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25 May 2008
Work / Polish Labor Is Scarce as Workers Go West [60]

Well, No Immigration, those are very sweeping and subjective remarks. That is embarrassing because as a student you have not contributed your full potential to your own society yet until you gain your qualifications, and it would seem unwise to make such statements against those who are working and contributing to your country.

Actually, those conveniently smug remarks seem to be from an anxious young man/woman who has yet to find his/her own way in life and in the lack of knowing his/her self/place in this limbo period is subsituated by the hollow sense of security created by their CHOICE to react with such xenophobic comments.

Lets not forget that long before immigration of any foreign nationals in recent times the British/Scottish, like most countries, have been a spiritual, cultural, and genetic melting pot for millennia. Any notion of a country without foreign nationals is pure, or disadvantaged with them, is a dangerous fallacy. It's quite a fine line you are treading.

Do not be an unkind person. Learn to let go of what does not serve you well.
17 May 2008
History / Ancient Polish monuments [2] is an Irish site popular to those interested in the ancient monuments or areas of indigenous spiritual traditions within our landscapes.

I am curious as to whether there are such web/sites in Poland? Can someone suggest one please?

Can someone also tell me the name of the Celtic settlement that was discovered in Southern Poland also?
5 Oct 2007
Love / relationship with polish man [40]

Ditch him. He is using you as a sex object only, in absence of his wife. They do have contact, he is working in the UK to send money home probably.

Seriously, nobody is time-rich enough to waste it on a liar and cheat.
22 Sep 2007
Language / On jest taki kochany - Polish proverb or saying? [11]

When referring to a guy in English you use 'He' or 'him' and for a girl you use 'she' or 'her'.

When talking of their belongings, it is 'his' for a guy, and 'hers' for a girl.
22 Sep 2007
Genealogy / TRACING AN OLD FRIEND - Darek Pomykała [3]

Yes, he was a penfriend. But it was more than ten years ago and so, no, I no longer have any contact details for Darek. We lost touch because due to changes in life, university, national service, moving country etc.

I will try the regional phone directory. Thanks!
22 Sep 2007
Work / Thinking of spending time teaching in Poland! [38]

I'm a native English speaker and plan on moving to Krakov in a few months to teach English. I agree with ukpolska. Many Poles 'well educated' in English who have come here to Dublin still have much to learn, which can only be done with the help of a native speaker.

I'm starting a course in Polish next week in preparation for my move to Poland.
18 Sep 2007
Genealogy / TRACING AN OLD FRIEND - Darek Pomykała [3]

Hi all,

I would like to trace an old penfriend of mine. His name was Darek Pomykała, and from Wrocławska. This was about 10 years ago and at that time he had to do military service before university I believe. Does anyone have an idea how I might trace him?

Thanks for any advice.

17 Sep 2007
UK, Ireland / Experiences of Irish people who moved to Poland [27]


Thats interesting, (Vincent?). I have Polish friends here in Dublin and they have told me of the difficulties with customer service and dealing with local authorities and people being awkward. What stands out most from what they tell me is the work culture. That you never get an option to negotiate salary (because jobs are scarce and someone will take a job at a lower salary than you expect so employers are really not interested in the 'right person for the job', that you're are expected to work seriously long hours compromising a work/life balance/healthy lifestyle, and that lunch breaks are not common. I wonder how true that is.

I hope to move to Poland in in time, and fortunately my employer is paying for a Polish course I'm starting soon. I will find it hard adhering to the customs of a Catholic country, for many reasons. But I like challenges. I have noticed much homophobia and xenophobia, and anti-capitalist sentiments on this forum and so I'm just wondering how welcoming it be be in reality for me. I'm guessing Krakov will be the best option for me and I'll only really know once I'm there. Is there much of an Irish 'community' there?

I'm hoping to find a pathway to work there via my current employer, but I'm looking the option of teaching English also. I did the TEFL course nearly 10 years ago but maybe I'd have to do it again as it was so long ago.
16 Sep 2007
UK, Ireland / Experiences of Irish people who moved to Poland [27]

Many Poles have come to Ireland in the last few years and it is a good thing for Ireland, adding to the cultural diversity. But I'm curious about the experiences of Irish people moving to Poland.....what has been your experience? What hurdles did you have to overcome?