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9 Aug 2007
Life / How to get Sky/other english channels visible from Poland? [15]

You can try UPC, they also have BBC Prime.

Alternatively you can get a Sky Box from the UK and a freeview card. You pay 20 GPB as a one off. However, you will not be able to receive BBC, ITV etc. unless you have a 2m dish in your garden. It is a bit of a hassle to activate the card as you have do do this by telephone and you're not supposed to use Sky outside of the UK but perhaps a family member can help you. We had a friend calling sky and he was on the phone to us at the same time as Sky asks for codes etc. Very stupid :(

You will receive channel 4, five tv, sky news, euronews and some documentary channels like travel channel etc. And all the shopping channels :((
We have the skybox and this card and just a normal small satellite dish on our roof.

There is a place in Warsaw that sells these Sky Freeview cards but without the Sky box you can't use this card.
14 Aug 2007
Travel / Driving to Krakow from The Netherlands... [3]

1. Wroclaw is a very nice place to stop, approx. 2 - 2,5 hours from German-Polish border. You can spend the night in one of the many hotels there. From Wroclaw it takes about 3,5 hrs to get to Krakow, beautiful city.

2. The Wieliczka salt mines are a must see, very beautiful and Auschwitz is also very impressive.

3. No idea

4. There are lots of hostels around town, Goodbye Lenin Hostel is probably a nice one.
It's best to check, it lists most of the Krakow hostels.
23 Aug 2007
Law / Importing goods from China into Poland [3]

I am in the process of receiving goods from China which will arrive at Poznan airport by air.
Does anyone know what I have to do with regards to customs clearance?
Can I just contact a freight forwarder who deals with this or will an agent notify me when goods have arrived?

I intend to pick up the goods myself so all I need is someone who helps me with customs clearance.

Does anyone know an agent in Poznan or at the airport who can do this?
10 Oct 2007
Travel / Warsaw, Poland - hotel recommendations? [30]

I agree with Spiritus, Polonia Palace is a great hotel for a very reasonable price.
Top class hotel and the breakfast is wonderful. Would certainly recommend this hotel.
19 Oct 2007
Travel / Things to do in Wrocław [5]

There are a few bowling alleys in Wroclaw, I have only tried the one at Creator Klub.
I think there are 5 bowling lanes and you can also shoot some pool and play some other games there.

Shopping - Pasaz Grunwaldzki, Galeria Dominikanska, Bielany Park Handlowy, Arkady, Korona and the Magnolia Park in future.
Pasaz Grunwaldzki and Korono have multi screen cinemas.

You can also go to a nice day spa to get yourselves some nice treatments and relaxtion time.
Or go for a relaxing swim and float in the Wroclaw Spa

Take the train or car to the south and do some walking in the Karkonosze mountains, visit some places there, although that is not non-tourist like but still nice!
28 Nov 2007
Work / Jobs for English native speakers in wroclaw??? [6]

We are looking for an English native speaker to teach conversation in a private language school in Rawicz (approx. 1 hr drive/train) from Wroclaw.

It's a job for approx. 25 hrs per month so not too many hours but it's a start.

No previous experience necessary.

For more info contact
18 Dec 2007
Travel / Is Wroclaw the best city in Poland? [30]

Wroclaw is a nice city with a great atmosphere. Okay, Krakow is very beautiful and nice but for me Wroclaw certainly comes in 2nd place.

Lots of nice bars and restaurant, plenty of things to see and do, nice people too!
21 Dec 2007
Life / BRITS Expats in Poland ARE YOU MISSING ENGLISH FOOD? [48]

You can buy baked beans in Poland too and I cook pies myself so don't need a shop where I can buy them.
I hate mince pies and Christmas pudding so don't miss them at all.

The only thing I miss is not the British stuff but the extensive collection of oriental/asian spices and condiments although some hypermarkets now have a small selection of foreign foods.

And of course all the vegetarian stuff such as tofu and quorn. I love quorn but can't get it anywhere.
20 Feb 2008
Love / HELP: Getting married in Poland not in a Catholic Church [12]

My husband and I also married in Poland and since we didn't want to have a church wedding, we had a civil ceremony in a beautiful mansion house.

We had a local civil celebrant officiating the wedding at the mansion house and it was really lovely, just as good, if not much better than a church wedding.

We had to have an official translator present at the wedding who translated everything the civil celebrant said.
I think it's best to contact the local town council/authorities in the town you want to get married and ask what the possibilities are to get married in a palace or mansion house, perhaps there is a nice place in the area that does weddings, you can also ask there what the possibilities are of having the civil ceremony there.

Good luck!
21 Feb 2008
Travel / Zakopane in August/September [13]

We spent a week in Zakopane end of August and we stayed at a campsite in Zakopane, walking distance from the center. The campsite is okay, there is a camping shop, a restaurant and the toilet/shower blocks are okay if you're not too demanding.

Make sure to have a good sleeping bag as in August it can already be very cold at night.

Zakopane itself is a bit too touristy for my liking but the Tatra's are truly beautiful and there's lots to see and do if you like hiking etc.

There are several travel agencies in town that organise hiking trips but you can also check out they also organise rafting excursions, horse riding, mountain biking etc.
27 Feb 2008
Life / Angina, Polish resources needed [27]

Yes, in Poland they call a severe throat infection (tonsilitis) angina which is usually treated with antibiotics. It's just an inflammation of the tonsils but very very painful.

Below link has more information on angina

If you are talking about the angina pectoris then she probably feels pain and pressure on her chest which is caused by the heart muscle not getting enough blood. This could be caused by a blocked artery.

Below link has more information about agina pectoris.