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4 Sep 2009
Australia / Polish Television in Australia? [3]

Has anyone managed to pick up some Polish TV in Australia? I would love to be able to get TVN when I go back...
26 Aug 2009
Australia / Australian going to Poland [3]

I have lived in Krakow for 4 years. It's good, I'm a bit sick of the winters now and am returning to Australia shortly but if you have an open mind then you should have a good time.

Poles are similar to Australians in as much as that they are quite down-to-earth, probably even more so than Aussies. If you're a man, you'll also be amazed to find that most gorgeous Polish women are also approachable and not snobbish princesses.
25 Aug 2009
Australia / Can I send pickled veges in jars back to Australia from Poland [5]

Merged: Sending stuff from Poland to Oz

I'm moving to Melbourne from Krakow in October and I want to send some things to myself!

Does anyone know any cheap international transport options? It's fine if it takes a few months... as long as it gets there in the end.
19 Jun 2009
Study / Celta - Application Form [24]

I have seen some extremely inappropriate candidates get B on a CELTA, so I've not much faith in who they accept or how they deal out grades. However, no self respecting school will employ you without a CELTA or equivalent.
10 Jun 2009
Work / Culinary jobs and places to learn Polish?? [18]

New York is a hell of a lot more dangerous than almost anywhere in Poland. There's not many guns here for a start. Of course exercise caution when wondering around ghettos.

Are you an expert chef or something? I ask because if you're just a regular chef, then I hope you're prepared to earn 5-10 zł an hour in what is becoming a disproportionately expensive country.