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Whats gay life in Poland?

29 Mar 2006 /  #1
I live in Canada and want to visit my parents homeland one day. Can anyone tell me what the Gay lifestyle in poland is?
29 Mar 2006 /  #2
OP Janek  
29 Mar 2006 /  #3
Does that mean polish people live in fear (closet) or the lifestyle is not tolerated by the general public. Most countries around the world have come to be more liberal, why is it that the Poles havent caught up with the rest of the free world?
29 Mar 2006 /  #4
I think the lifestyle is not very tolerated by the public in Poland, especially in small towns and in the country. I personally think that when most countries do something it does not mean they do good. In the US abortion is allowed - should the rest of the world "catch up" too?

I don't have anything against gays in general, but why do they have to always make a problem with others not being "liberal enough"? Gays are gays and they will never be the same as straight people so why do they want so much others to pretend they are "just like us, heterosexual"...
OP Janek  
29 Mar 2006 /  #5
I totally respect your views. Being gay is not any particular (country or city) lifestyle. Also I might add, being an opening gay person is not at all an attempt to be a copy of the hetro lifestyle by any means. It's just that... "a differnt lifestyle" that simply involves 2 people loving someone of the same gender. I'm not sure why you would say "why do they have to always make a problem with others"? To be liberal is simply being tolerant and acepting of our fellow man. If estiments are to be believed, they say aprox. 10-15% of the worlds population is either gay or bi-sexual. Those numbers by any standard are huge! Something to consider for those who would rather see Gay people hide in fear for something they had no choice in becoming! Do people have a choice to be black-asian-indian?
29 Mar 2006 /  #6
Do people have a choice to be black-asian-indian?

Gays are humans too and they have the right to exist like whites, blacks or asians. BUT - I also feel that being gay is not natural, meaning it was something that has been created by the mother nature "by mistake." As a result, letting it go should be a way to deal with it - but not "promoting" gays or their lifestyle (like it's on MTV US now for example).

Do you think even gays would be happy if in 50 years not 15% but 85% of the population are gays? It would equal to annihilation of the human race.
OP Janek  
29 Mar 2006 /  #7
Your ref. to a population explosion of gays in 50 years in absolutley ridiculous! Tell me, were is this "gay farm" that produces little gay babies?

This has nothing to do view the topic; however, seeing that the world cannot feed its population of over 6,525,486,603 people...might be nice to think that gays are a natural form of birth control for the world. (I dont believe that for a second) What you see on MTV and other media is not how the majority of gays are like at all. What you see on TV is by and large entertainment and they show what the stupid public wants to see, pure and simple!
29 Mar 2006 /  #8
From a straight man's point of view here is what I can advise all gays - let them be what they are but let them not demand from other people or media liberalism. For me when someone acts within the social norms - wheather gay, black, or homeless - I respect and tolerate them. But if they try to "claim their rights" (what rights? - they have the right to be gays so be it but don't stress it so much), it bothers me..
OP Janek  
29 Mar 2006 /  #9
I forgot to ask you, how do you suppose we could contact "mother nature" and ask her to fix the "gay problem" she made by accident?

People who are born with serious health issues, for example: blindness, mental illness, rare genetic illnesses, cancers...they could be labelled not normal births. Should their lives be exterminated as well? What do you propose? Sounds like good old Hitler still live in hearts of bigots after all these years? How sad is that?
29 Mar 2006 /  #10

I made the second post 'limited'

You will find Gay bars and you might find them a comfortable place to meet fellow Gays. But to be openly Gay in Polish society is still a dangerous thing. It might help to make some on-line contacts before you come. That way you will know what to expect. It has to be said that young people probably couldn't give a damn what sexual tastes you have but older people are [let's say] more traditional. Here in Wroclaw we have at least one Gay club but as usual with these places half the patrons are straight and just there for the atmosphere.

Regards S.
29 Mar 2006 /  #11
The question is - I haven't read any academic research, but what interests me is -- how many percent of all gays are "gays from birth" (meaning they have "gay gene") and how many percent become gays due to experiences in their childhood? Anyone knows that?
OP Janek  
29 Mar 2006 /  #12
It bothers me when I see gays act like they are a woman as well. I totally agree with you on that! But trust me, and I hope I'm right to say this...Those (feminine) gays are not what the average gay person is all about. Believe it or not, they embarrass alot of us regualr type of gays as well.
29 Mar 2006 /  #13
Whatever you think of Gay people, remember that they are the result of hetrosexual parents. Some of you straight folks better get used to it.
OP Janek  
29 Mar 2006 /  #14
The question is - I haven't read any academic research, but what interests me is -- how many percent of all gays are "gays from birth" (meaning they have "gay gene") and how many percent become gays due to experiences in their childhood? Anyone knows that?

Of all the gays I have met and asked that very question...everyone of them says the same...they felt differnt from a very early age and yes...they were born gay. as far as I can see, being bi-sexual may very well be differnt (I dont know). Maybe bi-sexuals tried something and they found they liked it?

It has been very nice to see that the people who took time to post their comments on my forum about being gay in Poland were polite and considerate and I thank you for that. I found this site quite by accident and hope others will stop by and express and leave their comments. I will def. check in later today and in future to have a look at what others have written. It's nice to see nice people treat a young student with respect and not ignorance. Again, I thank all of you that have made a contribution to the chat today:).
30 Mar 2006 /  #15
Poland is quite a traditional country, and quite conservative soo saying and showing openely that you're gay may cause some problems sometimes, I dont say you may come across some violent reactions but sometimes it may be just lack of tolerance and stupid comments...and by the way there is no good answer for the question: why some people are homosexual or heterosexual.
OP Janek  
30 Mar 2006 /  #16
The causes or reasons that contribute to a persons sexuality is something that has been debated for many years. The people with the "big giant brains" havent been able to prove one way or another. But science seems to be leaning on the possiblity of a "gay gene". I have no idea what would ever come of that should that be proven. I suppose the drug companies around the world would try to develop drugs to cure us....ha-ha-ha!
30 Mar 2006 /  #17
haha...yeah imagine you take a pill and then you're interested in women for some time...or if you're straight you take another one and you become gay for some time...and maybe some other pills to become bi...and so on haha
OP Janek  
30 Mar 2006 /  #18
I wonder if anyone would use such a drug if it were available:) LOL
30 Mar 2006 /  #19
Drug companies would surely try to convince us it's useful:)
30 Mar 2006 /  #20
yeah, i've just heard a company that produces a chewing gum is going to spend MILLIONS of dollars to prove chewing a gum is good for your health. Sigh..
OP Janek  
31 Mar 2006 /  #21
Chewing gum is good for you! It's good for your teeth and it alleviates stress as well! I think I have saved them idiots alot of money....:)
31 Mar 2006 /  #22
We don't need fags. Don't come here.
31 Mar 2006 /  #23
You know you want to see your brother f**ked by a gay, dont you?
31 Mar 2006 /  #24
We don't need fags. Don't come here.

Do you have any problems with yourself, dude???
OP Janek  
31 Mar 2006 /  #25
Please gentlemen, can we keep this forum clean and mature? Being rude may be your only way of communicating , but it's not mine, or the others that have posted their views here. May I suggest a site you might like instead?
Avis Marie Sandar  
31 Mar 2006 /  #26
This has been quite an interesting discussion. I personally find that it's a total shame that we all (i.e., Gays, Lesbians, Heterosexuals, Bisexuals, Transsexuals & Transvestites) can't just be left alone and allowed to be who they are. It's like people don't attempt to try to understand, tolerate and/or accept differences in gender, sexuality or behavior -- they either alienate themselves from them, formulate opinions based on what they or their relatives may have heard or seen, or openly protest (in words as well as deeds) against them. Just because Heterosexuality may be the predominate gender behavior does not mean that it should be considered as the only one, just as the world contains Caucasians, Africans, Native Americans, India Indians, and Chinese. Should we immediately reject them due to the way they look, act, or their cultural beliefs and behavior? Poland, I've been told, is 97% Catholic and one of the essential teachings of Christ was to "...Love one those who hate you, bless those who curse you." I don't see any selectivity in those words according to race, creed, or gender at all. Why do people have to reinterpret that all the time?
31 Mar 2006 /  #27
Why do people have to reinterpret that all the time?

As far as I know the catholic religion does not approve gays marriages (which is good imo).
OP Janek  
31 Mar 2006 /  #28
Well, I was raised in a Catholic home (my dad was polish) and he had issues about gays, but he kept them to himself mostly. I find the Catholic Church somewhat hypocritical; seeing that millions of dollars in N. America alone have been paid out to victims who settled (out of court) lawsuits brought on by men who were sexually abused (as boys) by priests. The numbers are staggering. Yet the Vatican still holds its ground that homosexuality is sinful. Gee, I guess those nasty priests forgot that after taking their vows..
31 Mar 2006 /  #29
Yet the Vatican still holds its ground that homosexuality is sinful

You need to remember that the Vatican or any other institution cannot and should not change it's core principles just because a group of people want it (or because "times change"). It's true there may be criminal instances among the priests, but the focus should be on the religion and not on 1% of sinful the minority. President Clinton lied the whole US nation in front of TV; does it mean all democrats are "liars"??
OP Janek  
31 Mar 2006 /  #30
Oh my Gosh, were have you been living? Show me an honest politician? They all lie and so has the Catholic Church! Perhaps the Church doesn't need to change its principals, but they should and (have been) held accountable for the actions of their Priests!

I think Pope John Paul was without any doubt a great leader of the Church. I as hundreds of millions others around the world have great admiration and respect for the man. He has left us sad but grateful for the legacy he has left us all.

I really believe that a part of him was very tolerant of gays, but he was not able to express those thoughts because of the (politics) repercussions that the Vatican would have been left to deal with after his death. He was without a doubt, one of the great men of our time and he will be missed terribly. God bless him and his memory!

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