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19 Apr 2007
Language / Polish Language Pronunciation - Example Words and Phrases [220]

Guys, be aware that men very rarely use "do zobaczenia" each other. It sounds a bit funny when guy say do zobaczenia to other guy. Except situation when place of the meeting is mentioned after do zobaczenia i.e. "Do zobaczenia w Londynie"
3 Jul 2008
Life / Level of English among the Poles? [64]

Norwegians' answer to the question 'Do you speak English?' is: 'A bit.', but when you start talking to them, you're amazed how fluent they are (no matter their age!).

So I must have Norwegian origins ;) I'm living in UK at the moment and after first shock I think that my English is very bad. Want to feel safe, my answer is always "a bit". I just produce proper sounds but I still have problem with fully understanding adult speakers. Kids speak louder and clearly whole words. Adults only beginning of the words. I suppose people expect that I can understand their in the same level as my speaking ability :/
24 Sep 2008
Food / Top food products you'd want to see in a Polish shop [32]

rolls ;)

Tymbark juice -
kielbasa zywiecka -
kielbasa mysliwska
ham -
bigos, golabki -
pickles -
edam cheese -
ketrzynski mayonnaise -
milk zambrowskie -
yoghurt bakoma -
pyzy -
25 Sep 2008
Life / Life in Pre and Post Communist Poland [12]

what are the differences

Plenty of parking places but no cars. Now we have a huge amount of cars but no parking places ;) Traffic jams. Stresful speed cameras. No joy driving a car. Despite that die communism nightmare die ;) Never come back.
27 Sep 2008
UK, Ireland / home in Poland or UK? [3]

hey, i'm new here.


was wondering, do you miss Poland, homes, families?

yup. I don't have family yet but I'm missing food, my beautiful house, my LHD car, forests, lakes etc

do you consider staying in the UK forever?

No. In the UK I would have to pay for the same house zillion pounds.

am afraid to go back to Poland and have lots of doubts...

don't go back

do you know anybody who went back? how are they doing in there?

Yes. Me. I'm going back to UK.

on the other hand, staying here? not sure...

Stay where you are unless you have prospects for really good job in Poland.

all the best, karola

all the best
4 Jan 2009
Life / Auto energy cost in Poland . [7]

there is website with petrol and gas prices - notowania - srednie ceny paliw w Polsce
4 Jan 2009
Travel / Anyone know about a village called Bobrownik in Warmia? [9]

hoping to find a town called Bobrownik near Lidzbark Warminski.

It's about 50km from Olsztyn to Lidzbark Warminski and then about 6km from Lidzbark Warminski to Bobrownik. I remember this village because there is great view from the hills to Lidzbark Warminski.
10 Jan 2009
Travel / Anyone know about a village called Bobrownik in Warmia? [9]

Peter, is there anything else you can share with me about this town?

Hmm. What can I add. As you can see from satelite or hybrid view, there are only few houses in the village. It is rather a farm town (whatever it means ;) and the neighbourhood is quite drab (raw, abandoned military area)

You can take a coach (PKS operator) or minibus (e.g. TRANSWAL) in Olsztyn, both near the bus station and near hotel KORMORAN then you have hire a cab in Lidzbark Warminski. You have buses to Lidzbark Warminski each hour as this route is very busy. Expect they may be very crowded. Look around for boards behind the windscreen. You need "Lidzbark Warm" or "Bartoszyce", bus stop nr 1. Beware of "Lidzbark" because it is in opposite direction, to the South. Get off from the bus on Lidzbark Warminski rail/bus station. There is a taxi stop. One way bus ticket Olsztyn -> Lidzbark cost about 10zl. You can buy ticket in the bus. Cab from Lidzbark Warminski to Bobrownik should cost about 20zl.
12 Jan 2009
Travel / wloszczowa station [4]

There are a few videos on Youtube about wloszczowa station, but I cannot work out why.

Most famous train station in Włoszczowa. Its construction was lobbied by former deputy prime minister Przemysław Gosiewski who wanted express trains to stop in this small town which happened also to be his home town.

The only passenger train stop on the high-speed line
15 Jan 2009
Language / Verb patterns 'BYC' [29]

Is there a way to remember when to use jeżdżę and when to use jadę?

- regular activity, each day you are going to work, by what, by bus/car/tram
Jeżdzę do pracy autobusem.
Jeżdzę do pracy samochodem.
Jeżdzę do pracy tramwajem.

- activity at the moment
Jadę do pracy.
Jade do lekarza.
Jadę do sklepu.

When to use chodzę, idę, pójdę.???

- regular activity
Chodzę do szkoły.
Chodzę do pracy.
Chodzę na angielski.
Chodzę na karate.

- activity at the moment
Idę do pracy.
Idę do lekarza.
Idę do sklepu.

- activity in the future, intention
Jutro pojdę do lekarza.
Jutro pójdę do banku.
Jutro pójdę do fryzjera.
We czwartek pójdę na ryby.
15 Jan 2009
Life / Does Poland Television work on the PAL system like the UK? [4]

is it possible that my Xbox wont work in poland because they are on a different system?

This is the same tv system PAL but different sound carrier (UK - I, Poland D/K). Multistandard tv are common in Poland but in bad scenario you may hear no sound.

When you use cinch RCA Xbox <--> tv set cable everything will be ok.
18 Jan 2009
Language / TAK, ABY [4]

I thought that it should be, "tak jakby" instead of "tak, aby"

You're right

Could anyone please tell me, if "tak, aby" can mean the same as "tak jakby"?

It doesn't mean the same.
30 Jan 2009
Life / Satellite type connections in flat in Poland [18]

In my flat there are two types of connections for the TV. One is very big and old, kinda like the UK UHF TV connection but a lot bigger! From this I am receiving a poor quality terrestial TV signal.

This is an old tv standard socket. Central distributed, amplified air TV signal installation called zbiorcza or AZART. Now abandoned.

Next to this is another box with its outlets pointing downwards. These outlets are idential to the UK satellite TV female connection. The type that required you to screw on a male connector.

This is new one, called kablówka. End point of the another, independent installation. Often physically disconnected in basement concentrator until you pay abonament for cable tv provider.

I have tried connecting a polsat decoder to these conenctions, with and without LNB power and there is no signal from any of the recognised satellites. Is this maybe some sort of cabel TV connection? Do I need a decoder? A friend at work says I just connect this directly to my TV but I'm not convinced, surely it's the wrong type of connection and impedence? ohh, when i tried a few months ago, accidentally with the LNB power option on, I got a little spark.... oops. Maybe it -was- satellite...

Don't deliver supply to this socket. There isn't any possibility to receive satellite signal to feed polsat decoder. You need the dish. Just connect this socket directly to TV and run UHF band tunning. Band should be densely covered by tv programs.
31 Jan 2009
Life / Satellite type connections in flat in Poland [18]

If I am lucky enough to get a decent reception, are there many channels?

Gdańsk, PAL, D/K

TVP1 - VHF, channel 10
TVP2 - UHF, channel 37
TVP3 - UHF, channel 52
TV4 - UHF, channel 22, low power transmitter
TVN - UHF, channel 59, low power transmitter
Polsat - UHF, channel 30, low power transmitter
1 Feb 2009
Life / Experiences Installing a Wireless Home Network in Poland [12]

I have 2 triple brick walls to go through to cover all rooms.

Linksys should work fine. I have stable signal in 30 meters round my house, even when I'm sitting in my car (laptop below windscreen line)

URL: komputronik routery - współdzielenie Neostrady
9 Feb 2009
Travel / I am free - Hello Poland. Need advice about travelling in Poland. [16]

First post, hello everybody.


I understand the temperature in Poland can plunge to -30C this time of year. I may get a good nights sleep: an eternal one !

Yes but it doesn't happen rapidly and occur only at dawn. You can notice -15C in the evening already.

Further reading suggests driving in Poland is challenging, unless you have a snowplow with reinforced suspension.

Snowplow isn't necessary but winter tyres would be a good choice ;)

A little advice for you. Don't stop suddenly before pedestrian crossings unless you want to visit a body shop. In fact pedestrians have "right of way" but when in Rome, do like Romans do ;) If battery is dead in the morning feel free to call a cab. Borrowing electricity is very common and cost about 20zł. Make sure you have -30C antifreeze coolant.
10 Feb 2009
Travel / I am free - Hello Poland. Need advice about travelling in Poland. [16]

I was hoping parking in large Polish cities would be easy, please say this is so.


Olsztyn is rather small city but finding a non-payable parking space near the city centre between 9oo and 16oo is MIB.

Look for guarded payable parking places or underground parking places near shopping malls. One hour costs 2zł.
13 Feb 2009
Law / Are there photography law's in poland? [5]

i just want to make sure i don't break any laws while photographing a person reading a book on a bench

URL pl.rec.foto => faq
14 Feb 2009
Law / Are there photography law's in poland? [5]

sorry, can't read polish :P


You can take a photo (without asking for permission) of
-well known person celebrity, politician etc when he or she is in the work or on duty.
-person as detail of gathering, event, landscape etc

-if you have paid him or her for photo

You can take a photo of any person but only for private use without permission to publicize photo. Person always has the right to ask you to stop photographing and you must stop. So when you are going to publicize photo you have to ask.

Translation? It wasn't me ;)
18 Feb 2009
Love / My Polish boyfriend and his drinking habit. [60]

he wants to go out drinking after work every night

It looks like he has a problem with alcohol.

I told him to clean it up but he said f*** off that's your job

Kick him in the ass as he has to reach the escape velocity.

is this just how Polish men are??

Polish men are hard-working, money-obsessed guys. They work from dawn to dusk, take overtime and then sleep like a stone. They don't have a time for drinking and above all they love their driving licences ;)
18 Feb 2009
UK, Ireland / going to uk to look for a cad job - are there any left? [21]

i would like to get info from poles living in uk if there are still jobs to be found.

In fact I'm not living in UK at the moment but still looking for another job. It is difficult to find job by remote because you have to be available immediately for interview. You have to take competition into consideration too. They won't wait for you. The best way is to take any job in UK and then continue to apply for dream job.
19 Feb 2009
UK, Ireland / going to uk to look for a cad job - are there any left? [21]

If you didn't plan to settle here, they might be put off hiring you as they might see it as a waste of their time and money.

As distinct from Poland where kitchen porter has to have PhD and a working knowledge of two foreign languages, sometimes they don't hire you if you are overskilled for the position. They consider you will be unhappy at work and escape at the earliest opportunity.
21 Feb 2009
UK, Ireland / List of goods taken from living in the UK [64]

List of goods taken from living in the UK

amazing cheap cars, amazing blue sky, no fear about car, house, no heavy multilayer titanium front door any more, laid-back people, living in slow motion, amazing moments when natives singing the song along with the radio ;)

you never fully appreciate something until you lost it.

the taste of bread =)
21 Feb 2009
UK, Ireland / List of goods taken from living in the UK [64]

The taste is damn good but the lasting freshness is far from ideal.

Yup. This probably indicates that it contains less of ulepszacze (preservatives).