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angel eyes   
22 Apr 2007
Love / Men attitude towards women in the Polish culture [82]

(ringing once then putting the phone down

I was wondering about this myself. my ex (polish) boyfriend still does this to me even though we are separated since february.
He has a girlfriend and thats the reason i left him when i found out. i'v asked him to delete my number but once or twice a week he rings and then hangs up.
angel eyes   
22 Apr 2007
Love / The girl from poland i met ,i hope you dont meet a girl like this [59]

defending the polish women

Yes daffy but no one seems to be defending the polih men other than the polish men ya know. not that i am, but its just an obseravation. Women seem to be held in a much higher reguard.

Or will i just shut up now!
angel eyes   
22 Apr 2007
Love / The girl from poland i met ,i hope you dont meet a girl like this [59]

Hey guys i'v noticed that when the ladies of this forum give out about polish guy's and the way they were treated really bad by some, everyone is great, gives advice, say move on better luck next time etc etc.....

But when a guy has a bad experience with a polish woman...All hell breaks loose!
All seems very one sided to me!
angel eyes   
21 Apr 2007
Love / Should i shouldn't I (Guy's and girls got a dilema) [12]

Should i change or go for it.

If you've got good legs i'd say go for it girl. once their not up to your buttocks.once it's a classy look but if you dont feel comfortable you wont kook comfortable. looks awful when a woman is pulling at herself all nite. wish you well and hopefully get your catch..... have fun:)
angel eyes   
20 Apr 2007
Life / Exploitation and humiliation of workers in Poland. [15]


So is it a fact then that germans dont like polish people.iv been told by czech people that they dont like polish but wasnt given a reason why.

So i asked a polish workmate and he said it dates back to the war when germany came to fight and czech people surrendered and polish people stood their ground.would this be accurate?