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Mr Grunwald   
17 Dec 2009
News / British ambassador to Poland accused of "ignorance" for supporting gay rights [70]

"British ambassador to Poland accused of “ignorance” for supporting gay rights "
Well if his mission was to make it better for the homosexual - he failed
If his mission was to make the relations better between UK - Poland - he failed
If his mission was to relax and do something private like meeting some people giving them leaflets then - sucess!
Mr Grunwald   
11 Dec 2009
History / Poland and Lithuania [161]

Hisotricly they should think about each other as Denmark and Norway. But reality is quite different...
Mr Grunwald   
11 Dec 2009
History / Russians are Ugro-finnized Poles - no way around it ! [44]

My white Slavonic man's burden - to bring Kostik back to the great Polish civilization he has already forgotten !

Goooooood luck.

As Crow knows and tells everybody about it, blood can betray blood but the soul of a true friend will never vanquish? How did the Serbs feel like when they heard Polish citizens crying "Kosovo je Serbskje!"
Mr Grunwald   
6 Dec 2009
History / Russians are Ugro-finnized Poles - no way around it ! [44]

...that all partitions of Poland by their german brethren had been only a "Heim ins Reich" action?

Alles scheisse...
Never thought of that! OMG!
That' why nobody cared outbroad! It was an inside matter thing :O

Russians are Ugro-finnized Poles

Even if it's so today it's a huge difference in culture, yet maybe not that different when thinking that both lived under same opression. Tho Russians mostly hope to say that it was something good about soviet so it wasn't all that wasted.

Sometimes I understand their feelings, but glorifying Stalin is unaccaptable.
Mr Grunwald   
2 Dec 2009
Life / What Do Poles think of Finns? [50]

like the Holocaust, Communist take overs, for example :-))))

That's for sure, the Norwegian police doesn't use arms in public and they all brag about it everywhere. It doesn't make me more safe when I see a "most probably a gun holder" going at the street beside unarmed Police. I really don't feel safe then!!!
Mr Grunwald   
2 Dec 2009
Life / What Do Poles think of Finns? [50]

Some say Scandinavia is composed of 5 countries

Some even say G.W Bush was worse then Stalin...

3 Denmark, Norway and Sweden :p

The answer!

Really scandinavian countries = Norway, Denmark and Sweden. If you count in Iceland then you should count in rest of the old Norwegian/Danish colonies also wich is nonsense.

as countries and geographicly it's thoose 3, but by culture I assume Iceland to be one too and the small islands.

Samer and Finns are not Scandinavians they are Ugro-Finns just like the Estonians
Mr Grunwald   
2 Dec 2009
History / History of the crime ; Bandera, UPA and Podole Polish land. [116]

Starting 1591 till 1830s there were hundreds of Ukrainian uprisings

Hundreds? That's overexagerreting, give me a link to all of the uprisings and ill be happy to read about em. As to the Cossack coflict both sides were wrong!


Oh they do

When such a BS institution existed? Give me a single reference.

I didn't say exist I said they fought together for it

You mean uprisings called Koliivshchyna in 1750s and 1768-1769, when you asked Russians for help in supressing Ukrainian uprising?

At thoose times Poland was falling and falling down. Either tho I im not slightly pro any "Kresy" people their allways been quite shovinistic a bit too much to my taste.

to get rid of Polish bydlo

ehm I thought the Ukies was medling with Bydło but oke..

the ridiculous mimicry of that retarded joke kingdom down.

You clearly have something against the most enlighted Republic :=)

Its only solution for Poland to remain independent country, being medicate is no good as there Russia and Germany.


will you stop spread rubbish on my thread which has nothing to do with the tread subject.
stop goading that nazi freak Nathan for sanity sake .....

Damn it. If it wasn't for my lazyness I would removed the res tof my post

They are quite on topic it's about Polish lands and what Torq would want Nathan to do on his Polish land when it becomes Polish again hehe

But still to the reference of Pomeranian-Ukrainian Poles well then im half Mazovian Pole ^^

Still thinking of topic it's hard for the Ukrainians to use anyone else then bandera as gloryfication although he personally didn't do any of this killings so it's even harder to convince them that he was a bad guy. The most important was the resistance itself, I understand that. It would been nice tho to put some flowers on some graves sometimes for relations sake.
Mr Grunwald   
30 Nov 2009
History / History of the crime ; Bandera, UPA and Podole Polish land. [116]

Show me a treaty where Ukies wanted anything to do with you.

Treaty? Maybe you smoked? Show me where I had written "treaty"
I was talking about the uprisings in the last part of 18th century the insurgents used the type of flag wich Torq uses on his profile btw.

They were fighting for Polish-Lithuanian-Ukrainian commonwealth then suddenly in 1918 they wanted their own state hmmm. I blame the Germans, it's known that they payed Lenin and his newspaper also supporting Lithuanians and Ukrainians with their own "states" (Divide and conquer policy) pitty that it worked out.
Mr Grunwald   
30 Nov 2009
News / What is a Polish Nationalist? [47]

Nationalist = considers each nation to have their own states
Ofc it is different about nation to nation
Polish nationalist would mostly want Polish ethnics to be the only citizens of Poland and often even looks back in time for their country's glory I RP for instance yet they seem to forget that it was multicultural at that time :)

Although I don't like the whole idea of each nation having their own state, im rather an unionist (Not globalist tho wanting whole world 2 be one country lol)

rather some countries in certain regions uniting each other to secure their TRUE independence :)

Union of Northern Europe or Central european union ^^ (Not something like EU that's an other agenda)
Mr Grunwald   
30 Nov 2009
History / History of the crime ; Bandera, UPA and Podole Polish land. [116]

Is this so? Then I suppose it means that Poles deserved to be oppressed for making those uprisings in the first place.

Poles didn't co operate fully with thoose 3 to make an co-operative state in the first place. The ukies wanted it, then changed their views. If someone wants right sin a country someone should deserve it. As an example the Tzar gave many rights to the Poles but as they rebelled he took them away.

Or you think give away rights to someone who just fought against you and would been happy to have you destroyed? You really have a twisted logic
Mr Grunwald   
27 Nov 2009
History / History of the crime ; Bandera, UPA and Podole Polish land. [116]

Nothing justifies murder but we should've known better than to oppress them.

They asked for it by themselfs. If they had continued to fight along Poles like in one of the uprisings I clearly doubt that they would been opressed.
Mr Grunwald   
27 Nov 2009
History / The Poms who stood by the Poles in WW2 [156]

England fighting for Poland is absurd!

Later it allmost did look like that until Churchill noticed he had to prioritize his country ;)
Mr Grunwald   
26 Nov 2009
News / Poles protest US Stalin memorial plan [28]

I have a hard time believing this....

me 2

That they really want to honor Stalin with a memorial!


If that would be true there would be much more people protest than only the Poles...(at least I hope so!)

Yeah that made me think of when in the USA Josef Stalin was promoted as an good leader and the example of Democracy for his people.

Some just don't get it

BB help us bring out the truth! ^^
Mr Grunwald   
24 Nov 2009
Study / School in Poland - "hellish torture? [20]

cakes,cookies, chocolates - don't eat it:)

Got a cake with a swastika on it from a Japaneese kid in the class in Poland it tasted badly.
Mr Grunwald   
23 Nov 2009
History / The Poms who stood by the Poles in WW2 [156]

I take off my cap for thoose brave people who used their voice in an righteous way when few knew better then most.
Mr Grunwald   
19 Nov 2009
News / Does Poland count in Europe or is it ignored? [428]

Is there still such thing? East Europe?

Russia, Belarussia and Ukraine are in East Europe

(I consider Lithuania,Latvia and Estonia to be Balticum, their own place)
Mr Grunwald   
19 Nov 2009
History / Poland and it's minorities in the past [6]

Dont worry i'm sure Sjam and Harry are on their way.

*crosses himself*

This forum needs an an option of editing stuff for 24hrs after it was written.

I totally agree

I have a tatar friend, the tatar community today in Poland is basically 100% Polish, these guys intermarried with us to a point even their culture has a Polish flavor to it.

Yupp, as said in the video they are a dying breed :(
Quite pitty
Mr Grunwald   
16 Nov 2009
Study / School in Poland - "hellish torture? [20]

Depends, in saying goodmorning and all kinda yeah. But behind the scene it's something different hehe :)
Mr Grunwald   
16 Nov 2009
USA, Canada / Polish, American, Polish-American - what am I to you? [34]

blood does not your nationality make

Excactly! I hate "Germanico" nationalists!

and now that Poland is free it hurts to hear Poland say we are not Polish. I don't care if a person is deaf, dumb, and blind, it's what is your blood.

Well depends, if your a huge Polish patriot then I don't really care if you can speak Polish. As long you have plans on learning it or something :)

Although I could consider myself more German then BB himself still I consider myself half Norwegian and half Polish. Why? Becaouse I grow up in Norway in a Norwegian society with my Polish father, who learned me Polish history and language. I have also been to Poland each year, while I can only speak some few words in German even tho I could comunicate with a Ukrainian for instance using German. But it would been only to most simple words.
Mr Grunwald   
15 Nov 2009
News / Anti-Polonism in Russian literature. [10]

I am the king of Spain, by the way.

I am honored to have meet you, your majesty.

I wish your country send back all thoose Norwegians living there! =)
Mr Grunwald   
15 Nov 2009
UK, Ireland / English people attitude towards Poles? [761]

That's what I call an realist ;)
I like realists


Ideologicly I would oppose any such behavior, but it's the same with Sionists in Pre-war Poland co-operating with Polish right-exremists.

Yes get the Poles back to Poland! Poland needs them ;)
Mr Grunwald   
15 Nov 2009
Life / Wonderful Poland.......but the attitude of Polish people [150]

he almost always say "thank you" now.

Depends on the family backround, I get "whipped" by my Polish family if I don't say "Dziękuje" for the smallest of things.

Wich is the opposite of my Norwegian relatives ;)
Mr Grunwald   
15 Nov 2009
Life / Wonderful Poland.......but the attitude of Polish people [150]

But "Hitler and everything" was 65 years ago. Don't you think it's a little bit too easy to blame the occasional (?) racist behaviour in Poland on that?

Exactly, it makes no sense to use Hitler as an excuse.

Dudes, Western europe could talk about and feel about the world war II "openly" while in East block only 1 story was printed and only that one was allowed to hear.

People now in Poland are allowed to express their feelings freely. So I don't see it as wierd when taking examples of why and what from ww2 and with Hitler.

also Polish people have A LOT of pride for their nationality, feeling like there better but not in a racist way. i know it is confusing

Yeah it is confusing, it's schovinistic Patriotism really. Anyone who loves Poland beyond anything = Poles other enthicities are not worth anything. (Except for Hungarians for instance or Lithuanians)

Most people from westenr europe thinks that "Oh they dislike others Rascists!!" But fellas there is a difference between disliking colour of skin and other nations.
Mr Grunwald   
10 Nov 2009
History / Farewell of Slavianka - who is able to understand Poles ? [48]

please spare me of your barbarous polish imitations

I would rather be proud someone trying to "copy" something from my own culture, for instance the Jugoslavias anthem. Allmost identical as the Polish one!
Mr Grunwald   
10 Nov 2009
History / Pole, Jew and dog: all have the same faith. [33]

Покажіть мені того єврея чи поляка, якому після такої реклами засмакує тота наша львівська люра

What does it mean?