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canoeing/kayaking in Poland

Angela777 4 | 11  
21 May 2007 /  #1
We plan to go here:

this summer.
We regret not having the time to paddle on the Wisla last year, in Krakow. Price was quite reasonable, but the day was windy.

Any other recommendations of places to paddle? I prefer safe and relaxing, not whitewater and adventurous.

I donno Polish yet, but I have a translator. :)
horunPoland - | 109  
28 May 2007 /  #2
i will give you some advice when i back home from work today
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,504  
28 May 2007 /  #3
i would love to do some paddling this summer - looked into it last year but didnt really come up with anything that looked promising... couple of places up on the baltic coast and a place down near bydgoszcz but that was about it... disappointing...

HP - look forward to what youve got to say
spiritus 69 | 644  
28 May 2007 /  #4
Hi Bubba,

I've just come back from a 4 day trip to the Kaszuby lakeland in Northern Poland. From reading this forum I think you spend a lot of time in the Tri City and it only took me and my friend just over 45 mins to reach our summer house from Gdansk airport.

I'm surprised you've found it difficult to find somewhere to kayak in Poland because if anything I believe Poland has better water sports facilities than we have here in the UK. I think the main difference is that Poland doesn't market it's "leisure infrastructure" the way that other countries seem to do.

The Kaszuby area is pockmarked with hundreds of lakes of various sizes so you can choose whatever suits you.

The Mazury area offers even more lakes for the kayaking enthusiast and that isn't all too far from the Tri City either.

If you need any help just drop me a line.

I'll be posting a few pics of my time in Kaszuby in the "Vacations" thread once I've caught up on some sleep.
OP Angela777 4 | 11  
15 Jun 2007 /  #5
So, spiritus, where are those pics you were going to post?
BubbaWoo 33 | 3,504  
15 Jun 2007 /  #6
Thanks for the advice spiritus... of course, you are right about the greate lakes toy kayak on but i was after flowing water... perhaps with a small amount of white...
spiritus 69 | 644  
15 Jun 2007 /  #7
So, spiritus, where are those pics you were going to post?

You're right Angela. I've been too lazy to post them but I'll do it this weekend I promise.

Sheesh, I can't get away with anything on this board :)
OP Angela777 4 | 11  
15 Jun 2007 /  #8
Check out this show. I watched this movie. I think it qualifies as whitewater in Poland, on River Kamienna.

It is linked from a discussion in a canoeing forum as you can see here:

If you don't know Polish, there is a translation of the video text at that forum.
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
19 Mar 2009 /  #9
Thought I'd bump this thread to see if there are any paddlers out there.

I'm just back from going down a local river ( Highlands of Scotland ), lots of water at this time of year, a lot faster than in the summer and a bit more exciting.

More hazards with hidden rocks and fallen trees. I capsized - the water was warmer than I thought it would be, maybe due to the shock !

Anybody in Poland paddling at this time of year ?
Do the rivers spate as they do here at this time of year ?
Kowalski 7 | 621  
20 Mar 2009 /  #10
I'm getting myself ready for the first week of April, will do Odra and its canals and Regalica -all near Szczecin, Poland. Kayaks are some 35 pln for a day, 7 PLN per hour, or 75pln/day if we'd take the one with electric device, allowing smooth, slow flow - might be good for getting close to the birds. Main objective is photographing birds - my companion will do the job.

Some links for Dolina Dolnej Odry Park:
getting kayaks from:

We plan to finish it all in nearby ...swimingpool park, with sauna, jacuzzi, hot pools etc
20 Mar 2009 /  #11
Ah fellow paddlers,
We are doing this next year:

And two years after that we plan to Kayak the length of the Danube from the German town of Donaueschingen in the Black Forest for a distance of 2850 kms, passing through four Central and Eastern European capitals, before ending up at the Black Sea via the Danube Delta in Romania and Ukraine.

This has been a life's dream for myself and should take about two months and we are taking scientists from the National Veterinarian Research Institute because the Danube is the place where most European zooanotic diseases are created.

Should be a blast :)
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498  
21 Mar 2009 /  #12

Thanks for the links.

Kayak the length of the Danube

Thats a paddle !

I have an open Canadian canoe ( about 5.5m ) which is fine for the big rivers and camping trips. I'm thinking of getting a smaller Kayak for the summer for the smaller rivers round here.
23 Apr 2009 /  #13
which would be the best kayak to paddle the length of the danube?

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