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14 Sep 2009
Genealogy / Searching for my Father- Help Please! [14]

Which law? American or Polish? If American you may be able to see a lawyer who may be able to get you that court order you need. If you are age of majority I don't see why anyone would be worried about your father trying to get you back. There are tons of cases of adoptees opening up records. Wish you luck kiddo.
12 Sep 2009
Genealogy / If He didn't come to America by way of Ellis Island.....! [25]

Thank you, Mark....But Ufdah!!!! Whats weird is the woman who comes over with my possible grandfather is named Anna; but I was always told her name was Antonette. What's also 'weird' is that there is another(?) Johann (John) (C)Hojnacki in Pennsylvania with a wife named Anna. My grandfather ended up in Milwaukee, WI and dropped the C to the last name. But I have letters (of course in Polish which I can't read) to a cousin with a C for Chojnacki back in what is now Poland. So I don't think my grandfather pilfered another man's name...Ufdah!!!!

But thank you again for the naturalization link.
5 Sep 2009
Genealogy / If He didn't come to America by way of Ellis Island.....! [25]


Paydirt!? I hope so, I just found what possibly could be a start. Where does one go to look for naturalizatin papers or declarations of intent? Did everyone have to have either or or both of them?

8 Jul 2009
Genealogy / Dominowski Mystery [10]

I am having the same problem with both sides of the family, and for some reason the only one left seems unwilling to help. go figure. I do recall someone saying that my grandfather Jan Chojnacki (john hojnacki) came in through the Great Lakes via Chicago ( but that he first had to go through Baltimore or Boston-no one seems to remember). I also know Baltimore and Boston also had an influx of immagrant. What research I've been able to gather is that Baltimore is a very hard dig due to incomplete records. They are there but not as put together as Ellis Island port of entry. I think Boston (and maybe Baltimore) may have lost some during fires, and may require you to go to different locations to get them. Best of luck VM.
4 Jul 2009
Genealogy / Has anyone taken Genealogy DNA tests? [87]

Jul 4, 09, 11:20 - Thread attached on merging:

What's up with this DNA thing? How would this help me in my geneological search? I can't even find the boat my ancestors came over on and I'm supposed to figure out what gene pool I'm from? Where can I get my DNA analyzed at and are the result kept confidential?
25 Jun 2009
Language / Hussar-the word, is it originally Polish? [10]

Hi I'm curious about the word Hussar. I've seen it Hussaria and Hussars. Is the word originally polish? Is this how it is spelt in polish? Is Hussaria and Hussars plurals? Is it feminine or masculine or neither? What would be the (prefix?) for it? (Like in french there is un, une presceding masculine and feminine nouns; any such in polish?
22 Jun 2009
Life / What kind of horses are popular in Poland? [21]

Regina: Looking around internet. Here is a place, Janow Podlaski, the national stud farm in Poland. I didn't realize it still existed but it does. Also go look up an article in Canadian Arabian Horse news (add your w's prefix here)

I don't know how to make these jump links work so you may need to cut and paste. The article was written in 1972, but it should give you some idea of what the breeding of Polish Arabs went through. You can link directly from that article to the Janow Podlaski site.

A friend of mine from Poland who is an avid horsewoman said cross country/ fox chasing type riding was quite popular when she lived there.