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Michael C   
5 Aug 2007
Real Estate / property in Lodz - anyone any experience [102]

information regarding reclaiming property

Hi Isn77,

If you are looking to claim back property it is VITAL you use a good Lawyer who has some experience in this field. Try not to agree terms in advance but see if he can really help you and perhaps suggest he gets a profit dependant on the result you achieve.
Michael C   
4 Aug 2007
Real Estate / Whats available in Lodz, looking to buy several units [14]

cam anyone let me know where i can find units available now/coming available in next few months

Hi Dmmm,
If you are looking in Lodz contact DKM who have four developments there at very competitive prices. They sell to Poles as well as overseas investors (so as to keep a good balance) and the developments look really nice.

Best to speak to them at their London Office as they have the latest sales information.
15% deposit and nothing to pay to the developer until completion some 18 months later. During the building process - the value of the capital is growing, many say 30% this next 12 months MEANING YOU DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT IN A YEAR on a cash to cash basis.

email me for more details
Michael C   
4 Aug 2007
Real Estate / property in Lodz - anyone any experience [102]

there is now a higher rate of VAT of 22%. Get advice,

Hi johnny,

The vat on resale of any property does not apply to private sellers or investors as they are not registered in the first instance as tax paying for that vat purpose.

It is just like buying a car or a camera which includes vat on the purchase and when you resell, there is no vat to be charged to the buyer. It is a private issue and nothing to do with tax collectors. Their only interest may be in the CGT (gain) you made.
Michael C   
4 Aug 2007
Real Estate / I'm not Polish - can I buy a house in Poland ? [49]

Hi Dubai Charming,

I am told by a reliable Polish Lawyer that as a NON EU citizen you CAN buy any apartment in Poland of your choice without restriction - even any quantity.

When it come to Houses however, there are rules for non EU buyers and those rules mean that you cannot buy Land or Houses if you intend to live there without special permission. On the other hand you CAN buy a house with it's land IF you state clearly that your purchase is for 'Business Activities'

More information available if you wish to email me
Michael C   
4 Aug 2007
Real Estate / Advice on what Polish city to invest in.... [101]

Would anyone have any good links/developers/agents in Warsaw or Krakow?

Hi Gloios,

Try making contact with DKM who have a branch in both Krakow and Warsaw and provide Real Estate Agency services at British professional standards to both Poles and Overseas buyers. All their staff speak very good English and they have many options of buying ready built or 'off - plan ' whichever suits you most.

By the way they are properly licensed also - something not many agencies are!

Are any locals buying at these prices? love to know the real story.

Hi Johnny,

My firm is selling many properties in Lodz and whilst many are being sold to overseas investors we also have at least 50% of each development being sold to Locals.

This means two things:-
1. The Locals CAN afford the prices
2. The apartments are attractive to them

It also confirms that this is going to be a good investment and with prices rising in Lodz the way they are and the way they are predicted to continue over the next five years, I would be very confident in buying in good locations in the city.

You can email me for more details if you wish - but the prices are fantastic and the deposit is only 15%
Michael C   
22 Jul 2007

Maybe you know a few websites? I'd appreciate your advice

Hi Liam,

If you are looking for commercial property to rent out I know that DKM - the Real Esatate Agents in Warsaw are very good at finding good property for clients who want to rent out.

All of their staff speak english and they have the best reputation for dealing professsionaly with Irish and overseas clients. They also have a London office and you can contact them on 020 8621 4000 in London see their web site
Michael C   
22 Jul 2007
Real Estate / I'm not Polish - can I buy a house in Poland ? [49]

Any citizen of the European Economic Area can by land or houses in Poland

I also believe this is correct. Before Poland joined the Eu in 2004 there were many restrictions on foreigners buying land, houses or even apartments.

Those restrictions have generally been lifted and especially so for the EU members.

It is now only farming land - agricultural land that requires a Polish partner
Michael C   
21 Jul 2007
Real Estate / Land purchase in Michalowice, Krakow [6]

If you are looking for some one to help you, I suggest you contact Rafal Maresch of DKM in Krakow. He is fluent English speaking and Polish by birth and runs the DKM estate agecy in Krakow.

They are very knowledgable about the area and extremely helpful - email him
Michael C   
21 Jul 2007
Real Estate / Don't buy a house in Poland if you are British!!! Corruption!!! [67]

The land you bought must have had a use described for it before you bought it. If it was described and bought as agricultural land then the local government have every right to tell you what they have already said.

The fact is that land can only be built on with the express permission of the local planning authority and if they don't give that planning, then it will never happen.

As for not being able to buy apartments or houses becasue you are British - That is a nonsense statement and no special requirements exits so it is completely free for Brits to buy in Poland.
Michael C   
21 Jul 2007
Real Estate / Advice on what Polish city to invest in.... [101]

Hi NickShorten, If you are interested in buying in these cities especially Warsaw and Krakow, both lovely in their own different way, then off plan is a great idea.

While you wait for the property to be built, it is growing in value and that makes it a fantastic investment.

The best bit is that some of the developers only need 10% or 15% deposit and NOTHING else to pay until completion which can take an average of 18-24 months. Then if you decide to keep it and NOT resell or flip the contract, you can easily get an overseas residents mortgage of 85% Loan to value.

You really can't go wrong. You should also talk to the guys at DKM ( Davidoff Kleeberg & Maresch) they seem to be the one agent dealing with Brits and Poles who really know what they are doing. They also have a lot of 10% deposit deals which can really be a best buy.

Hi Nick & Anna and Polanglik,

The statement you make about the Polish capital gains tax is competely WRONG

Whilst from 2007 the CGT on resales is 19% for Poles with national ID and or living in Poland they can resell after ONE year and pay NO CGT.

For overseas Buyers - they can STILL have a ZERO CGT if they own the property for 5 years or more.

Where your information comes from I don;t know but the above is the correct TAX position now!
Michael C   
18 Jul 2007
Real Estate / Advice on what Polish city to invest in.... [101]

Warsaw will always be a good bet for capital growth in property, Simply becasue it is the capital. No matter how prices change, the demand for housing is fuelled by the number of migrants moving to the capital each year.

Prices in Warsaw are high now compared with 2-3 years ago when I bought there, but it is still very much a good ongoing investment opportunity.

If you do as I managed to do, buy an off plan property with a deposit of just 10% and nothing more to pay to the developer until completion 2 years leter, you will definitely make good money as a result of the prices growing.

I can give you more details if you wish to email me.
Michael C   
18 Jul 2007
Real Estate / property in Lodz - anyone any experience [102]

I am in the Sales Letting and Management business for Residential property in Poland - my Company Davidoff Kleeberg & Maresch has offices in Warsaw, Krakow and VERY shortly Lodz. We provide a FULL Lettings and Management service to Poles as well as overseas investors.

Having been in the property business for over 30 years, the last 7 years in Poland, I am very well aware of the various pitfalls and problems.

I am not aware that there will EVER be a 44% tax on capital gains and this is a worthless scaremongering statement without any foundation.

The fact is, the CGT in Poland is now 19% as of the 1st January 2007 when it was changed for sales of property owned for less than five years. For property owned for a period of 5 years or more, THERE IS 0% Capital Gains Tax.

You simply need to talk to someone who knows what they are doing in Poland and not listen to those with little or NO knowledge at all.

I would be pleased to help or guide anyone interested in the property market in Poland and particular emphasis is placed by our company at present on Lodz as a result of it being declared an economic development Zone.

This is why companies like Dell Computers, Procter and Gamble and others are moving there. This creates thousands of jobs which in turn creates thousands of housing requirements.