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30 Oct 2008
Real Estate / I'm not Polish - can I buy a house in Poland ? [49]

Is anyone aware of any restriction on the number of apartments that an EU citizen can purchase in Poland? My parents bought a flat here a few years back and are thinking of investing in another. Cheers!
1 Apr 2008
Life / Driving lesson - reading material in English help please.... [17]

I have all of the materials in English both in paper and CD format. The translated theory exam is also available on CD. You can buy them on-line or alternatively go to one of the larger driving schools and ask for a copy.
3 Nov 2007
Law / Do EU members need RESIDENCE CARD IN POLAND [29]

I was under the impression that a pesel was a personal identification number given only to Poles. I have always just used either my karta pobytu or passport number.

Is it true that foreigners can also obtain a pesel number??
13 Jun 2007
Life / Polish Driving Licence. [314]

Are there any driving schools in Warsaw that can help "arrange" a Polish license?
20 May 2007
Life / Polish Driving Licence. [314]

Out of interest, has anyone actually been able to obtain a Polish license without going through the normal process?
10 Mar 2007
Life / Polish Driving Licence. [314]

if anyone has had any luck getting a legit polish license, please get in touch: jasiek2000@yahoo
26 Feb 2007
Life / Polish Driving Licence. [314]

I also need to obtain a polish driving license ASAP. If anyone knows of an easy way to do this, please send me a mail. Thx