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16 Jun 2007
Travel / Good places to eat in Warsaw/Krakow/Wroclaw [8]

Krakow: In Kazimierz, there was a great little cafe last year, one block off the main road, one block down Augustianska to Paulinska, called "The Goldfish." It was new. They had really good fish. And the best perogies (okay, pierogi). We also liked a vegetarian place just off the main square. I think it was Green Way. Kinda like something you'd find in Vancouver, but a Polish version. Very tasty. My travelling companion is not vegetarian (neither am I) but he wanted to keep going back there. We looked for a few places that did not exist any more, in particular a KOrean place we found listed on the web. Just wander around and see what looks good. Zapiekanke is kind of good fast food, sort of like pizza toppings on bread, but not quite as industrial as real fast food. (We don't eat real fast food.) I was curious to go to a milk bar, but I felt guilty afterwards, when I found out they are subsidized. You couldn' tell by looking that they were "for poor people" exactly. They made the best potato pancakes, though. We only went to a couple fancier places. They were nothing that special, just a bit different in style.
15 Jun 2007
Travel / canoeing/kayaking in Poland [13]

Check out this show. I watched this movie. I think it qualifies as whitewater in Poland, on River Kamienna.

It is linked from a discussion in a canoeing forum as you can see here:

If you don't know Polish, there is a translation of the video text at that forum.
14 Jun 2007
Travel / Canadian - multiple entry to Poland for 3 months [10]

Thanks, Miranda, I'm dead certain about the 90 days. It's the double entry that is not clear to me. The message from the Embassy came in broken English, you know?

Why do you envy me, wilderwaif?

I wish he had been able to get a visa to come here last year, then we would have been together already. I wish he could have got one this year.

Just trying to make the best of expletive-worthy situation.
14 Jun 2007
Travel / Canadian - multiple entry to Poland for 3 months [10]

No, I work in Canada. That's why I can afford to go stay with my fiance' for 2 months. Then we are going to Hawaii to get married. That is the side trip. :)

Note: Angela is not a guy's name.
13 Jun 2007
Travel / Canadian - multiple entry to Poland for 3 months [10]

Can anyone here confirm for me that as a Canadian I can enter Poland more than once in a year, under the 3-month free no-visa rule? I plan to go there for about 2 months and take a side trip with my friend, then use my return ticket back to Canada. So, there is entry, leave and re-enter and leave. As it happens, it's all within consecutive three months, as well.

I got a reply back from the embassy, but it wasn't totally clear to me. Seems it shoudl be okay, so I am hoping to hear from anyone who has done this type of trip to Poland, recently.

10 Jun 2007
Travel / Cycling in Poland [4]

Anyone have any nice recommendations for cycling in Poland?

Here's one I found today that is convenient to Lublin, where I will be going:

Part of the site is in English and other languages as well, besides Polish.
3 Jun 2007
Food / Where do you go shopping for food in Poland? [26]

And often you can get veggies at a little street kiosk. Or, there will be a market area with multiple kiosks. Or just someone on the sidewalk with an array of boxes of veggies.

But there are lots of supermarkets as jam packed with food as any western one, unlike in the '80s when I was first in Poland, when both the stores and the markets were very sad and understocked.

Check out this picture we took in Krakow, actually in Nowa Huta:

24 May 2007
Travel / Ostrowo Budy....Know were it is??? [14]

Well, when I put the former into, it asks me:

"Did you mean:
Budy Ostrów Mazowiecka gmina, Ostrowski, Mazovia, Poland"

and redirects here:,+Os trowski,+Mazovia,+Poland&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=48.15347,82.26562 5&ie=UTF8&cd=1&z=12&om=1

But I don't know.
21 May 2007
Food / The best potato pancakes? [30]

I always had them plain at home. But in Poland they came with mushroom sauce, red sauce, you name it. I like them with a big salad now, to balance off the exquisite greasy starchy saltiness.

Bake in the oven? Never heard that before.
21 May 2007
Travel / canoeing/kayaking in Poland [13]

We plan to go here:

this summer.
We regret not having the time to paddle on the Wisla last year, in Krakow. Price was quite reasonable, but the day was windy.

Any other recommendations of places to paddle? I prefer safe and relaxing, not whitewater and adventurous.

I donno Polish yet, but I have a translator. :)
20 May 2007
Food / The best potato pancakes? [30]

I use the old starchy baker type potatoes, russets. These are the cheapest and most common potatoes here in Canada, it turns out, as well.

Yellow potatoes common here are Yukon potatoes. Not good for frying, not starchy at all.
16 May 2007
Food / The best potato pancakes? [30]

What is the best way to make potato pancakes?

I travelled in Poland last year and found them made in various styles. I make them how my dad taught me: finely grated potato and onion, let it drain an hour, add a little potato starch and fry on medium heat, medium thickness, maybe 1/2 centimetre or a little more. If the pan is not hot enough they can fall apart or be grey or gooey. I don't feel I've mastered it yet, so I"m interested to hear any tips.

I saw a recipe with egg. Tried that. It tasted different.