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Jobs for English native speakers in wroclaw???

kikit 1 | -  
25 Nov 2007 /  #1
Hi all!!

I'm a 27 year old English guy, whose moving to Wroclaw in December to live with my girlfriend. I'm going to have to find a job really quickly and it seems that a job as a native speaker is proboably my best bet. I have'nt got a BA in anything, nor have I got any experience or qualifications in teaching English (will this severly limit my chances?). I would really appreciate it if anyone could give me any advice about finding work as a native speaker in Wroclaw.

So if anybody has any usefull contacts or knows of any schools that they think it would be worth my while approaching, or any advice in general i would really be gratefull for you sharing it with me!! :)

25 Nov 2007 /  #2
read all the threads that have similar questions asked and you will find your answers there :)

Check out the Euros site for polish jobs ... Gumtree ... jobpilot ... etc etc
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379  
25 Nov 2007 /  #3
any advice in general

Buy: English Grammar in Use by Murphy. Make yourself familiar with it. And then look for work [in teaching]
gemini 1 | 21  
28 Nov 2007 /  #4
We are looking for an English native speaker to teach conversation in a private language school in Rawicz (approx. 1 hr drive/train) from Wroclaw.

It's a job for approx. 25 hrs per month so not too many hours but it's a start.

No previous experience necessary.

For more info contact
davidpeake 14 | 451  
28 Nov 2007 /  #5
hi, get your girlfriend to look in the local papers, when i first arrived i had a job within a week, they did not care about the certificates i had, yes some will want them, but some wont.
wroc teacher  
25 Nov 2009 /  #6
Hello, there are alot of schools in Wroclaw/Rynek area that will hire you just for being a native. Speed in Wroclaw only hires native speakers and alot of them have come and gone but were without any credentials. Of course some of them have them, but many don't. I think they are the only school that has only native speakers, but most of the others have native and Polish. Generally Polish teachers teach grammar and natives do convo, etc.

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