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19 Oct 2009
Food / Sour cream use in Pierogi dough? [11]

I always read pierogi recipes when I see them. I have yet to see ANY with sour cream used as an ingredient in the dough. The recipe that I have (given to my mother, from my father's Mother.) uses sour cream. They taste delicious.

Anyone ever heard of this?
31 Aug 2009
UK, Ireland / Poland Flying the Flag at Gay Pride in Manchester [75]

Well, I went in to Manchester yesterday to watch the parade :0) Wadda ya know! A dirty great big Polish flag was being waived by some lovely Polish guys ;0)

27 Aug 2009
Life / Positive Polish Joke [9]

That's where the girls are..

haha. I never heard that one.
24 Aug 2009
Life / Haunted Homes in Poland [173]

Only because they don't exist :)


How do you know they don't exist?
23 Aug 2009
Life / Are Polish people absolutely obsessed with money? [30]

back on topic.... My father (100% Polish) is one of the hardest workers I have ever know. Non-stop at his job and when he has time off constantly tending to our yard, house, and property. Also very very good about saving money, paying bills, not making frivolous purchases, etc.
16 Aug 2009
News / Dealing with constant insults against Polish [323]

I have one guy at work who keeps talking about the horseback tank-charging BS. It makes me kind of angry...but I laugh at the irony of how he calls Polish people stupid but he is really the stupid one.
13 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Why Americans think that nobody likes them? [185]

Americans don't give a darn if anybody likes them or not. Why should they?

Unless you travel to another country. Some people get a bad reputation for no reason.
13 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Best Polish Restaurant in MI [17]

We had an awesome trip. Went to polish market and general store in Troy, Warwel (sp?) across the street. Also went to Hamtramck and polish village cafe. And of course Grandma's house!

I gained 11 lbs in a week. hahaha. Time to hit the gym.

Bought a lot of Polish items and food that are non-existant here in NM. I wish I was still in MI. Bad economy in MI > normal economy in NM.
2 Aug 2009
USA, Canada / Best Polish Restaurant in MI [17]

That's probably a little far from our current agenda, but I'll be in MI monday and I can't wait. Thanks for the suggestions on restaurants and other MI attractions.
29 Jul 2009
USA, Canada / Best Polish Restaurant in MI [17]

I think Pyza is closed now, unless it moved from the Utica location.

This one?

  • pyza
29 Jul 2009
Law / Opening a gym in Gdańsk [30]

well then they shouldn't be at the gym in the first place, as it is a place where you find all the "look at me,look at me" attention horz.

I totally agree with that, and I hate those fuc***s.

Luckily there are those people, like myself, that go to the gym at the least busy times just to avoid other people and actually work out.