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14 May 2009
Law / Do non-eu residents residing in Poland require Polish driving license? [20]

had I any idea how to drive stick i'd go your route... but since I rather ruin the instructor's clutch than my own, i might as well go for the test ^_~. I'm kinda worried about driving there, though, i've seen some scary stuff on PL roads... and I'm spoiled on the SoCal freeway system >_<
23 Apr 2009
Love / I'm pregnant by my Polish boyfriend but he wants me to abort it! [132]

He expresses himself in the weirdest of ways but
all he was just trying to say is that he wouldn't want a baby.
Which is ok, because I don't want one either.

there are other ways to say it... not involving the idea that he'd rather hurt you than have your kid (not a great thing in any relationship), specially since enough trauma to cause a miscarriage often translates to internal damage and broken bones for the mother

oh, and learn to play the game. Guys say stupid ****... fine, but they should realize they'll pay for it later. Otherwise you'll slowly go from girlfriend to bootycall as he can't respect you if you let him get away with everything
23 Apr 2009
Work / Medical University of Lublin [30]

we should have a Polish version of this website...

yay, mine got an A-
I think what we need most is for students there to take some pics... they're worth 1,000 words, you know ^_~

Either way, I'm excited! Hopefully I'll have a good experience at the Medical U of Lublin ^_^
23 Apr 2009
Love / I'm pregnant by my Polish boyfriend but he wants me to abort it! [132]

A few friends who have had abortions in the long run regret doing so. It is very traumatic for the mother.

I'll second what F15 said, abortion isn't a go in today, feel great tomorrow type thing. Most people don't realize that. It often scars one physically and mentally. So even without the religious/moral connotations its a decision you need to think well and long on (and read up on) before commiting to it.

Adoption is a second option, though it does require you to go through the pain of giving birth and so on. At least in the states infants are adopted easily and quickly, and there are even programs that get couples looking to adopt an infant with a mother wanting to give her baby away before the baby is born, in which case they usually pay for hospital visits and so on, taking the baby as soon as its born. You can ask to be kept up on the kid's growth or cut all ties.

Being a single mother is hard as well, especially when the father does what your ex did and at such a time. Still, it IS an option depending on where you are in life and what your plans are.

I know most of this has been said before, but wanted to add my own $.02

And actually I left home when i was 16 because my mum couldnt cope and didnt want me.

Unless you can honestly tell me you've enjoyed nothing in your life, i'm quite sure you wouldn't want to have been given no chance to have a future. Your mom should have probably given you up for adoption if she was truly in such an emotional state, and I don't think any child should ever be told they were just an accident, but would you really have rather not been born at all? I doubt that.
23 Apr 2009
Life / iphone 3G in Warsaw?? [11]

it's possible.
not legal.
that's the difference

as a side note, how well do iphones work in PL, and are they popular?
I was thinking of maybe getting one since i'll need a PDA-like organizer to keep everything in order and so on
23 Apr 2009
that one might help a bit more, not sure...
also try using the polish letters (from this site or otherwise)
23 Apr 2009
News / Help build and visit Poland - Habitat for Humanity [14]

i wonder what their def of 'overcrowded' is...
we have a very different view of what's needed to live happily in the US. Half of what we consider necessities (or more) are actually just things to splurge $ on that we've gotten so used to we assume living without them would be terrible. Hell, my STUDENT APARTMENT COMPLEX gave us dishwashers in every unit... my roomies and I (and a lot of ppl I know around) use them as a simple drying rack cuz we don't want to wait till it fills to run it. Still, it's a nice appliance for them to add in their flyers to get parents to pay more for rent. That and the pool and gym, even if the school gym is less than a 10min walk -___-

From what my friends tell me it's a huge insult to your family to place them in an old folks home... means that you don't love them or that they have no family.

The upside being that you get a babysitter that you don't have to worry will turn out to be incompetent or that your kids won't like (as most are HS/college girls who honestly don't give a crap about anything but getting their $). Plus help keeping the house up to par an (in most cases) a great cook. Oh, and not coming home to an empty house has its advantages, too, even if you ignore the support families give each other.
21 Apr 2009
History / MONSTERS AND DRAGONS OF POLAND...are there any...? [42]

i don,t suppose there is a book (in English ) about all these creatures and spirits

well, the one i mentioned above (the saga) is actually getting translated into english because of the compgame's popularity... not exactly a textbook on monsters, but a LOT of the ones mentioned above come up, and it has a depth to it that I rarely found in other fantasy books, showing different sides of a medieval culture and brutal war. It's kinda like a Polish Lord of the Rings but (especially the two books before the actual saga) focusing more on a Van Helsing kind of guy vs helpless hobbit tossed into seemingly impossible circumstances for him to manage to live through.

the english translations thus far are
The Last Wish
The Sword of Destiny
and the first book of the actual saga
Blood of Elves

edit; not sure if sword of destiny is in english yet...
20 Apr 2009
History / MONSTERS AND DRAGONS OF POLAND...are there any...? [42]

You've just explained half my questions from listening to 'Saga o Wiedźminie' (I read way too slowly in PL to enjoy a book...let alone a series)

And here I thought Mr. Sapkowski made all those crazy creatures up ^_^
10 Mar 2009
Food / where does Wodka originate from ? Poland or Russia or somewhere else??? [17]

95% of people I talk to seem to think it's Russian so I'm not sure

believed to have originated in the grain-growing region that now embraces western Russia, Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Poland

Poland is far less known (in US, especially) than Russia. Vodka is forever ingrained in the Russian stereotype. Add the two together and most will associate Vodka as a (purely) Russian invention.

As far as my dad goes (avid vodka connoisseur) as long as it is well made and tasty (ex: not US, French, in plastic bottle, etc...) and Slovic in origin, it's all good. He's usually got the house stocked with Pasterniak (sp?), Putynka, Sobieski, Gvori and one other one that I forget, plus good ol' spirytus for cooking/making his own wiśniówka or lemon vodka thing. Oh, and he's always stocked on imported Żubrówka, with grass in case he runs out (the US imported crap is terrible at best >_<)
3 Mar 2009
Language / English slang but potential Polish slang too! [5]

i don't know the exact def... but i know it's an insult... male, I think.
Only found out cuz mom told me never to use it in PL the way we do in US
2 Mar 2009
Language / Rok vs. Lat [30]

so 'rok' must have been 'proclaiming a verdict'

isn't that wyrok....
nice bit of history, by the way ^_^
28 Feb 2009

Born in PL, moved to the states @ 8
Speak Polish, can read it (slowly... very slowly); think in English and have a tendency to slap a polish ending on an english word and assume polish friends will know what I'm talking about

I know of the different customs, cant tell you when some of them are, practices a few (we always stick to traditions of Wigilia, for instance)

I like Husarzy, but otherwise have no interest in history (though my inability to memorize dates may have something to do with it...)
27 Feb 2009
Food / a question about włoszczyzna [19]

what did she say?

from what i remember it wasn't quite the origin story I had hoped for, just defined it as a pre-bunched soup veggie thing.

seems there may be variants

according to gran there are, though the staple few always remain the same ^_^
27 Feb 2009
Food / a question about włoszczyzna [19]

I remember asking my gran a few years back why they call it włoszczyzna (Włoszech= Italy, thus my confusion)...

celery root here either so i'll just have to use the celery stocks

they're actually getting quite readily available here (California), though I think it's still safe to say the greatest congregations of EU people are still on the east coast

Some people use onions to make rosół, my grandma used to, but first she used to cut it in a half and blacken it over a flame.

We still do it that way, minus the 'cut in half' part. Just peel the outer layer and cut the roots off, scorch it to a nice black on the outside and toss it in. Sometimes I tie string around it to keep it from falling apart once cooked, but that's optional. It DOES give rosół extra flavor ^_^ yummy.
27 Feb 2009
Law / Linux, Unix, and Open Source in Poland [119]

I said it because ukpolska said there's not many scientific apps for linux, so I actually mentioned this great piece of code, well known around the world in favour of linux.

i wasn't disagreeing with you, but there was too much of the exchange about it being relevant in only a small city, etc.
Waaay too much to figure out what to quote, so I quoted you to add extra example showing that linux is also widely used in US for research purposes (like medex, thus quoting you)

more or less same thing with the windows thing, seeing as there seemed to be confusion on the linux kernal thing (figured that might help explain it...)
26 Feb 2009
Law / Linux, Unix, and Open Source in Poland [119]

there's only one linux kernel; )

there's only one windows, in those terms. XP would be a distribution of windows (or the desktop environment, not actually sure on that one)

There's matlab for Linux ; )

I work for a lab doing neuroimaging research and we do all our stats on that program. This is at the University of California, and the neurologist heading the program has mentioned needing to learn command prompt due to his past superiors wanting research done on linux because it had greater computing power and could come out with specialized medical programs sooner. We also use FSL (adapted to work in windows, but natively a linux program) to work on our images as well.

Linux in research is a reality, whoever said open source programs can't be used for research.

Linux would be probably much more popular if it supported more games that it actually supports

Actually, according to my friend (gamer + programmer by profession, with siblings working in MS and HP), the only reason MS is still afloat (for the most part) is that the graphics libraries used by most high-end comp games aren't available on linux and because on a whole Apple sux for serious games. If all three sys had the same games MS would have nothing to offer.

That's the problem with Linux, it's hard to approach, you can spend hours on installing it, if you don't have another pc plugged into internet, it can be really hard to go through the installation process.

well, you should always install when you have another comp that already has int access in case something goes wrong. It was one of the first things my friend told me. However, Ubuntu ran internet out of the box, while the XP required tons of drivers we had to scout on the net to work (my laptop came with vista), so actually I had linux on there in under 1/2hour, another couple hours were spent figuring out why xp hated my comp and making it accept the dual boot.

It depends really, I remember that there are types of packet flood attacks that can end as a DoS that only Linux is prone to

Linux doesn't open any file automatically. you have to run it (or a program you run needs to run it). The only time it would open it automatically is if you installed a program (gave a program permission) to open a certain type of file automatically... and even then it usually still asks. It's always that it DL's something, then a window pops up (this is if you click to install something, even official) asking if you okay its installation and so on.
26 Feb 2009
Law / Linux, Unix, and Open Source in Poland [119]

Yeah, I dunno why, but most of linux users I've seen are fat guys wearing old black sweaters or old penguin t-shirts, no fashion sense at all, jabbering about how can they use vii to code, and that every Microsoft app has a counterpart for linux.. I refuse to join that world ;)

erm... the three closest people that fit that description that I know use MS and Apple (2,1 respectively). I'm a girl, my friend (the one who helped me get it working at first, since before this i'd never worked with anything BUT MS) is skinny and OMG you don't wanna mess with him (strong as hell), and cute. Of the two other girls I know who use it one is a gamer, but also on her way to being head of her sorority next year-take from it what you like.