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Driving to Krakow from The Netherlands...

9 Aug 2007 /  #1
Hello, I am driving to Poland in October and I have a few questions...

1. I'm driving from Maastricht to Krakow, what are some good places to stop along the way (in Poland)
2. I've talked to a few of the Polish people I work with here and they said I should go to the salt mine & Auschwitz for sure.

3. Does anyone know any place around Krakow that sells the Red Army vodka?
4. Does anyone know any good hostels?

My best friend in the States is from Krakow, so I have to make sure I have a good time and make her jealous.. haha.

Thanks... er uh, dzienkuje
gemini 1 | 21  
14 Aug 2007 /  #2
1. Wroclaw is a very nice place to stop, approx. 2 - 2,5 hours from German-Polish border. You can spend the night in one of the many hotels there. From Wroclaw it takes about 3,5 hrs to get to Krakow, beautiful city.

2. The Wieliczka salt mines are a must see, very beautiful and Auschwitz is also very impressive.

3. No idea

4. There are lots of hostels around town, Goodbye Lenin Hostel is probably a nice one.
It's best to check, it lists most of the Krakow hostels.
PpK - | 1  
14 Sep 2007 /  #3
Just been here for the third week now. ( 1 week, 1 week back in Rotterdam, and now leaving to rotterdam again after 2 weeks )

q1. I was driving to Auschwitz in 2004. Thing I remind myself about that. Is that we drived as much as possible. Didn't stop anywhere ;-)

q2. The 2 things you are saying are 2 really must see objects. But also visit the nice wawel castle, off course the market square, the barbakan and 2 things I really enjoyed where the beautyful park around the city centre( place where the wall was ) and the river. infront of the sheraton hotel. Just by night fall and then with the very nice view on the wawel etc. Real beautyful.

q3 & q4. I really don't know.

Ps. I will think also here in the beginning of Oct. I hope.... for my last 2 weeks... planning is now 1st till 12th.

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