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How much to build a house in poland

jrmax988 3 | 8  
13 Oct 2008 /  #1
I know this is one of those questions that is impossible to anwser, but i was hoping someboby "in the know" would give me a rough estimate. I'm Scottish and my wife is Polish and we have just bought our piece of land and are looking at plans for the house. I found them on and the name of the plan is Ariel.

Any ideas would help me alot, as she wants to start building as soon as possible and i need to work out if i need to sell a kidney to pay for it.
13 Oct 2008 /  #2
It depends on your region as in the west, prices are slightly higher than here in the east.
I built (completely finished) my house 180sqm for 200,000zl four years ago.
My friend has just finished his house built to a very high standard, 240sqm and it cost him 530,000zl. In both cases this was excluding the purchase of land.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
13 Oct 2008 /  #3
Generally for medium size, "normal" quality etc. the cost should be more or less between 250 and 350 thousand, depends on the region, how much you will do on your own...
OP jrmax988 3 | 8  
14 Oct 2008 /  #4
thanks alot, that was exactly what i was looking for.
14 Oct 2008 /  #5
I currently budget for 2000-3000PLN/m2 here in Krakow.
nierozumiem 9 | 118  
15 Oct 2008 /  #6
About 2500 - 3000 zl/m2 for a typical "normal" Polish new build of 90 - 120m2 of habitable space. That's everything from the foundation to the paint on the walls and tiles in the bath. Larger houses will have better economies of scale and you may get down to about 2000zl/m2.
cjj - | 281  
21 Oct 2008 /  #7
and don't forget they tile garage floors here :)

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