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Whats available in Lodz, looking to buy several units

21 Jul 2007 /  #1

Have just come across Polish Market & found this very information Forum

Iam about to dip into the Off Plan market in Poland for the 1st time ,i have done the research & chosen Lodz looking to buy several units over the next 12 months cam anyone let me know where i can find units available now/coming available in next few months

hello 22 | 891  
21 Jul 2007 /  #2
Are you going to live there or it's just a speculation investment?
OP Dmmm  
22 Jul 2007 /  #3
It is investment purposes

i have a small potfolia in the UK but Poland is without doubt looking forward to a bright future with all whats happening out there
Michael C - | 12  
4 Aug 2007 /  #4
cam anyone let me know where i can find units available now/coming available in next few months

Hi Dmmm,
If you are looking in Lodz contact DKM who have four developments there at very competitive prices. They sell to Poles as well as overseas investors (so as to keep a good balance) and the developments look really nice.

Best to speak to them at their London Office as they have the latest sales information.
15% deposit and nothing to pay to the developer until completion some 18 months later. During the building process - the value of the capital is growing, many say 30% this next 12 months MEANING YOU DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT IN A YEAR on a cash to cash basis.

email me for more details
donomar 1 | 23  
4 Aug 2007 /  #5

stay away from people who scream to you that YOU DOUBLE YOUR INVESTMENT IN A YEAR BASIS. be suspicious of naive advices like that - they are looking for a dumb to sell to him something.

it may have been exceptionaly for a year or two in the past, but this is not the case anymore in poland. it is now a mature market, in certain cases even overpriced. prices have stabilised and in some cases even corrected.

as in every market, there are opportunities to make money but not like that whatever you buy it will double in a year. pleaseeee!
kneehawk 1 | 47  
4 Aug 2007 /  #6
I think you have misunderstood what Michael C is saying.He is NOT saying that these properties will double in a year .He is saying that hypathetically if you put down a deposit lets say for example £10,000 with balance on completion in 2 years ,after one year the capitol appreciation on the total value may be £10,000 and since the actual investment is £10,000 ,you have actually doubled your money in one year on paper.Your statement that the Polish property market is mature is completely incorrect since the necessary financial products are only now coming on to the market and will still take time to develop.My own experiances are reflected by what Michael is saying
donomar 1 | 23  
4 Aug 2007 /  #7
i repeat: the novice investor should be very careful with the statements sales people make. intruding into the forum and giving us sales talk, it is as unpleasant it is to have sales rep knocking your door with this must-buy-miracle vacuum cleaner..!!!

read reports from the market and see past performance. the eldorado days are gone. the prices are completely unrelated to the average salaries but also the ability of average polish to take a loan.

buy now a flat (black finish) in any city and you are f...ed! foreigners would face problem because of rising morgage rates and in most cases non existent renting market. if you think that a polish person would rent an appartment in any polish city from an irish, you know nothing about poland and its people!

be aware of rosy posts, they only want your money and they do not give a damn what you do after that.

there is only one good investment for the novice: LAND. if you make a good choice, you will enjoy reasonably-up-to-spectacularly good profits.

but you are not going to hear sales rep talking about that because there is no money to be made for them. they take commissions from the developers who build 1000s units and wish to have them sold before even construction starts.
kneehawk 1 | 47  
4 Aug 2007 /  #8
Have you ever invested money in property?
donomar 1 | 23  
10 Aug 2007 /  #9
... reading the old posts, i see the same pattern: Dmmm is buying, Michael C is selling, Kneehawk is supporting...

you got at the begining, i thought its for real. now i see it is just a bait. you all registered close dates, interested only in property, live in london etc etc. so many coincedences, eh?

congradulations for your sinister way of doing business! you want to have people flog to your office, people who read about an "opportunity" on the internet, and then when in your territory push sale methods will start.... nice, nice. you got in agreement with the developer in lodz, you set commission (let me guess, orco developer? they are the ones that they are sitting on few thousands of unsold stock-if its not them, contact them, free tip, they will pay good commission) and you went to internetland for fishing...

i mean, i do not blame you afterall, if you want to make a quick buck and you cannot afford marketing, you use any method you can think of...
kneehawk 1 | 47  
10 Aug 2007 /  #10
Go backto minding the copier machine at kpmg or whatever and leave the property debates to people that have forgotten more than you will ever know!

It would be quite amazing if donomar got it right for a change!

Yes ,you got it right, impossible!
donomar 1 | 23  
11 Aug 2007 /  #11
come on, dont behave like that...! you are losing your temper mate!

isnt it remarkable that you and the other two members are not debating anything. everything looks so smooth between the 3 of you! in so many words...

(1) "i want to buy several units in lodz"
(2) "good idea, go to company such and such and they will provide you with excellent service"
(3) "oh yeah, i bought in lodz and i have doubled my money!"

where can you see the debate here. nothing is debated! i see only sweet coordination...!!!
coordinated in subscribing to the forum, coordinated in the topics you choose to participate and coordinated in your target.

listen, go out and make a public statement about your little scam, admit and ask for forgiveness... its the best you can do, it moves people and it always works :)
kneehawk 1 | 47  
11 Aug 2007 /  #12
1. I have already bought a number of units in Lodz and am buying more
2. I have bought them off the developer directly
3. On paper i have more than doubled my money

you are reading too many conspiracy thriller novels.

My comments are based on the actual experiances that i have had.You experiances are based on the conversations you have had in the copier room.
donomar 1 | 23  
11 Aug 2007 /  #13
1) how many?
2) which developer?
3) how much you bought? how much you think you can sell?

conversations in the copier room are not that bad! you can share a laugh at the conceited.
lodzinvest - | 11  
12 Aug 2007 /  #14
what donomar says it not entirely correct, i am afraid to say. lodz is receiving colossal foreign direct investment (FDI) that is meant to change the land scape of the city in the coming years. planned investmnet include fast train to warsaw (it will possible for people who work in warsaw to stay in lodz, so become commuters), train station complete modern makeover, planned transfer to the city of most media business countrywide (that is studios, tv zenders, etc).

when one invests should see the possibilities...

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