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5 Jun 2009
History / Western Europe and America vs Russia WWII - chances of Poland being saved [494]

Damn, It would be wonderful to live in a real Polish neighborhood again. In my hometown (Baltimore). Polish is almost just a memory.The younger generation does not speak the language anymore.. The old folks have died off.. The Polish speaking schools taught by Nuns are gone. Polish churches no longer say mass in Polish. We are surrounded by minorities. This is the wave of the future
7 May 2009
News / Poland..wake up to a multicultural world [1059]

Africa has always been a killing field, and it always will be. It is the nature of the beast. The black ghettos in America are also killing fields. There is no living with them.
5 May 2009
Genealogy / Goralczyk and meaning of czyk [14]

What does czyk mean?

Goral is a mountaineer>>>>>>>> Czyk>>> Son of.

Son of a mountaineer
5 May 2009
USA, Canada / Polish stuff vs. American stuff [107]

American - most never leave the country.

No need to in America we have it all
1 May 2009

. i have met his sister and will be going to poland to meet his parents

Ohhh, I am sure that they will be thrilled to death to meet you.
1 May 2009
Love / 2 different cultures or 2 different people [44]

Jethro, I just dont like the closeness that England has with the u.s.a or vice-versa but I apologize for my curt-ness to my reply to you. best wishes.

No hard feelings. We both think diffrently, thats all.
1 May 2009
Love / 2 different cultures or 2 different people [44]

edelweiss1 Yesterday, 23:27#39

jethro, Thank you for the compliment. It's to be expected from a yankee.

No need to thank me edelweiss, I am happy that you appreciated my take on your problem. Actually, you should be grateful that she dumped you. I can just picture that in the future, she would have beat the hell out of you.
30 Apr 2009


You will find this to be true all over America. The original immigrants died off. The few that remain are too old to practice the old traditions. The kids married, prospered, and moved to other locations. Some taking the parents with them. The second generation have lost the ability to speak the language. I think that it still prevails in Chicago, due to a new influx of Poles.

When its over then its over.. The good old days are gone.
(Jescze Polska nie zginiela) might be true in Poland, but in America it is all history
17 Apr 2009
Love / Should I Be Nervous About Going to Poland? Black female dating a Pole. [158]

Rap is very popular among young people in Poland. I'm not the biggest rap fan, but it's fun that there is so much Polish rap produced in Poland now.

Why is everyone picking on me. I just agreed that a little change in culture would go over big in Poland? I could just picture this gal going up to some little old Babusia, and asking directions in gangtsa rap. Now you tell me that the Babusia would not be grateful?

Geeze! Why is everybody so touchy today?
9 Feb 2009

This has to be the most disgusting thread that I ever saw on PF. What is wrong with the blacks not taking their problems to a black forum? They bitch about white people, but yet they try to mingle with them. They can take their white hoes with them.
7 Feb 2009
News / Poland..wake up to a multicultural world [1059]

That's generous. You can start with all the white European ones who stole the land from the Natives a few centuries ago

You misread my post. I specifically mentioned minorities.. The whites we keep, unless they are Irish. You are welcome to them too.
28 Jan 2009
Life / How do Poles feel about non whites/non Slavs living in Poland? [150]

You liberal Europeans had better look around and see how much these undesirable people destroy any country that they come in contact with. The British Isles,Western Europe, Sweden, America ETC. There is white flight where ever they go. Theirs is a violent culture,. Check out the countries that they came from.
9 Jan 2009
Life / Where can I buy very soft Toilet Paper in Poland? [47]

My God! Are you people kidding. If this is the way of life in Europe, then you guy's can stick Europe up your A**. What the hell are you people, a bunch of Aborigines?
5 Jan 2009
Food / History of the Polish potato (what did Polish people eat before?) [17]

Good question.
I researched this same question a couple of months ago.
It seems like Europe was in the middle of the mini ice age in the 16 century. Temperatures dropped by a couple of degrees,and the rains and snows ,flooded the fields then the low temperatures froze the grains in the fields depriving the people of bread and other cereals. There were reports of people selling their children for food. This happened all over Europe including the British Isles.

About that time the Spaniards in their quest in South America, discovered the Inca Indians growing a tuber which was eventually referred to as a potato.( interesting story, look it up)

People were leery of it, but the slavs ate it.. It did well in the frozen ground.. It took a much longer time for the French to eat them.. For some crazy reason they referred as Satan Food

It took some French nobleman to convince the French to eat it.
4 Jan 2009
UK, Ireland / No Irish Need Apply - Polish Builders get their own back [42]

Irish racism is nothing new. I just googled this.

Free land did not lure them. They rejected the land for the land had rejected them; yet even so they always spoke reverently of the old sod in Ireland. All major cities had their "Irish Town" or "Shanty Town" where the Irish clung together. Our immigrant ancestors were not wanted in America. Ads for employment often were followed by "NO IRISH NEED APPLY." They were forced to live in cellars and shanties, partly because of poverty but also because they were considered bad for the neighborhood...they were unfamiliar with plumbing and running water. These living conditions bred sickness and early death. It was estimated that 80% of all infants born to Irish immigrants in New York City died. Their brogue and dress provoked ridicule; their poverty and illiteracy provoked scorn.

The Chicago Post wrote, "The Irish fill our prisons, our poor houses...Scratch a convict or a pauper, and the chances are that you tickle the skin of an Irish Catholic. Putting them on a boat and sending them home would end crime in this country."
4 Jan 2009
UK, Ireland / No Irish Need Apply - Polish Builders get their own back [42]

What the hell do they think you are? As for "broken English" I have yet to meet an Irish person whose English is less than perfect...

LOL! I never met one that I could understand.

Fecking,Acting the maggot,Eijit,Eat the head off,Jacks,Stocious.