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I'm not Polish - can I buy a house in Poland ?

24 Apr 2007 /  #1
hi all,

im not polish, :-) im from dubai , and want to buy a house or flat in poland. can i do that and put it on my name ?
Pawel 3 | 125  
25 Apr 2007 /  #2
im not Polish can i buy a house in poland ?

No you have to be polish to buy polish land............
horunPoland - | 109  
25 Apr 2007 /  #3
if you will find polish co-operator ypu can buy it.
daffy 23 | 1,508  
25 Apr 2007 /  #4
want to buy a house or flat in poland. can i do that and put it on my name

yes you can. of course you can. get in touch with local estate agents. i dont know any off hand but it wont be that difficult.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
25 Apr 2007 /  #5
yes you can. of course you can.

Don't be so sure.
daffy 23 | 1,508  
25 Apr 2007 /  #6
well i am very sure, but you can tell me why i can't then? I'm listening (well, reading)
Goonie 8 | 242  
25 Apr 2007 /  #7
i don't see why poland wouldn't want the extra income of property tax :)
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
25 Apr 2007 /  #8
why i can't then?

If you didn't notice the guy, who asked is from UAE...
Decorator 4 | 291  
25 Apr 2007 /  #9
Buy as much as you possibly can...good luck to you!!
25 Apr 2007 /  #10
Any foreigner can buy an apartment in Poland. They cannot buy houses without a permit (although a permit may be possible) or land until 2009.

Things will become interesting in 2009. Wait until all those Germans buy up Poland and succeed in doing what they failed through invasion.
daffy 23 | 1,508  
25 Apr 2007 /  #11
If you didn't notice the guy, who asked is from UAE...

I noticed. its not going prevent anyone with money or time (or both)
angel eyes 1 | 131  
25 Apr 2007 /  #12
My mother was thinking of buying property in poland and a polish emploee of ours wants her to buy his property and thats the first iv heard about foreigners not being able to do so but i'd like to hear more about this if its true.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
25 Apr 2007 /  #13
I noticed. its not going prevent anyone with money or time (or both)

Daf... non EUers need a special permission to buy any property in Poland and unless he has some serious reason that may be difficult.
4 May 2007 /  #14
to Dubai_charming


I am in Warsaw .I can help You. please get in touch ASAP
Cosmo 5 | 18  
7 May 2007 /  #15
You cannot buy land (with or without property) unless you have a connection with Poland, like a job here, or family, or a Polish spouse (husband/wife). This is for eu citizens, and i'm sure the same for the rest of the world, if not even more restricted.



appartment is easier
Flats Poland  
15 May 2007 /  #16
For EU nationals, there are no restrictions on the purchase of flats/apartments, single homes, or single plots of land with planning permission. Permits are however required to purchase large tracts of land, or agricultural/forestry land.

Flats Poland can help You!
LoneStranger 3 | 382  
15 May 2007 /  #17
I think Bubba would be his help in here.

Why do you want to buy in Poland? ... I agree, there should be a reason. Are you looking to live, work and stay in here?... You want to be Polish?....if so, then come ahead... buy! a nice one, stay happy!...

If just for making money... then... I wonder :)
17 May 2007 /  #18
i know someone who will help to buy a flat in tricity...
sayno 2 | 9  
18 May 2007 /  #19
I heard some years ago about a law that foreigners could buy a home in Poland.
But the restriction was that you could only buy one. I think from memory I was also told that you had to plan to live there too.

Can anyone conform if is or was true?
I personally could afford to migrate to Poland but would if I could. That is to say I would probably choose to rent first for a year see what it's like.

I have heard that Gdansk, Gdinia & Sopot are good place to live and have a good social life.
And Music festival.
4 Jun 2007 /  #20
Hi ! I have a great house for sale - in Poland - it is in Gdansk. As sayno wrote Gdansk is a great place to live, but unfortunatelly I have to sale the house - if you want to see the house go to
25 Jun 2007 /  #21
Any citizen of the European Economic Area can by land or houses in Poland. Some restrictions exist concerning farmland and forestry, however the legality of those restrictions is ropey to say the least (a deal eith the EU commission, NOT the EU parliament), and could easily be challenged in the European Court by anyone with enough money. And in any case, the farmland restriction run out soon.

The rule about buying only one house relates only to non-EU foreigners who are permanent residents here. If you are not a permanent resident, or have EU citizenship, no such restrictions apply.

Don't be tempted to by farmland with a Polish co-owner, people (mostly from Germany) have been ripped of that way.
Michael C - | 12  
22 Jul 2007 /  #22
Any citizen of the European Economic Area can by land or houses in Poland

I also believe this is correct. Before Poland joined the Eu in 2004 there were many restrictions on foreigners buying land, houses or even apartments.

Those restrictions have generally been lifted and especially so for the EU members.

It is now only farming land - agricultural land that requires a Polish partner
26 Jul 2007 /  #23
I think EU citizens can buy property in Poland
29 Jul 2007 /  #24
1 Aug 2007 /  #25
I can help you to get the permit authorization
Michael C - | 12  
4 Aug 2007 /  #26
Hi Dubai Charming,

I am told by a reliable Polish Lawyer that as a NON EU citizen you CAN buy any apartment in Poland of your choice without restriction - even any quantity.

When it come to Houses however, there are rules for non EU buyers and those rules mean that you cannot buy Land or Houses if you intend to live there without special permission. On the other hand you CAN buy a house with it's land IF you state clearly that your purchase is for 'Business Activities'

More information available if you wish to email me
8 Sep 2007 /  #27
i am a lebanese can i buy a house or land or appartment in poland and register in my own name, pls reply and help me
dum dum  
14 Oct 2007 /  #28
i being a non eu member own 5 flats in warsaw it is easy for only 1 property i needed permission which costed like 1700 zlotay when u settle for price u have to pay 22% VAT so be prepared to pay 22% xtra and also notary fee plus realtor comission which can be carefull and negotiate
randompal 7 | 306  
15 Oct 2007 /  #29
yes you can buy flats in Poland. Exclusive properties are expected to keep increasing in value making them a good investment for years to come, or so say the experts..
Krzysztof100 - | 20  
6 Nov 2007 /  #30
There is some legal possibilietes to avoid permit obligations. With more valued properties it can be profitable- for details just e-mail me

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