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25 Nov 2007
Language / Sending SMS messages without using Polish characters [23]

Don't forget that even if You can put some polish letters, mobile operator counts them as 2-3 letters. If You use loads of them, this may reduce number of words you can write....

Personally - I do not use oolish letters in SMS, beacause some phones/operators do not support them, and, besides, no one cares - we do understand SMS without polish letters like ó,ż,ć,dż etc...
7 Oct 2007
Life / Rafal Wojaczek Poetry [4]

I know he used to live in Mikolow for some time. There is a museum in his old flat in this small town.
I recommend You movie about him - Wojaczek. Quiet good, especially for someone who felt in love with his poems.
19 Feb 2007
Life / What is your favorite Polish Music Group or Artist? [41]

Manaam, Republika, Siekiera, Pudelsi, Homo Twist, Pan Maleńczuk, Pidżama Porno, Apteka, Raz Dwa Trzy, Świetliki, Wilki, Smolik, T.Love and of course Hey. These are my favourites

I would add Kazik and Kult to your list only...

hip hop band/crew

16 Feb 2007
UK, Ireland / Help needed - Calling all Polish persons living/working in London [60]

In England foreigners receive free English classes along with other help, if I were to go and live in Italy, do you think the government would give me free Italian lessons and help looking for a job?

I don't know much about Italy, but if You go to Netherlands, You can expect this kind of assistance.

I don't think that Police is only interested in Polish opinions. Community Support Officers are visiting my home regurarly to ask if I have any suggestions regardind safety issues in my area. Wkhat I think is that they want to know opinions of all resident - regardless whether they are from minority, or not. Number of Polish immigrants in UK grown up due to joining UE, that's why they want to know their expectations - Poles may have totally different issues than English-born or Indian. Police is to take care all of us - we pay taxes like everyone else in this country - we expect care like everyone else, too.

How the government spend money is rather political dispute - and everyone - including immigrants - pay price for their decision and ideas. Meeting police officer with polish community is not the biggest financial issue in spending taxpayers money...
10 Feb 2007
Food / Is there McDonalds, KFC, Pizza Hut etc in Poland? Food survey. [222]

Are there 7-11's in Poland? It's a small convenience store that sells fast food and packaged food.

I know some 7-7 great 24hr's/day shops, great service and everything You need between 23:00 and 05:00. I love these shops...
8 Feb 2007
Study / Year-Long student exchange in Poland [6]

I'll tell you one thing: You'll be swamped with friends. Everyone will want to sit next to you and you'll be the coolest kid around.

I'll tell You one thing, Krysia - You know how to motivate...
7 Feb 2007
Life / Polish people living in Poland, How do you see your future? [37]

I think most Polish people who post here are immigrants

You're right. I am one of them, but I visit Poland very regurarly.
Thing are getting better, but not really. It is much easier to find job in Poland - whether You are proffesional, or not. Unfortunately salary is still to low for all proffesions. That's why young Poles still prefer to go west rather than trying to jump on ladder in Poland.

The big problem is that large part of them do not have degree, and will not have, apparently.
Most of my collegues are 18-21, no degree, no English but they enjoy UK, money,money and money.
It is very easy to buy them, to reduce their willing for personal development.
At the same time young people living in Poland are doing their best to improve their knowledge and education as much as it is possible, despite difficulties like money, lack of time caused by low paid work.

I hope that these brave young in Poland will finally win the battle, and strongly believe that their choice will be rewarded.
Personally I'm thinking about jojning them soon, but still working here to get qualifications, and experience necessary to start living in Poland again.
The only reason I'm here, in UK is that Poland didn't give me chance to show what I can, the reason why I'm going back is that I am able to show them what I can, eventually.
7 Feb 2007
Love / relationship with polish man [40]

He said 7 months was to early to get divorced. What is the right time then. Better sooner than later, I think. Especially when he loves You, and wants to share his present life with You.

Listen to BubbaWoo and take it slowly, really slowly...
31 Jan 2007
Life / PKS timetables online? [11]

Yes, You are:).
As far as I know there are no timetables covering Poland online. You need to find eg PKS Warszawa website, or PKS Kielce... PKS is not one large company covering all areas of Poland. There are dozens of PKS's covering some parts of Poland (if not late or cancelled).

Fight Your laziness. Find Yours PKS.
30 Jan 2007
Work / Salary indication job in Poland [44]

I can see it is nearly dead topic, but anyone realised that people who get 4500 per month gross will get nearly 3000 per month as their net pay? It is not good enough, if You are young, educated and looking for the future...