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Help build and visit Poland - Habitat for Humanity

Peepops 3 | 45  
18 Apr 2009 /  #1
I know none of you will do this cuz u would have to get off the couch........LOL.....but, Ill tell ya anyway. If you want to go to Poland for a couple of weeks and see the country you can. Habitat for Humanity works in Poland and in late May and early June they will be over there building. If you are interested check out then where it says "where we build" hit that then hit Europe then hit Poland. All the info and dates are there to help you out. The draw back is it will cost you about $3,000 to go.
JustysiaS 13 | 2,240  
18 Apr 2009 /  #2
the couch seems more appealing, you were right.

wildrover 98 | 4,451  
18 Apr 2009 /  #3
The draw back is it will cost you about $3,000 to go.

How much does it cost if you are already there....?
OP Peepops 3 | 45  
18 Apr 2009 /  #4
Probly half that cuz atleast $1200 would be the round trip over there and back to the US. Just go to the website it explains it pretty well. Even has it in Polish if ya need it.
wildrover 98 | 4,451  
18 Apr 2009 /  #5
Just go to the website it explains it pretty well

OH , never though of that.. thanks...
OP Peepops 3 | 45  
18 Apr 2009 /  #6
wildrover 98 | 4,451  
18 Apr 2009 /  #7
I wasn,t trying to be a smartass , i was actually interested , and asked you prices , not realising you had given the address....
OP Peepops 3 | 45  
19 Apr 2009 /  #8
Oh I see I was just lookin at the Habitat for Humanity website one day and noticed it was in Poland. Just figured I would post for anyone like you that would be interested.
wildrover 98 | 4,451  
19 Apr 2009 /  #9
I would be happy to help build stuff...and learn new skills...but i ain,t paying anybody for it...don, t mind working for free , but not paying them for doing it....but i am gonna check it out....
CashCache 4 | 12  
21 Apr 2009 /  #10
From Habitat For Humanity:

• Nearly 12 million Poles – almost a third of the population – live in overcrowded homes.

• About 1.5 million families live with their relatives.

Is this a bad thing? Just because a lot of Poles decide to keep multiple generations living under the same roof does not mean they are all poor. Some of the families I know choose to live this way no matter how much moeny they have.

Maybe I am wrong, but I think Polish people have a great set of values when it comes to families and what they choose to be important in their lives.
OP Peepops 3 | 45  
23 Apr 2009 /  #11
I don't see anything wrong with it.
Elssha - | 123  
23 Apr 2009 /  #12
i wonder what their def of 'overcrowded' is...
we have a very different view of what's needed to live happily in the US. Half of what we consider necessities (or more) are actually just things to splurge $ on that we've gotten so used to we assume living without them would be terrible. Hell, my STUDENT APARTMENT COMPLEX gave us dishwashers in every unit... my roomies and I (and a lot of ppl I know around) use them as a simple drying rack cuz we don't want to wait till it fills to run it. Still, it's a nice appliance for them to add in their flyers to get parents to pay more for rent. That and the pool and gym, even if the school gym is less than a 10min walk -___-

From what my friends tell me it's a huge insult to your family to place them in an old folks home... means that you don't love them or that they have no family.

The upside being that you get a babysitter that you don't have to worry will turn out to be incompetent or that your kids won't like (as most are HS/college girls who honestly don't give a crap about anything but getting their $). Plus help keeping the house up to par an (in most cases) a great cook. Oh, and not coming home to an empty house has its advantages, too, even if you ignore the support families give each other.
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
23 Apr 2009 /  #13
I have seen some Habitat for Humanity projects. Personally I think they are a rubbish organisation that often do more harm than good.. using unskilled labour to build houses can lead to disaster.
Kaczor Duck 2 | 95  
24 Apr 2009 /  #14
would love to go, but I can not afford it :-(

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