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11 Jun 2008
News / 14 year old rape victim from Warsaw denied abortion! [348]

This a human being and we don't have other choice but respect his freedom. If you don't see a human being then this is your lack of knowledge, deep denial of science. Somehow the left which established different abortion laws in different countries set different times when unborn may be killed. So they cannot agree among themselves. They cannot agree, because they are all wrong. Pure and simple.

Not really, like I wrote earlier, if it is a human being then why is it refused the right to a funeral? It's just a bunch of cells that may develop to form a human being.

You are free to kill yourself and abandon RCC and they cannot stop you. So what is the point? I don't understand why are you so concentrated on what they say. You cannot stand that some people find their teaching valuable?

Actually they can. I didn't mean suicide but euthanasia. Please, read before answering. An individual unable to commit a suicide although able to make an informed decision is not given the right to do it. So, should I understand you are against abortion but in favour of euthanasia? If so, then you're certainly not following what you consider CC values.

What I can't stand is not people following CC, it is people who want everybody to follow CC. I have no idea where the truth is about that 14-year-old, yet, she should have the right to have an abortion (as should all other women). People who are against abortion basing on religious preferences should have nothing to say about that. I say everyone should follow what they believe in - you're Catholic don't have an abortion, but don't tell me I can't have it.
8 Jun 2008
News / 14 year old rape victim from Warsaw denied abortion! [348]

I am definitely pro-choice and cannot understand people like Lesser who tell others it's not their business what the quality of life of an unborn child is, yet, he doesn't despise the organisation that abuses a raped girl for their purposes. If quality of somebody else's life is nobody's business then how dare you interfere with that girl's decision to terminate the pregnancy? Your argument about the baby not speaking for itself is silly. To my best knowledge, and yours as well if you had biology at school, until the 12th week the foetus is not a baby yet. Even the institution whose rights you so eagerly defend - CC - will not bury a miscarried foetus. So if it is not considered a human being in case of funeral, why should it be considered human in terms of abortion?

Also, in case of similar moral debate about euthanasia, CC forbids it even though it is a mature decision of fully formed individual. So, please, save your argument of conscious decision as it doesn't apply.

I am not against CC preaching about what they believe is right, still, it gets on my tits to see that what their preach becomes law in countries like Poland or Ireland and thus affects not only Catholics but all others as well. It shouldn't be this way. If you are against abortion because of what you believe in, you won't have one. Nobody has the right to humiliate this girl any further after all she's been through. And what CC did was to make her tragedy public without thinking what price she'll have to pay for it. If they want fight, let them fight with their own wombs, not somebody else's.
14 May 2008
Language / What's the difference between 'swoje' & 'moje'? [35]

Moje is a possessive pronoun for 1st person singular

To są moje zabawki. (These are my toys)

Swoje is a pronoun for all persons.

Mam swoje prawa (I have my rights)
Masz swoje prawa (You have your rights

Sometimes these pronouns can be used interchangeably - in cases when the pronoun swój describes possession.
27 Aug 2007
Polonia / Is there any way to learn Polish by myself, in Turkey? [26]

Selam :)
Quoting the official Polish embassy website "Türkiye'de Lehçe öğrenmek isteyenlere de Ankara Üniversitesi Dil, Tarih ve Coğrafya Fakültesi'nde Leh Dili ve Edebiyatı Ana Bilim Dalı'na başvurmalarını öneririz." Even if you're not interested in doing a university course, it may be useful to check out what they have in their library.
18 Jan 2007
News / Made in Poland products? [66]

I was laughing my ar** off when I wanted to buy a souvenir for my dad in Ireland. He's a fishing maniac so, obviously, it had to be something for fishing. To my surprise the guy in the shop I went to told me that it was hard to get anything typically Irish as they import most wobblers and other things for fishing from ...Poland. "And where does your father live?" the man asked. "Poland" I muttered and we both started laughing.
18 Jan 2007
Life / The strangest things in Poland [468]

and in poland kebab is spelt with a P... how strange is that...!!!

It is strange as it is the correct form of calling this kind of food. In Turkish kebap is kebap and I have no idea how it became kebab in Polish. In Turkish p becomes b before a vowel so, perhaps somebody heard a Turk using the word with a suffix e.g. Bu kebabi istiyorum (I want this kebap) and thought that it should be kebab. Still it makes no difference in pronunciation as in Polish word final consonants are always devoiced so kebap, whatever it is spelt is always read correctly :)

Too bad it never tastes like a kebap should...
16 Jan 2007
Life / What do Polish people think about Turkey? [52]

Selam Zeynep :)

I've been to Turkey four times and I loved the country. Awesome landscape, delicious food (kunefe..mmmm...) and friendly people!
28 Nov 2006
Life / What's the weather like in Poland? [81]

For the time being it is surprisingly warm as for this time of year. no snow yet - at least not where I live (northern poland). But soon it may get as cold as -25C with lots of snow. You never know here :)
22 Nov 2006

*runs away and hides in the corner, expecting a severe rebuking/scolding/hiding from the women, liberals and PC-crowd *

Let me just tell this one to you:

Two guys are talking about their wives and one of them says:
-"Yesterday I got back home totally wasted and I had my wife kneel down in front of me." Astonished, the other one asks

-"Really? What did she tell you?"
- "Get out from under the bed you scoundrel!"

22 Nov 2006

Are Polish women strong? I guess no more than any other women in the world. It is not the nationality that makes you strong, but rather the circumstances. Those for whom life is pretty hard must be strong. I guess you're basing your opinion on the Polish women you met in the UK so just think what qualities it takes for women (or men) to leave their countries and start a new life in a foreign country from scratch.

Sure we have a lot of strong women in Poland, but they are all around the world as well. I know many non-Polish women who have to be strong as they have no choice. We've got a saying here: "Kto ma miękkie serce musi mieć twardą dupę" which translates as "Those with a soft heart need a hard arse." :)

I don't think our strength is induced by the fact that Poles drink too much. No strong woman would put up with a drunk. We - women - are strong as we have to take care of ourselves.
19 Nov 2006
News / but where do they all come from...? [17]

I guess all cities in Poland are facing the same problems as the emmigration is a nationwide phenomenon. Even if you managed to find official statistics I doubt they'd be true - to my knowledge no plausible record of people who work abroad is kept.
7 Nov 2006
Language / Where could I find children english books [4]

I'm not sure if children's books are the best choice for learners. They only seem easy, but as a matter of fact, they are full of vocabulary you are hardly likely to use in a conversation (unless you enjoy talking about dragons or castles).

I don't recommend Polish coursebooks either - I have seen just one but it was disasterous!

How about primary school books that teach kids to read? They are based on simple words and easy to follow even if you study by yourself.

Good luck :)
7 Nov 2006
Life / do polish girls get pregnant while in school? [28]

I'm a secondary school teacher and I must say that the number of pregnancies is fairly low. I can't give the exact figures but, generally it is about 1 teen pregnancy per 800 sudents. Usually when the pregnancy happens it is among the senior students about to graduate.

As for reactions towards them...they are definitely not looked down upon, we're all trying to help them graduate. The sad truth is that it is not easy for anybody to have a child now in Poland, let alone for a teenager who has to rely on her parents' financial support.
28 Jul 2006
Life / Does anyone know about the Polish band Queens? [17]

Do you mean the Queens who sang a song for the Polish national football team?

Here's a link if you want to see their video:
16 Jun 2006
Genealogy / Looking for Rafal... Please help me find this guy [14]

Kitty, it's like looking for a needle in a haystack. What chances do you think I'd stand if I wanted to find, say... Jim who lives in the Uk and is about 30, stocky and wears glasses? looking for people this way is next to impossible, but...good luck though
16 Jun 2006
Study / Cost for a moderate student life in Poland? [29]

That depends on which city you're going to stay in. The costs of renting a room in a student's flat range from 300pln to 1,000pln or even more if you want to live alone. As for the costs of living, it is hard to say not knowing what "moderate" means for you :) However, I suppose 150 pln ($50)a week would do. To my knowledge, most of Polish students get about 700pln - 1,000pln a month to cover they expenses, so I'd say $300/400 per month would be enough.