around central Warsaw than you ever do around central London.

The Guardian is not the same paper use to be this is bolocks

is good for the ones coming with big jobs in big firms like the ones the articles talk about

normaly in real estate that is it Poland is where Brits with no money come to the ones with money go to france that is the reality
12 Dec 2007
Law / Permit of residence in Warsaw? [32]

hey i see you ducth ? what you doing in POland ? do you work here ?

if you want to live in warsaw where I work they are lookig for ducth speaker no polish need english is the working language is an IT firm just giving you a tip here if you need more info contact me

11 Dec 2007
News / Polish Foreign Ministry: migration commercial and social problem [4]

Problems of Polish emigration are being addressed during a conference in the attendance of experts and organised in Warsaw by the "Wspólnota Polska" Association.

A report released by the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs quotes as many as 1.5 million Poles who have emigrated for labour abroad.

Jan Borkowski, the vice-minister of foreign affairs, has commented, saying that work in the EU has its upsides, yet the emigration of specialist tradesmen and manual construction workers has meant that Poland is suffering from a lack of such a workforce.

The economy may have suffered, but families are also at risk, especially children, who may only see their parents once a month, but usually for extended periods of time in some cases.

Borkowski added that it is important for ex-pats to return home and work in Poland.

Additionally Janusz Grzyb, from the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, insists that labour conditions are improving in the country. (jb)

1.5 million Poles who have emigrated for labour abroad.

that is it 1.5 and is not the Daily mail that say that is the Polish state
7 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / Immigrants trigger Irish rethink [71]

that soon will be real bad there also ,so poles should try to make better here becouse later will bad here in poland for the ones that left and worst in ireland for the ones that are there .
7 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / Immigrants trigger Irish rethink [71]

The great and good of Ireland gathered for a conference this week to discuss how to deal with mass immigration - a relatively new phenomenon in a country more used to seeing its own people leave.

now dont tell me oh too many poles in The British Isles are racist propaganda from the conservative media bla bla this is from the BBC for you poles may not mean anything but for the most great nation on earth BBC is respected

there is only one solution

7 Dec 2007
Life / Is drinking water in Poland good? [96]

tap water in poland is a poison and taste like pee even to wash my face in the morning is bad my skin is all red the pipes are old so that is why but of courses Poles on this forums will not say that becouse poland is perfect cheap , good food good clima , preatty girl people are nice but they all to to live in the UK !!!! strange this POles
7 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / 13,000 Polish births this year, in the UK [180]

bealive is more then 10000 what is really sad

nobody is racist here just telling facts that some of you poles dotn want face it
6 Dec 2007
UK, Ireland / 13,000 Polish births this year, in the UK [180]

Britain's statistics office says the number of Poles being born in the UK has quadrupled since 2004. As a result, Polish children are flooding UK schools and using the resources of the country's health system, much to the consternation of the locals. Britain's schools and hospitals are at breaking point following the massive influx of Polish immigrants.

I guess some parents just want a better life for ther kids fair enough in Poland they would not have the same chances ops is not me that say that is the parents of the 13.000 babies that had they kids born there in the UK I guess they think is better there !!!

I wonder why

Poles dont like to talk about those numbers hey

why are ther people leaving in waves ???????

If is Poland sucha nice place !!!!!

again I wonder why !!!!!! michel can you tell me ?