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4 Nov 2007
UK, Ireland / Currency - better to exchange it in Poland or in the UK? [6]

Well I seem to be getting a better exchange rate in Poland than when i first initially changed money in the UK, When I done it in England I was getting about 5.126 to the pound, as soon as i got to Poland I was getting 5.344, now I think it is more like these guys say 5.5..

I would say exchange it in Poland, the worst that can happen is that you get the same rate...
Hope you enjoy your stay..
1 Nov 2007
Travel / Have you ever been in Poland? [111]

Im also in Poland now and I am really enjoying the experience, and the people....
29 Oct 2007
Food / Is lamb big in Poland? [53]

Hmmmmm strange, allthe kebab places ihave been in Poznan has been run by polish people.... Maybe they are in disguise hehe
29 Oct 2007
Food / Is lamb big in Poland? [53]

Dangerous question: what goes into kebabs in Poland?

Im sure its pork, well it doesnt taste like lamb.... But still tastes good
28 Oct 2007

In Poland what would be classed as a 'good catch' for a Polish girl i.e., looks, etc????

A good catch is in the eye of the beholder and a good catch for one may and probably will not be seen as a good catch for someone else....
28 Oct 2007
Life / Have always longed to live abroad, so I'm Moving To Poland [10]

I have looked into getting the TEFL certificate and its a two day course. Is it really that easy to do a simple course, gain the qualification, then go over and teach? Would that one wage be sufficient to support a family of 6?

Yes it really is that easy to get a tefl certificate, even though some of the courses take longer than other, but no the wages are actually quite poor because it is not considered to be a very good job, and to be completely honest i think you would struggle to supporta family of 6 with this job alone
28 Oct 2007
Life / Have always longed to live abroad, so I'm Moving To Poland [10]

PS. Any radio stations there need a good UK dj?

I am not sure about radio stations but i know most larger cities IE Poznan, Warsaw etc are always on the look out for club DJ's... Not sure if this is your thing though.

Hope this helps and welcome to PF :-)
28 Oct 2007
UK, Ireland / Sending a parcel to Poland from UK [30]

The trouble is, is that you do not know what is happening to your property once inside Poland. There are a lot of very dishonest people in Poland and things do go missing all the time.

There are also a lot of dishonest people in the UK and things also go missing all the time, but in all honesty i think that the amount of post that gets sent in and out of Poland to the amount that actually goes missing is very very small, also try insuring it, doesnt cost much more.
28 Oct 2007
Real Estate / "Look after the zloty"...Sunday Times article, property prices in Poland [6]

Wow thats a massive increase, surely after them kind of rises in prices things can only start slowing for a while, but will they go down ?

I am currently in poznan looking for a 2-3 bed property to live in with my girlfriend, but I am in no hurry to sell up back in England.

I have found that prices are still relativly cheap here but again things are on the up as Poznan has a very strong business presence with the trade fairs, and the amount of new businesses being built here, so my guess is it will be best to buy now.. But as you said you never know..
25 Oct 2007
Life / Want to buy Fiat Panda in Poland [6]

I live in Poznan and want to buy a car. Does anyone have any opinion on buying a Fiat Panda?

You see enough of them driving about in poznan, shouldnt be hard to buy one and they are also very cheap to buy and run, not sure I would want one though good luck
10 Oct 2007
Travel / Finally arriving in Poznan on Sunday [3]

Hi all, as I have mentioned in previous posts I have finally booked my plane ticket, booked myself a hotel and me and my partner are now ready to go home hunting in Poznan :-)

I have brought a fair amount of polish currency but dont want to buy to much, does anyone have any info on whether I can use my Visa debit card in cash machines and if so how much commision is charged for doing this...

Obviously in time i will set up a Polish account, but this is something for a later date..

Thanks in advance
1 Oct 2007
Life / Cost of living and saving in Poland (Szczecin)! [10]

I'm not getting any accommodation in poland. Head is on fire :(.

Feck there is loads of accommidation in szczecin, and very cheap at that....

The thing is you already know how much you will be earning, so I can only presume that you are working for a company either based in szczecin or has very big dealings there !!

If this is the case then surely they will be able to provide you with all the information you need about living there ??
1 Oct 2007
Life / calling international from poland [8]

need one of thoese number that you dial before from you home phone and get cheap rates

Or just use someone elses phone ;-)
17 Sep 2007

can anybody tell me how often the coach leaves from warsaw heading to london each day?

From warsaw there is 1 coach that leaves everyday which is run by National Express and the price for 1 way is approx 450zl but it takes 26 hours. the website is

Krakow costs the same and takes time i think.

Wouldnt it be worth checking out flights from warsaw, as depending on when you want to travel you can get a return for about 170zl.. sept and oct probably double that but again if you want the link try and that only takes two hours 5 mins

Hope this helps
12 Sep 2007
Love / What do men want with Polish Girls huh??? [72]

you name it as long as a woman has a pulse some guy out there wants one

LOL you are so right, and obviously it only looks like men are only only interested in Polish women on this website because this is a Polish people forum and people who are interested in Poland.
9 Sep 2007
Life / Try it - move to Poland! [33]

Isnt the taxation very high for business's in poland though ? I have a business here in the UK which involves a lot of web design and internet work so again it would be very easy to run from anywhere, but when I move to poland would it be better keeping the business registered in the UK or registering it in Poland ?? does anyone know anymore about this ?
8 Sep 2007
Language / Learning Polish - need courses or books !!! [17]

i could have emailed you the iso file :)

Hiya, would you still be able to do that as i still havnt downloaded it yet and guess this way would be easier..

Many thanks :-)
6 Sep 2007

sensitive areas such as working with children.

Any job that includes working with children should include there own checks and not rely on that of a third party, no person should be offered a job until these checks are carried out, this happens far to often in the UK, What is poland like for its screening process ???